Special team to crack down on 'price tag' vandals
Tova Tzimuki
Published: 03.10.12, 14:37
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1. Who could possibly uproot trees destroy crops burn mosques?
who might it be??? ,   tampa   (10.03.12)
2. Omerta, "code of silence" implicates all settlers in crimes
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.03.12)
3. Weinstein.........
Amazed ,   Tel Aviv   (10.03.12)
Is a price tag in himself. Talk about an impotent plod !!!
4. Good. They can employ out of job Haaretz employees
Johnny ,   Ramat Gan   (10.03.12)
5. "Omerta" is Italian and no Italians involved in price tags.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.03.12)
No one knows how many "price tags" are done by arabs just to blame "settlers." Jews are not "settlers" but residents on land Jews have owned over 3000 years.
6. It's about god dam time....!!
cohen, Israel   (10.03.12)
7. Is it a joke or PR or Hasbara?? Never has a terrorist act
Christian   (10.03.12)
against a non-jew been solved. In the jewish community, the majority not all jews, celebrate attacks on churches and mosques and Chrisitans and Muslims. Even if caught, the jewish judge will release the individual.
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