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Rights group: Hamas abusing Palestinians in Gaza
Associated Press
Published: 03.10.12, 20:20
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1. hamas
jhonny ,   norway   (10.03.12)
what you expect from people that are brainwashed from day one to believe in 72 virgins when they kill a jew.. maybe if they torture an infidel they get 73 virgins or something. there got to be alot of virgins up there.. cant imagine
2. Virgins
Gil Michaeli ,   Seabrook, USA   (10.03.12)
The joke is on them because the virgins are Muslim men who killed themselves in hopes of attaining 72 virgins.
3. Palestinians' rights, strange phrasing
marcohoe ,   San Francisco, USA   (10.03.12)
According to the article, the Human Rights Group calls on Hamas "to respect Palestinians' rights." Now isn't that strange phrasing? Shouldn't they call on Hamas to respect the rights of all human beings? Does this 'Human Rights' group accept that Hamas feels free to disregard the human rights of Jewish people?
4. So what one can say!
Evouskila ,   South America   (10.03.12)
BBC in its holy seat of bath-mouthing Israel has indeed reported the HRW Report. Now, now, don't get singing the Houlahoup because of that. They, BBC, worked on it for a while, from different angles as to make matters worse for Hamas. Let see, they might be looking for some unusual 'Israel atrocity' to respond to the Arab world's pressure against BBC. Live and see..
5. suprised? end
Barney ,   USA   (10.03.12)
Jacob ,   Miami   (10.03.12)
Bro I have to say You cracked me up like I havent laughed in a long time and the funniest part is that you are damn right!!!!!! They kill to schnab a whole bunch of virgins but nowhere in any of those mission contracts is it stated if its a male or female virgin .... Lol Its for sure male virgins since clearly all these lossers are virgins themselfs!!!
7. REALLY ? What Else Would You Expect ?
A Chai Is A Chai? Emmes
8. The result of the crazy Hamas regime
Tsvi ,   Rehovot, Israel   (10.06.12)
300,000 Palestinians escaped Gaza since Hamas came to power. Out of he original 950,000 population, (1.5 million is a lie) only 650,000 are now left there. hamas is doing ethnic cleansing, not by intension but by stupidity, cruelty adn negligence.
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