Israel's Vatican envoy: Offending Christianity harms Israel
Menachem Gantz
Published: 03.10.12, 18:07
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31. # 30
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.03.12)
Yes sweetness, we know, you are only thinking about yourself. Stay in Londonstan where you belong;people like you, we don't need.
32. # 28
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.03.12)
Not only are synagogues defaced, Jewish cemeteries world-wide are defaced.
33. 25 im guessing a ersatz palestinian ..?
Avi   (10.03.12)
34. Church Attack
Jose Frajtag ,   Rio de Janeiro, Braz   (10.03.12)
ThereĀ“s no proof yet that the attack was made by jewish. It could be an arab trying to atract anger. Why the Pope dont complain as fiercely on atacks in muslim countries, against churches and christians?
35. arnold #28
merle ,   usa   (10.03.12)
according to the article the pope nor Vatican officials have commented on the incident.
36. In case you didn't notice...
Thomas the Doubter ,   USA   (10.03.12)
...or simply cannot read, the Holy See has said nothing about these adolescent pranks perpetrated by Jews against it Christian holy sites. Rather it was the ISRAELI AMBASSADOR who stated that they reflected negatively on Israel...
37. a little graffiti the pope thinks is a war on Chrisitianity
zionist forever   (10.03.12)
When a synagogue or even a church gets defaced in Europe or some other part of the world it makes it into the local papers but thats about it and it does go on all the time. A monastery is graffitied by a bunch of idiots in Israel and the Pope feels a need to step in. An Israeli politician should never use the word terror when referring to a CRIMINAL act. Do we want to try and compare a little bit of graffiti to something like a suicide bombing? Just say very sorry Mr Pope, this is a local matter so leave the local police to deal with it and if you wan't to do something useful and pay the taxes on churches in Jerusalem which Vatican has constantly refused to do. Better yet return all the biblical Jewish artefacts that the Romans stole from Judea and are now hidden away from in the Vatican vaults.
38. So they agree Jerusalem is Israel..
39. Yes, Nora, #8
Lena ,   Bainbridge Island WA   (10.04.12)
This is a good point. I am not literate in Hebrew to know the difference, but the question I immediately thought of when I read this article was, "How do they know it was Jews?" The other question was, "Why are the Jews taking responsibility to defend themselves against offending detractors when they don't even know who did it?"
40. recent 'price tag' attacks on holy Christian sites 'showcase
Anon ,   Johannesburg   (10.04.12)
recent 'price tag' attacks on holy Christian sites 'showcase Israel in negative light' this is why these attacks are not done by Israelis but rather by Palestinians and their supporters wanting to make Israel look wicked.
41. THINK!
alexandralongisland ,   sands point n.y   (10.04.12)
we jewish people have survived BECAUSE of moral civilized,compassionate xtians who have eventually stopped pograms before we were totally wiped out DESPITE our behaviors and actions that instigated said pograns,so THINK do we really want xtians to see us as xtian hating rabid animals that strike out at the churches when civilized world opinion compells bibi to make the mildest of enforcememts on teh settlements? The appearance given is "if the civilized world tries to in any way stand up for palestinian land rights rabid jews will burn down churches and vandalize xtian holy sites with the unmistakable words of christ haters.THINK morons do you want xtian supporters to read you idiots commenting on how you have no sympathy disgust for the targeting of churches and holy sites and make eqivelences basically saying "hey whatever,xtians did many things to jews," do you want them to believe jews secretly hate them? MORONS
42. Obvious Hoax
Rube Vogel   (10.04.12)
What is clear is that whoever is doing this vandalism has no issue with Christians but is rather looking to cause trouble for Jews and Settlers. I would therefore suspect the Shabak, Leftists or Arabs. The immediate conclusion that the graffiti was perpetrated by right-wing extremists is foolish and ludicrous.
43. Church
Child of Gods ,   usa   (10.04.12)
Just remember my friends the Church is the people and God is a God of order and peace and of the living. We need not be angry with the blind who oppose just pray for them. As for the natural branches they can be grafted back in and all isreal will be saved. Shalom
44. Why's a mosque standing where Solomon's Temple once stood?
big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.04.12)
Wasn't it the prophet Daniel on this subject who once wrote, 'The abomination of desolations standing where it should not stand'?
45. #30, "Sarah B", those stats are 15 years old
Jake   (10.04.12)
The percentage of Moslems now in the UK are at least 5%, possibly higher, but more importantly, the rate of growth of Moslems in the UK is 10 times higher than the rest of the population. The presence and clout of Moslems in urban areas such as London is strong, and in certain suburbs such is Luton is overwhelming. 16-17% of the Israeli population are Moslems, not 20%
46. 2 : "shrug their shoulders..."
Viroman ,   London, England   (10.05.12)
What a load of rubbish!
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