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Syrian soldiers killed in Turkish strike
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Published: 04.10.12, 07:23
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1. Turks strike back
Robert ,   Israel   (10.04.12)
Turks made a big fuzz over a tiny Syrian bomb that fell on the Turkish side, using its artillery to target Syria back. Something is failing in the Israeli side as we have received thousands of rockets in our territory and Gaza still exists.
2. As good as the UN can do
Hobart Dragwater ,   USA   (10.04.12)
This pathetic response from the UN & the US is as severe as it will get. Condemn Syria and demand it to end violations of Turkey's sovereignty. And no doubt that Syria will feel such pressure from this, the whole civil war will immediately stop. Sure it will.
3. Violence
Jeff   (10.04.12)
Turkey is overreacting with way to much force. What Syria did was a mistake . Syria shot one mortar so turkey should shoot one mortar not more. Hey turkey why don't you do what you tell and want Israel to do?
4. Disproportionate reaction from Turkey's side
Marco ,   Spain   (10.04.12)
Turks need to allow diplomacy to work here and not rush to violence for every minor incident
5. I am not a fan of ErDogan
Arctodus Simus ,   Fort Yukon-Alaska   (10.04.12)
But in this case Turekey is in its rigth to bomb Syrian army posts as they killed 5 Turkish soldiers on their own territory, after having already blown up a Turkish reconaissance plane and killed the two pilots who managed to jump out.
6. What will the padisah do ?
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (10.04.12)
I suggest Erdogan to establish a large harem, where he can decide to revive the Ottoman Empire.
7. Turks not showing sufficient restrain!
Andi ,   Israel   (10.04.12)
How dare they respond before the first 1000 mortars have landed.
8. Where is Roger Knight Waters? Where are the flotillas?
Big Levi   (10.04.12)
Where is Anny angel Lenox? Where is the UN?
9. Erdogan" thou shalt not kill". When your jihadists attacked
the IDF enforcing it's legal blockade, you cried victim and demanded an apology when the IDF hit BACK at your martyrdom seekers. What a hypocrit!
10. What? No "peace" flotillas ?
Ron ,   Israel   (10.04.12)
11. Live By Sword Die By The Sword!!!!!!!!!!
12. This What Israel Should Do, Except In The Form
Of Sorte's!!!!!!!!! Unrelenting BOMBING on All military, communication, economic and oil complexes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. Israel Will Not Learn Anything
NoahLev ,   LosangelesUSA   (10.04.12)
Hamas, etc. fired thousands of rockets into Israel, after the IDF and settlers withdrrew from the Strp. Israel waited, then launched Cast Iran, loudly condemned by the UN (Goodstone), and other entities. Our President, through his Sec of State, forced Israel in Lebanon, before surrender by Hamas/Hez. Now they have 100,000 plus rockets and are allied with Iran, threatening the Galillee. I suppose its whose ox is being gored. The bottom line: Israel, like obama, tends to straddle the fence, not make waves (too high) and apologizes to itts enemies..(see warnings prtor to Hamas prior to attacks) and info given to Hez if struck by the IDF). Syria should be a warning to Israel...but most ikely, it will learn nothing.
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