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Erdogan: Turkey doesn’t want war with Syria
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Published: 04.10.12, 22:33
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1. Remember
Gady ,   Mexico   (10.04.12)
Hey! you sirian dear enemies: Remember Armenia!!!
2. Smels like we have new neigbors
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (10.04.12)
I dont know wy but I feel Erdogan so close and Yajaredimeyad to. Dont like it.
HaifaGuy   (10.04.12)
And so the festival of cynicism continues. What a snakepit, not a single ray of sunshine in this kingdom of eternal darkness that is this ugly tripod: Islam+Bysant (Russia)+China.
4. ... here we go again with turkish apologies... laughable...
brian ,   london   (10.04.12)
5. Way to go Assad! Apologise! Apologise! Apologise!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (10.04.12)
Now, go and apologise to the Syrian people and to Russia.
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (10.04.12)
The brothers are just expressing their mutal love for killing So, what else is new?
7. Turkey won't cut off electricity and water to Syria
Obsessive ,   Turkey   (10.04.12)
8. Ironic how a couple of motars gets a green light for war
Mike ,   Israel   (10.04.12)
But if it where Israel and we all know that we aborb thousands of rounds yet we are asked not to respond. Hmmmm. Its why we need to do what we think we need to do.
9. Erdogan has proven there is a solution to rocket fire
Johnny ,   Ramat Gan   (10.04.12)
No need for an expensive Iron dome. all we need to do is act like Erdogan. It seems to work.
10. Anschluss
steve from raleigh   (10.04.12)
Expect Turkey to 'annex' their long lost province soon.
11. They look like coming from some hours in a SHISHA-shop...
They look like coming from some hours in a SHISHA-shop...
12. self defense
k ,   canada   (10.04.12)
its just funny how this happens to turkey and they dont hesitate to respond...but if it was israel we would hear it for months fed up with all the BS ...israel should just not listen to anyone and do what they have to do to secure the well being of israel ...and why hasent there been any flottilas in syria ..over 25 thousand dead ..300 thousand refugies ..over 100 thousand wounded but no one to there help ...we are here standing strong with israel . one love
13. sounds like a Turkey shoot
a ,   canada   (10.05.12)
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