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Kissinger: Don’t set 'red line' for Iran
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 05.10.12, 08:17
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1. Good post we need this type debate with responsibility
Martin ,   SA   (10.05.12)
Also taking good practice. Transparency and war games of suprise dont always fit the bill.
2. Kissinger
Iletzter ,   TA- Israel   (10.05.12)
He should long ago have been retired to an old age home. His patriotic philosophy means that he cannot entertain any Jewish interests whatsoever, as he explicitly expressed in the past- US should not bomd Nazi camps if it is totally in the US interest. Some Jews when they attain a degree of respectability feel this forces them to block out their Jewish identity. Marrying a christian is not enough ! I wonder if he has any interest to be buried in a Jewish cemetery or would rather lie with his "goyish" cronies.
3. with obummer in charge iran will not be stopped...
only Israel alone ,   can act   (10.05.12)
4. Red Line
Ilon ,   Brooklyn,NY   (10.05.12)
Dr Henry Kissinger is not the one to give council and advise to Israel, remember the Yom Kippur War, who prevented arms from reaching Israel? He does not and never will have the interests of the State of Israel at heart, only his own self motivating interests. How truly sad!
5. Israel listened to Henry the K in 1973 and let the Arabs...
Scott ,   USA   (10.05.12)
shoot first. That worked well, didn't it?
6. Henry Kissinger -
Ariel ,   Europe   (10.05.12)
This product is long past it's expiration date.
7. Remind me...
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (10.05.12)
Remind me when Kissinger ever took the existence of Israel to heart. This latter day Machiavelli probably never cast a shadow.
8. Dr.Strangelove has already sold Israel out
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.05.12)
in he makes a new try... DESPICABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. 5- No Israel did not listen to kissinger in 71, 72 and 73
He brought a peace offer with Egypt much better than the one Israel had to signed on after the war of 73.Israel rejected it which had cost her close to 3000 lives. They'll be wise to listen for change.
10. Nasty individual of Jewish origins. Disgrace to human kind!
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.05.12)
11. The Professor
Chaim ,   Geneva   (10.05.12)
If Kissinger is so brilliant and highly qualified. how come America lost the War in Vietnam. We don't like his face.
12. nobel peace prize
john ,   toronto   (10.05.12)
How can a person talk war and get a nobel peace prize at the same time. Totally undeserving. I am sure many have got this prize without deserving. One should practice in life when one gets an award like this .
13. Killinger is at the scene again...
jenny ,   USA   (10.05.12)
14. Where was your redline on Vietnam?
Charlie oakes ,   Goodyear az   (10.05.12)
You negotiated the worst peace plan ever with the communist North Vietnamese ,which cost millions of lives and millions put in prison for up to 15 years later,because you had no redline of what would happen if they broke the peace.I think your advice should be kept to yourself and take time to reflect on all the lives you were responsible for ending and the untold suffering of the mostly military lives that were put in prison.
15. Neutering Iran
sk ,   USA   (10.05.12)
Neutering Iran should be a joint effort between USA, Europe (including ex USSR states), NATO and Arab states. Just like the war on Iraq. All these nations will lose in more ways than one should Iran be allowed to develop the atomic weapon. Israel should be kept out in order to keep the Arab coalition together. All will benefit with Iran neutered.
16. Diplomatic Solution?!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (10.05.12)
Yeah, right! These Muslim savages know only one thing: war and conquest , thus making the, so-called, "diplomatic solution" a delusional lie at best! Kissinger is an old, godless fool who has hated Israel for a long-time; he'd sell Israel down the road the first chance he got! Don't believe anything that comes out of this idiot's mouth. They should embalm him...end his pathetic existence. Other than that, he's probably a great guy (smile)!!!
17. oH, my bb!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. /Israel   (10.05.12)
Kissinger also said that any decision made in regards to preventing Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons should be made by the US alone.
18. Iletzer
lightharry ,   New York   (10.05.12)
Now you are attacking American Jews for speaking the truth. That is a heavy load for such a small country.
19. Worst US politician of all times
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (10.05.12)
Kissinger, first betrayed the vietnamese , then Israel, with the Sinai blackmail. He also betrayed all eastern europeans, when shook hands many times with Leonid Ilich Breshnev , the imperator of the soviet empire.
20. Wha's the problem
Ralph ,   Caesarea   (10.05.12)
Red or lines?
21. Kissinger's A Sellout
Hindhoovesof Goat ,   Somewhereusa   (10.05.12)
He's on the Bohemian Grove member list. They do the “Ceremony of Care” there. They burn a bunch of dummy babies to Moloch and/or Lilith, while the announcer is invoking/evoking them in a queerish voice. Its very disturbing (it's on You Tube). The one common thread you'll find in all devil worshippers is betrayal of the innocent and weak, they've made bad deals with bad gods. Obviously BiBi isn't part of their group....Ehud Barak perhaps. Only those that love the tetragrammaton (Yud Heh Vav Heh) will prove to be your friends Israel. Don't be fooled by their devil empowered lies.
22. Kissinger
MARTIN ,   SA   (10.05.12)
Yes oversite but we need some serious balance. Where are these politicians with firm realistic balanced viewswhose opinion would gain the respect of worl?. Is it possble K can re-connect with his Jewish neshomela and finally have the courage to give our rightful place in this equasion
23. The post at No. 17 is not mine.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.05.12)
24. Oh, for heaven's sake!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.05.12)
Can someone take this doddering old fool home to stay? His diaper needs changing.
25. Wasn't it Kissenger who,
Stephen in New York   (10.05.12)
immediately after the heavy Israeli losses of tanks and planes during the opening days of the 1973 war, delayed resupply to squeeze the Israeli government? Yeah, the same Kissenger. Kissenger was always seeking approval from the Europeans.
26. Sell-Out to his people
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (10.05.12)
Kissinger is a son of Israel who has consistently sold out his own nation and people ever since anyone in Washington listened to this man. I am heartily tired of our own people working against us in the Diaspora. If they prefer not to accept their national and spiritual identity, fine, but at least they should not work against their own people. Kissinger is the brilliant fool who got it all wrong any times.
27. Neat
Yosef ,   Israel   (10.05.12)
Henry has again pulled the rug from under Israel. Comes with age, wisdom and experience.
28. Mapping Time
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (10.05.12)
All this talk of red lines, deadlines, lines in the sand etc. is interesting. Time does have specific points that can be mapped. I repeat...There are many calenders in the world. Some well known by many like these - Jewish 5773; Christian/Gregorian 2012; Muslim 1433; or some lesser known and little used these days such as the French Republic Calender 13 Vendémiaire 221. A special calender that is coming out of G-d's drawer now is the Divine Calender. Mark my words...It will trump all others. Shabbat Shalom !
29. The loser of Vietnam
Yaron ,   Switzerland   (10.05.12)
How many American G.I.'s died because of this genius ? How many of our soldiers died because of this fellow ?
30. So tell us what to do in Vietnam too Herr Kissinger.
Li ,   USA   (10.05.12)
Should we keep feeding the body factory? Or is it winnable?
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