Iron Dome operators still face unfit living conditions
Yoav Zitun
Published: 05.10.12, 19:24
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1. who the hell is running the idf
harv   (10.05.12)
basic conditions need to be available to iron dome operators, not hotel but basic. Thhis has been going for a while and ehud barak as head of defence along with gantz need to be sanctionned. Barak should be fired and gantz's term maybe should be cut short.
2. Iron Dome operators
david ,   Montreal, canada   (10.05.12)
maybe the IDF spokemen should spend time with operators
3. Shame on IDF & Ehud Barak for mistreating their soldiers!
Ted   (10.05.12)
These are the soldiers that are doing the hard work. They totally deserved to be treated well!
4. These guys are not commandos who
Arlene ,   Israel   (10.05.12)
are trained to live in such conditions...its a damn disgrace as these guys help stop the missles hitting our civilian population. Mice and rats and over filled chemi toilets are such a health hazzard, and I bet their officers dont sleep there! Come on Gantz, get your boys sorted, and maybe try living there yourself for a few days!
5. Unfortunately, I can believe this article
Jay Abouaf ,   Jaffa, Israel   (10.05.12)
I made aliya 3 years ago. I love Israel. I always try and give our country the benefit of the doubt. But what is fair is fair and what is right is right. I am 52 and have experienced a lot in my life, and not just life in America. 'Old' Israel can improve a lot. The Old Guard, with their socialist and ' old boys' network, needs to change. Too much nepotism when we have so much intelligence and merit. Way too much negligence and indifference. Way too much (superficial) arrogance. We should and can be so much better.
6. ashamed of serving a country with so inhumane living
joe ,   kfar saba israel   (10.05.12)
conditions for its own army combatants whereas politicians each month get paid for doing nothing 60000 shequels and a soldier gets roughly 800 sh THIS SUCKS!!!! LETS START THE JEWISH SPRING !!!
7. Thanks so much to our courageous young soldiers
Frederic   (10.05.12)
8. Soldiers' conditions
Ethan Schwartz ,   Eilat   (10.05.12)
Officers must eat after all the soldiers are served and must eat the same food. If they are career officers they get good pay and must not be allowed to supplement their own rations nor should the need to. I spent my Army time both Mandatory and Reserves in 10 man tents and our toilets were boards over holes in the ground. We had to watch water levels in the water tank for our Shabbat Showers, on other days we had plenty of water that we heated with kerosene heaters. Make sure these kids have plenty of good food!!!
9. Simple problems and simple solutions
Shimon ,   Cincinnati USA   (10.05.12)
I can't understand why the soldiers' medical needs can't be supplied by the civilian infrastructure or Katzin HaIr. Similarly, an ambulance if needed. As for food and living conditions, food should be supplied in heated/cooled containers from the nearest base. The IAF has more than enough means to do this. There is also no reason why decent toilets and structures can't be built for these soldiers, or maybe they should all live in Barak's house. I bet it's big enough.
10. I gave prefect solution with plans to IDF
Gene ,   Los Angeles   (10.05.12)
Last month I provided the IDF with the perfect solution to deal with this situation. Extremely affordable and perfect for almost any military need concerning housing and office space. I'm a little shocked at this continued problem. They had better take care of it soon because this is unnacceptable. Very sad indeed.
11. Stalinism
Zivron   (10.05.12)
The Jews cannot afford the mass losses Stalin and the Nkdv enforced thro incompetence and blocking detachments plus the huge area the Palmach spirit ought return with no extra privelages for officers except pensions even amongst the religious zionists who are the new force essential in the moderately severe capacity .
12. During the late fifties
David ,   On this planet   (10.05.12)
I served in a unit that moved constantly. We got to sleep in tents on land belonging to a Kibbutz, we got to use their showers and hadar ha ochel I am sure the IDF compensated the kibbutz some how. Can't they do the same today
13. get barak to put down his travel magazines
rick ,   walnut creek   (10.05.12)
get barak to pay attention to his soldiers. get him to put down the car magazines, the travel brochures, etc. get him to work or get him out.
14. These Are Unacceptable Conditions Period
What is That Smutz on the floor? When these soldiers aren't on duty I'm assuming 12 hrs on and 12 hrs off what are They doing? Don't IDF soldiers field day (cleaning) their living quarters and take turns? Not Only Is Cleanliness, Next To G-dlyness. But these soldiers needs to act like adults Without Thinking Mommy is going to clean your room and make your bed? Boys and Girls The Day After You Read your Hoftorah and was Bar/Bat Mitzahs YOU BECAME Men and Women, You Need Act Accordingly AND SQUARE YOURSELVES AWAY! שבת שלום/ברוך הא שם
15. I am DISGUSTED that these defenders of the State are STILL
Alan ,   SA   (10.05.12)
treated worse than Pal Terrorists in Israel Jails!
16. They need some American RV's
Steve ,   usa   (10.06.12)
No need to pitch tents in the smutz just roll your winnebago RV along side the dome, real beds, oven, air conditioning, toilet, hot showers, microwave,big screen tv. These soldiers deserve more respect for the important job they're doing. They're pioneering new technology that could,someday soon, make your enemies missiles obsolete. Filth and hi-tech don't mix. Self-contained, clean and mobile is the way to go.
17. Thank you YNET.
Tracy W   (10.06.12)
YNET consistently reports on unnecessary and unfair hardships suffered by the country's warriors, and on negative aspects IDF culture that need to to be end, such as hazing and others type of abuse. Some Israelis appear to forget that their own lives depend on these soldiers. Not only that but they are also your sons, brothers, husbands and friends. They deserve to be treated much better because they put their lives on the line to serve their country. Keep up the good work YNET.
18. Most of my training was done in these conditions.
Corporal shlomo ,   Israel   (10.06.12)
Its a problem in units tha have very expensive equipment- tanks, artillery, iron dome as most of the budget goes to shells, missiles, etc and not to soldiers. Its all about how you slice the pie. Im in shiryon- tanks, and the only reason we have some better conditions is that our bases are permanent and weve been around for longer. Iron dome missile defense batteries were only invented several years ago and move around all the time. And when non-infantry units have to hold infantry lines its always tougher as a battallion of infantry has twice the people. These are some reasons why most israelis want infantry- you finish your training and have a pretty good last two years. Infantry has hard training, tanks and combat engineering have to get their hands dirty with treatments on their war machines, and iron dome poop in portopotties. It sucks but considering the situation and orders theres not much to do. Higher up orders would need to be changed to allow temporary kitchens or outsiders to bring in food. Who knows maybe this article will help change something, but just so everyone can hear from a fellow soldier, this is not abnormal in the idf, the modt efficient army in the world that doesn have nearly the money it needs but makes do, though with a strain upon us all.
19. Typical: those who save lives don't deserve a life
5th generation ,   Israel   (10.06.12)
We save that for thieves, liars, mafiosos...Anyone who thinks I'm exaggerating is welcome to look up who earns well in this country and who doesn't.
20. operators still face unfit living conditions
jacques ,   nsw   (10.06.12)
compare the Living condition in the 60 it should be a paradise to today stop with the kitourim
21. The good toilets are for the US radar base
Robert ,   NY USA   (10.06.12)
22. IDF condition
Edouard ,   Montreal canada   (10.06.12)
It is israel most important task to take care of our soldiers If we do not our own survival will be in question We do not want to be a military state we are force to be one Let's do all we can to protect and love our soldiers They are our protection our children
23. Don't they sweep the tent floor? What is that slime creeping
up the cot legs? No basic sanitation in the sleeping area from lack of cleanup. Send them some brooms! Maybe the rats wouldn't collect there if the tent was cleaner and had some rat traps and bait.
24. iron dome
erika bachar-kann ,   moshav shdema, israe   (10.06.12)
this is the second time ynet writes about those conditions. unbelevable that nothing has been done. am in israel since 1949 and am very disappointed that in the year 2012 such awful conditions exist. where is the vaad lemaan hachayal, as a volunteer have visited many places but never seen such conditions, have also visited an iron dome basis. hopeful ynet will give us soon an article about better living etc conditions
25. unfit living conditions in iron dome
Megha Solomon ,   ashdod,Israel   (10.06.12)
just migrated from India thinking that my children will join the IDF one day but reading this news has horrified me. Its a pity the country takes so much takes from its citizens and a big chunk goes to the IDF and this is what our soldiers have to put up with.
26. The IDF has done so much for so long on so little, now the
Rivkah   (10.07.12)
government thinks the IDF can do anything with nothing!
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