He started it!
Ariella Ringel-Hoffman
Published: 09.10.12, 18:25
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1. It's overdue long time ago that Barak should have been
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (10.09.12)
dismissed from his post. I dont even know whay he was retained when Labor left the coalition. With Barak or no,t nothing would have happened. On the other hand Nataniahu should have had to choose somebody identified with him cimoletaly. Nataniahu just made a political favor to Barak and that's the way Barak Pays. Barak wanted to create problems when Ariel was approved by the National Council. He removed Jews from hebron while the PM wanted to wait...etc etc etc He went to make galant moves in Washington while Nataniahu was being bashed by Barak- He ewas siting side by side with Livni. This is unconceveivable that a minister of defense goes and makes comment in contrast to that of the government. Remove him period...
2. Barak is an enemy of Israel and he works with
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.09.12)
Israel´s enemies.His party -LABOR-should be outlawed and there is no place for Barak in Netanyahu´s government and there is no place for Barak in Israeli politics. His party is associated to Socialist International and Party of European Socialists and that says it all! BARAK OUT!
3. Fire Barak. End of problem.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.09.12)
Bibi never should have invited Barak into the government in the first place. Fire Barak. End of problem.
4. most disapointing is
arne ,   chicago usa   (10.09.12)
not that they differ on alot of important issues, but they air them in public. ex; israel should never telegragh a punch. if your going to do something big, keep it quiet. every time the mossad or shin bet put something in motion they never forewarned anyone and that made them what they are (top flight). why talk publicly about iran and tell them you'll drop bombs, when they know it's not fesible and makes no sense. israel must stay above the flow--talk softley and carry a big stick-" we have what we need-do not monkey with us" case closed! do not ask the u.s. publicly to help you. privately o.k.
5. My spelling was bad in my message but I hope the message
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (10.09.12)
got through
6. author is a hundred percent correct!!
chana ,   jeru   (10.09.12)
he's right that Netanyahu is a great leader but what i disagree with him on is that barak is incompetent to protect the state of Israel. who in Israel doesn't have big ego? but i do agree with writer that Netanyahu is the most qualified leader for Israel. great article! chana-leh
7. Egos
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (10.09.12)
It is not a matter of egos. It is a difference of interests. Obama wants to make the Muslim world happy. What would make the Muslim World happy? The destruction of Israel. Netanyahu is trying to prevent Israel from being destroyed. The Muslim World does not like Netanyahu, and therefore, it follows that Obama does not like Netanyahu.
8. Netanyahu allowed Barak to run amok
Rachel ,   US   (10.09.12)
He never had the spine to show him who was the boss
9. I am still shocked!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.10.12)
How is it possible a party in Israel to be associated and legally commited to international organizations who have interests that go directly against Israel´s interests most of the time? And even if they didn´t.It is startling that an oficial party in Israel associates itself formally with a foreign body. It is shocking and it must be obviously forbiden immediately!!! It is crazy to let such thing go on! That´s the reason Israel has enemies within,as Peace Now and other insanities of the like.It is because they have governmental support and that´s unbelievable!
10. barak bluffed with bad cards
michael ,   zurich, swiss   (10.10.12)
barak's problem is simply that he ran out of options. he was needed for iran as a credible "moderate". barak and netanyahu were a good tandem to pressure the world. but the sanctions are working quiet well and and that was the whole point. barak is now disposabe and has no parlamentary leverage. the rest is pure histrionics.
11. barak should have been fired long ago
jack bauer   (10.10.12)
he is nothing but a back stabbing traitor who is bought and sold by foreign interests
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