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Morsi: We won't forget 1973 'victory' over Israel
Elior Levy, Yonatan Gonen
Published: 06.10.12, 22:35
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1. Delusioned morons
Alex   (10.06.12)
Only Islamists and communists can deceive themselves on such levels.
2. Remakable what these muslims consider a victory WOW
Mike ,   Israel   (10.06.12)
3. Hmm...I always thought, these morons had
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.06.12)
lost in 73...?
4. I remember 1973
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.06.12)
I was at a place called Kilometer 101. Why was it called that? Because we were 101 kilometers from the capital in Cairo. There were 20,000 of us in Africa and to oppose us - 600 infantry. There is only one reason we didn't take Cairo - we didn't want it. There was nothing Egypt could have done to even slow us down. Want another 'victory' like that?
5. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were also victories for the Japanese
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.06.12)
6. A string of glorious victories:)))
VicUSA   (10.06.12)
Sinai '56, 67,73....
7. Yom Kippur war
LION OF JUDAH ,   Tehran   (10.06.12)
Arabs have twisted minds, and thank G D for that. They won the war while the IDF were about 100 KM from Cairo, and their third army was encircled by the IDF and under the mercy of the IDF & General Sharon. After '67 war the late big mouth Nasser have announced they won the war.
8. Hope they win all war's like this and we
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (10.06.12)
get back sinai, sharm etc.. This Islamist brain washers I realy don't understand how thr people is so inocent.
9. By the way...the Moslem brothers later killed
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.06.12)
Saddat...oh well...
10. Egypt got Sinai back? right?
Amr   (10.06.12)
bar lev line was destroyed
11. @@It's best if they remain believing so.@@
Avi   (10.06.12)
Ask an Egyptian if Egypt conquered the Sinai at the end of the war and he'll say yes. Ask him if the IDF had the entire third Egyptian army at its mercy and he'll say no. Ask if the IDF pushed across the Suez and was within 100 km of Cairo and he'll say no. It would be best if they remain thinking so, for the sake of their shallow concept of honor and dignity. Why? For peace. As an Al Jazeera journalist once put it, peace between arabs in the middle east cannot exist because of dignity. that this small fragile state defeated the entire arab world more than 3 times in a row, and not only that but did so with unprecedented military achievements and shamed them completely. Because of this shame they cannot accept peace. But if they think they have dignity, then perhaps they can be satisfied with peace. These are people who consider honor to be valued more than life itself, including that of their sisters. What does it mean against us? Their enemies whom they also mixed with the dimension of a religious war? I say let them think so. Their bubble of ignorance is important to them and has a strategic value to us, while the rest of the world will know what happened. And perhaps, 100 years from now if there'll be true peace, they'll know too, if it matters still.
12. They got the Sinai back
A Pernat ,   Paris   (10.07.12)
The sad reality is , the outcome of the war was indeed a victory for them. They got the Sinai back and a lot of money for a worthless piece of paper , Israel lost 3000 Soldiers another 8800 were wounded. And the worst , Israel was betrayed by her own government and the US. Kissinger and Nixon said wait , wait, wait...... Like Obama nowadays
13. I remember a different story !!
Stefan ,   Germany   (10.06.12)
I remember very well and please correct me if I am wrong, that the Israeli forces in Youm kipur war failed to enter either Suez or Ismailia on the western side of Suez canal. Both cities are much enormously smaller demographically and geographically when compared to Cairo. I also remember quiet well that the supply line to the Israeli forces at the west of the canal was cut before the cease of fire. You shouldn't forget to thank the U.S A LOT for their HUGE aid during that specific war.
14. TO NR. 1.
15. #4..Gee
Malone ,   Hfx   (10.07.12)
My post disappeared, that where the monument is where Egypt supposedly turned back the IDF? I was there in '77 and an honest Arab said that that was where Israel said to hell with this.They got tired of dragging around and feeding all the prisoners,so he said.
16. #13 Gratitude ? Never !
A Pernat ,   Paris   (10.07.12)
Sorry but you are wrong, the US put Israel in this awkward situation, to press Israel to give up the Sinai The Israeli government was aware of the attack and did nothing putting the fate of Israel in the dirty hands of Kissinger and Nixon. Kissinger made a statement something like "It's OK if Israel gets a bloody nose for once". It was only after Golda Meir threatened to drop atomic missiles on Arab capitals that Nixon woke up and sent military supplies to Israel.
17. Holy war
Jem ,   Melbourne Australia   (10.07.12)
They attack on our holiest day when we were in shul. This is the lowest act possible but to Muslims this is their game and a "great" victory.
18. Can anybody dispute the fact they did get
all of their land back as result of that war? You can hardly look at it as defeat.
19. # 10 bar lev
Jerome ,   Basalt,Colorado   (10.07.12)
The only reason Eygpt got the territory back is the Israelis gave it back because at the time Eygpt had a smart leader that truly wanted something truly good for his people. Something called peace! Now you have a bunch of truly ignorant megalomaniacs leading and following.
20. Victory
Miri ,   Panama   (10.07.12)
May all their victory be as the one he is claiming! Am Israel Chai
21. @13 ... So, you "did not remember?" What else is new?
Miron ,   USA   (10.07.12)
22. reply#13
daze ,   US   (10.07.12)
You foolishly believe the egyptian version of the Yom Kippur war. king hussein of jordan made that mistake in '67, and we all know the results of that misstep. The egyptian army of '73, however, almost broke the record for fastest retreat time. A record still held by the egyptian army of '67.
23. The jihadis that Obama helped
VIs8 ,   NJ, USA   (10.07.12)
The jihadis that Obama helped into power in the mid east are showing their true colors now.
24. Restore dignity?/
Natan   (10.07.12)
How do you restore something you never had and still don't??
25. Great victory it was..LOL
Natan   (10.07.12)
Yes it was a great victory. The Israeli army was on the Egyptian side after crossing the Suez Canal. Egypt's 3rd army was in the Sinai completely surrounded by the Israeli army on both the Israeli side and the Egyptian side. Coulmns and columns of Egyptian tanks were dashing\escaping towards cairo on the main higway. What a great victory it was LOL LOL LOL
26. Who won the war
Abo Yosef ,   Alexandria , Egypt   (10.07.12)
What Egypt get as a result of the war 1. the destruction of Bar-Lev line 2. Killing 3000 Israeli soldiers 3. wounding 9000 Israeli Soldiers 4. Capture few hundreds of the IDF soldiers 5. the destruction of many .Israeli planes and tanks. 6. The return of the entire Sinai. I take the victory any time . and by the way what did Israel get from being 100 Km from Cairo ?
27. Google "Egyptian victory 1973"
hmp49 ,   Asheville NC, USA   (10.07.12)
it will say "did you mean devastating Egyptian loss 1973?"
28. Will they be celebrating the subsequent defeats
hmp49 ,   Asheville NC, USA   (10.07.12)
yes the initial sneak attack was a success. but within 2 weeks, Israel was within 60 miles of Cairo (and 35 miles of Damascus), and only pressure from the US prevented Israeli troops from going even further.
29. #11 Avi, I vote your post be the best!
Yossef   (10.07.12)
30. Israeli tanks went into Suez.
nibor ,   israel   (10.07.12)
Israeli troops were on the way to Damascus, and were stopped by U.S. policy. What kind of victory is that?
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