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Lebanese TV channel: Hezbollah behind drone mission
Elior Levy
Published: 07.10.12, 10:12
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Maged ,   Alexandria,Egypt   (10.07.12)
The IDF is always sleeping on the 6th of October...1973/2012...
2. The IDF is becoming a laughing stock...
Marco ,   Spain   (10.07.12)
All they can do is guess as to who was behind this drone and from where it was launched. With all the sophisticated technology at their disposal and they still are in the dark on the mystery of this Drone. It seems that even a simple Lebanese television station is more successful at gathering intelligence than your multi-billion dollar Mossad and Shin Bet combined... Jewish exodus from Palestine has never been any
3. Message delivered loud and clear...
Marco ,   Spain   (10.07.12)
Hezbollah won, YET AGAIN...
4. #1, #2
Marcelo ,   Tel Aviv / Berlin   (10.07.12)
reality and jew-haters are incompatible...antisemitism grows like mushrooms in wet field, Israel gets stronger and stronger every day with high tech and new technologies and new immigrants balance the birth rate of arabs in Israel...jews are in Israel to stay, while you vomit your venom of hate and resignation. Sorry :-) BTW, Israel already knows who sent that crap, it might be from a USA ship, so news put some text for the silly small mind like you...Chag Sameach !!! Am Israel Chai ve Kaiam !!
5. Marco
David ,   Israel   (10.07.12)
What is your obsession mention your blinded views on an Israeli news site? Do you get a thrill of trying to insult / upset us? Is there perhaps a slight amount of jealousy of our wonderful country and how we are still here and thriving after all that has happened to us over the decades? Do I need to remind you the same sort of people that you seem to praise blew themselves up on a train in Madrid in 2004 killing 191 people?
6. A successful operation whoever it was
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (10.07.12)
Nice to know that anyone can fly anything they want into Israeli Airspace then fly around for a bit. Looks like our neighbours are gaining parity with us in conventional arms and the Prime Minister is asleep at the helm.
7. Now you can be proud like the Iranians.
Albrecht   (10.07.12)
and parhaps copy BTW some know-how.
8. #6 why PM?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (10.07.12)
Credit where credit is due. It was Barak who destroyed the SLA and turned Lebanon over to Assad. It was Barak, together with Honest Olmert and Zippy Livni who made Hezbolla a strategic threat to Israel. It was also Barak's responsibility to decide when to intercept yesterdays drone. Netanyahu's blame is only that he made Barak DM, and that now he refuses to fire him.
9. to marco (spain)
daniela ,   panama   (10.07.12)
there is a saying in spanish that says ¨the last one to laugh will laugh better¨. I suggest you keep your victory cheers on things that really matter. That a drone entered Israel is not a battle won. By the way.. it is exactly the same as saying that Egypt won the Yom Kippur war, after having its army encircled in Sinai and Israeli troops sitting in Ismailia, on the egiptian side of the Suez Canal..
10. Intersting news indeed.
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (10.07.12)
If the drone was an uncontrolled, pre-programmed gps-following photo-recon mission which was, seconarily, intended to demonstrate how far into Israeli airspace a single drone could penetrate before being shot down, it worked, even if it never got its change to return images of targets inside Israel. Either way, the drone mission was a success for whoever launched it and now Israeli aircommand is on alert for small targets, there's an even bigger chance of someone making a mistake or of some radar glitch being seen as an incoming uav/cheap-cruise-missile so the increase in tension is a positive result for, perhaps, both sides.
11. #2 & 3 - Marco, the "insider"
Devorah   (10.07.12)
Since when are you privy to Israeli intelligence? The fact is, you're not. And until you are, I suggest you zip it because the only laughing stock around here is you -- time after time after time. Don't worry. Israel will have the Fat Man shaking like a dog shitting razor blades. BTW, Mr. Amateur, the Jews are not leaving Israel today, not tomorrow, not ever. Deal with it.
12. #6 Israeli Israeli
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (10.07.12)
So you are saying that the Prime minister is not accountable even though he is in charge? What are the standing orders, and who set them, and who ultimately signed off on them?
13. #3 Don't hand the candies out yet
Cynthia ,   USA   (10.07.12)
With Iran in an economic free fall, Hezbollah will no doubt go on the chopping block. Hezbollah needed to justify their existence. Israel shot the drone down and Hezbollah just provided Israel new intelligence information. The handlers in Iran may not be too happy about this.
14. #2 and #3
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (10.07.12)
Probably the disintegration of Spain is much closer. Enjoy Republica de Catalunya first
15. Marco in so called Spain & the fake Sarah B
Anon ,   Johannesburg   (10.12.12)
share the same ip. its the sme person... and he/she aint from Spain.
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