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Berlin: Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Gevatron concert
Itamar Eichner
Published: 07.10.12, 12:12
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1. What else were they shouting...?
Gady ,   Mexco   (10.07.12)
Juden rauss!!!???
2. New age Nazis?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.07.12)
Ever wonder if these same "protesters" have ever protested against Palestinian war crimes against Palestinians, let alone against Israelis or foreign nationals? My money says no, they never have and never will.
3. come to canada
bill ,   canada   (10.07.12)
thousands here in canada ready to throw rocks at apartheid israeli racists
4. The wimps are back again
Sam ,   Canada   (10.07.12)
3 hundred million Arabs can't fight 6 million Jews like men so they fight like immature children. Have they no shame?
5. "after the show resumed it only boosted the atmosphere"
robert renders ,   belgium   (10.07.12)
In other words, the effect was exactly opposite to what these morons hoped for, the concert was better with a boosted atmosphere.
6. Marty
no2 Brian   (10.07.12)
Brian I have seen you 'protest' and condemn Hamas war crimes...when have you ever condemned and protested against IDF war crimes?
7. Peace? FREE all of "Palestine". It is part of ERETZ YISRAEL
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (10.07.12)
8. @3: Only THOUSANDS of arabs in Canada ?
Andy ,   Manchester UK   (10.07.12)
Lucky YOU ! Thought you guys were importing them by the shipload, and just about to enjoy the delights Euros have been experiencing with arabs for the past decades: terrorism, riots, unrest, crime...
9. charge these barbarians. chase them till they drop
ralph   (10.07.12)
10. 10 people ,   USA   (10.07.12)
this sounds more like a 10-minute disruption as the article notes, not a full blown protest, hardly news. It says a lot about a big city like Berlin that only 10 people showed up for this (and I mean this in a positive way). There's larger crowds doing anti-Israel protests in the US.
11. it should be legal to kill the Pro Palestinian Activists
k ,   US   (10.07.12)
12. to no 3 bill
Barney ,   USA   (10.07.12)
Canada has proven to be a good friend of Israel. Has stood up against Iran and many inside Canada are now getting tired of the islamic radicals in their country. Just read about a highly publicized "honor" killing in Canada. you are in the very sick minority
13. same old, same old
tiki ,   belgium   (10.07.12)
The more they 'protest with their same old mantra's, the sillier & pathetic they look, because that's all they represent.... a few silly shouters!
14. #11: You are a moron fascist!!
Jason ,   US   (10.07.12)
15. #3 They don't tolerate rock throwing in Canada
Sam ,   Canada   (10.07.12)
They also don't tolerate suicide bombing, random missiles aimed at civilians, stabbing people in the back or any other depraved methods savages like you dream up.
16. #3 They don't tolerate rock throwing in Canada
Sam ,   Canada   (10.07.12)
They also don't tolerate suicide bombing, random missiles aimed at civilians, stabbing people in the back or any other depraved methods savages like you dream up.
17. Pathetic
Zyx ,   US   (10.07.12)
10 "protesters" here, a dozen there, once or twice a year. The propal "cause" more and more pathetic every day. These guys are nothing but offshoot of nazism.
18. Amazing! Syria kills more than 25,000 people but ..
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (10.07.12)
they protest to free Palestine whose people kill Israeli children in their beds by cutting their throats! But of course, Jews are only Jews and well Germans are ...... Well, they killed 6,000,000 Jews, didn't they? Actually, I would love to free Palestine and give them their damn state and get them out of ours but our stupid and cowardly government grants work permits to these murderers, 10,000 in the last two months, who call for boycotts against Israel and are working to murder more Jewish children than even Hitler did! Mr. Prime Minister, how can you let those who want to destroy our country come here and risk the lives of the people you are sworn to protect?
19. Canadian # 3
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (10.07.12)
Luckily most Canadians have more class than that. It's a nice country in spite of people like you. I would be surprised if you really are Canadian. I would guess you are an outsider from someplace like Pakistan taking up space in Canada.
20. # 6
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (10.07.12)
Since IDF war crimes are a fiction there is nothing to protest.
21. They're not pro-Palestinian protesters
Zvi   (10.07.12)
They are anti-Israel rioters. There is a big difference. Fix your headline.
22. #3 "Come to Canada"
oigevalt ,   Toronto   (10.08.12)
To Bill from "Canada" - you must be living in a different Canada from mine, because the Canada I know fully supports Israel. Nice try.
23. #3
Howard ,   Seattle USA   (10.08.12)
After reading your moronic post I have nodoubt that you are ignorant,boring and your mother dresses you funny.
24. NO, they don't
Alex ,   Israel   (10.08.12)
25. #3. Hypocrite
Mike B ,   London   (10.08.12)
Give the land back to the First Nation and go back to Europe. Then you can talk about throwing stones with a free conscience.
26. Chant This
Edward ,   USA, USA   (10.11.12)
Chant this: From the River to the Sea, Paleswine Will Never Be!
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