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Romney: US should be more assertive in Mideast
Yitzhak Benhorin, AP
Published: 08.10.12, 19:25
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1. So, Mitt, you want others to continue to fight your wars...
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (10.08.12)
...while you sit at home in your fancy mansion? Like in Vietnam. Like in Central America. Like in Desert Storm. Like in Afghansitan. Like in Iraq. And no, Mitt, I don't expect you to ask your sons to go and fight either.
2. The "unmitigated disaster on foreign policy" is OBAMA!!!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (10.08.12)
If the US does not lead in the ME, somebody else will. That is what Obama has done. He has created a void that is being quickly filled by numerous assorted nuts who will work tirelessly against America, true democracy and western values.
3. Obama's "friends" in the ME treat him the way
Harry Wright ,   UK   (10.08.12)
he treated Israel - putting daylight between them, with Egypt, the most ungrateful of the lot, taking the lead.
4. Get Involved Where Helpful
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (10.08.12)
While I am a decades long Zionist, bi-partisanshp must be our approach towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (both parties)That means approving 2 states, each secure..meaning Israel retains the significant edge over all its adversaries...while the Pales have a contiguous state...but not Judenrein, as they demand. Embassies in both, cultural exchanges, and allowable cross movement to both. Sort of like my Los Angeles, with its 60 entities and groups..not separated out of necessity by walls and barbed wire but each one a municipality. W/O defanging Iran, there is no security for the Jews or Arabs.Egypt cannot with Turkey undermine the arrangement. Beefing up Israel's military..and reaching out to the Pales (Arabs) is good policy. But first, Romney must demand both sides sit down and pre-conditions or 67 borders as a starting point.Moving our embassy to W.Jerusalem ( recognizing same as Israel's capital is okay). Giving parts of E.Jerusalem to a Pales state,if workeable, is fine. Israel does not need the headache, as with Jordans cutting loose of the volitle area. Syria's problems must be resolved in that region, among the Muslim nations..Israel/USA must stay out of it. Re: Iran.....increased sanctions, perhaps an embargo, must bring this to a head and show the world means business. Their having nukes is in no ones advantage,including theirs., sovereignty or not. Iran has oil, plenty of it..and can purchase uranium for isotopes using fuel rods which are then returned. This is not about Israel or Iran, its about the planet.
5. Romney is the solution to the economy
Alex   (10.08.12)
It's time for the US to show that they're not puppets of Europe and their wishes to reelect Obama. Romney is the solution e to the economy and has balls to say what needs to be said. US should act according to its values not to how Europe and leftists want it to.
6. Romney & sons: u can Go fight Iran, but America won't
Adam ,   USA   (10.08.12)
The only thing that Obma has not done for Israel and left for Romney to do is invading Iran. America will not send a single troop/bullet to fight Iran even if every single Iranian gets his own bomb. Since Israel has been accumulating bombs for 60 years, Iran has every right to develop whatever it needs to defend itself from Jewish threats and before it is wiped off the map just like ISRAEL did in Palestine.
7. Romney won't win but he has shown Obama is a fool
8. After 4 Years tell us only one succesful OBAMA INITIATED
Alan ,   SA   (10.08.12)
operation! Dont tell me killing Bin Laden,becoz he was Chicken to do it ...I read he had to have his arm twisted! Everything he does is a flop! Even if his USUAL SUSPECT supporters vote him in then at least EVERYBODY (67million of them) will have seen his true intellect without a teleprompter We will at least be grateful to Romney for exposing him
9. #1 gunnar
DavidR ,   USA   (10.08.12)
mind your business and stay out of our elections.
10. #1 So, does the head of Sweden fight wars? That was a really
dumb statement you ,   moron.   (10.08.12)
11. Here's BHO's strategy for ME.Apologize=we will not step in
as Iran builds bomb ,   &destroys Israel   (10.08.12)
12. #1 & #6 Hopeless
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (10.08.12)
You guys don't seem to understand that the US is a completely volunteer force with special operations being a volunteer force inside that. There is no obligation for Romney or his sons to enlist any more than there is one for you to. Where is the outcry about Obama's lack of service? You guys should learn about the US military apparatus before commenting on it.
13. #6. You silly boy. Ask yourself if Iran is investing
Harry Wright ,   UK   (10.08.12)
billions, if not trillions, in multiple nuclear sites and supporting multiple terrorist militia just for a tiny place called Israel. Man, you must be joking, right! They same way they went after the US embassy in Argentina and even in Iran itself shows their real intentions. It is just a matter of time when they will feel sufficiently equiped to tackle the US head on, starting with terrorism from the inside. They certainly had no fear in assassinating the Saudi ambassador on US soil. And they are mad enough to spill rivers of infidel blood. You stay in a little corner and believe that if you remain quiet they will pass you by. Make sure you cover yourself with black cloth too and hope they don't see you cowering in the corner.
14. Romney's foreign policy speech
Davud ,   Philadel, ISAphia   (10.08.12)
So what kind of plans does Mitt have for Syria?. The US venture into iraq was a huge success.and al of his foreign policy advisors are left overs for the Bush administration
15. He is wrong about Barack Hussein Obama
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.08.12)
Barack Hussein Obama has not been passive in relation to ME nor are Barack Hussein Obama┬┤s words not backed by deeds.Barack Hussein Obama has actively worked AGAINST world wide peace and Barack Hussein Obama has worked to strengthen the crazy mobs of Hamas and their likes ,whom Romney mentions,all over the ME.
16. #1 Since you don't live in the US, your words are just noise
Full of sound and ,   void of meaning   (10.08.12)
17. More Hot Air From The Religious Wrong
emanon ,   USA   (10.08.12)
He'll say anything to get elected, then find a way to weasel out if America is foolish enough to elect him. Here's a more likely scenario: he'll keep Israel, alright, but throw the Jews out in favor of a Christian Holy Land. To the religious wrong, the Jewish heritage of Israel is a footnote to the Christian era, not an end unto itslef.
18. @4: Nice Dream, But It Won't Happen
emanon ,   USA   (10.08.12)
Your dream won't happen because it is the arabs that want a one state solution: all arab. Look at history and look at Jerusalem now. It has never been about a fake homeland for the arabs, it has been about wiping out Jews and Israel. Until their mindset changes to one of compromise, it is a never ending war from their perspective.
19. #17You might not be wrong,but...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.08.12)
...anything is better than Obama in this moment. Obama IS a danger because he is a fool.
20. Ill Vote for Romney,but Lets Not WishfulThink
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUS   (10.08.12)
Foreign policy wil not determine this election, its the economy stupid.Most Americans, especially Obamas people, could care less about Israel, the Pales, Egypt,Turkey,Syria, etc. cept for his pocket Jews and Arabs of course ( he gets millions in Bev Hills yearly from the Yuda). Okay, so why Romneys attack? Its good politics and may get a few votes ( and lose some). Jewish Republicans are already supporting him (Sheldon Adelson vs George Soros)..In reality,Israel's 500 nukes are keeping the Muslims at bay, no matter their rhetoric. Thank Shimon Peres and Gurion for that..while the Democrats cringed ( Kennedy).As the mullahs say, 1.4b Muslims vs 5.9m Jews.,no contest..cept when you factor in Dolphins, F series planes and Jerichos.Most think Obama is bluffing..he will never attack iran. Romney is not the Chief of Staff (yet), and can make noise. Im sorry guys,but only an Iranian Pearl Harbor will push US,like WW2. Increasing sanctions on Iran..including Iraq's double talking action, getting on China/Russia, might help thwart Iran's bomb. Dont hold your breath. I will vote my interests..and thats for Romney..but lets be honest.
21. Is Iran the Problem or Israel's Might?
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (10.08.12)
Obama has accomplished -0- during his 4yrs to date. Obamacare is a mess, 6m wont apply..which kills it automatically. The reach to the MB has embolden Syria..and Egypt's Islamists. But did Obama really havea choice? Do we have clout in the region? The Muslims do what they darn well like, treaties or no. Morsi threatens Israel..Abbas goes to the UNGA..Iran gives Israel 24hrs..Turkey double talks, Arabia wont allow Israel jets..Israel doesnt need more military aid..its army is the best in the region. Would a US marine division be sent to Israel to help? Putting Israel in NATO might. Perhaps the 60,000 Charedi, who wont fight, should think twice (thats 4 divisions). Can they withstand an Egyptian onslaught, or would they run to their yeshivas..Food for thought. Re: is not an Israeli problem, Israel is ITS PROBLEM. To Israel: speak softly but carry that big stick.
22. NUMBER 6 - Adam
galilean ,   Israel   (10.08.12)
When did Israel ever threaten Iran or any other country with nuclear bombs? The only reason that there is no peace between Israel and most Arab nations, is that the Arabs refuse to accept the existence of the state of Israel. Thugs disguised as 'freedom fighters' attack Israel on a daily basis. Just look at today's headline where 55 rockets and mortars were thrown at southern Israel! Israel's military actions are not only very restrained they are also only defensive actions.
23. To nr 1 Gunnar, Gothenburg, Sweden
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.08.12)
I usually appreciate your talkbacks and your talkbacks are usually quite sharp, but your talkback at this thread was rather dumb. Mitt Romney can't both be the President of the USA and personally fight wars for America at the same time. I hope you understand that. Democratic countries are divided in a civilian society and the military. Everybody can't be a soldier. Everybody can't be a military. While the soldiers fight wars, the civilians at home make sure that the country works as usual. Most if not all democratic countries have a state apparatus based on the judiciary, the executive power and the legislative assembly. How do you expect all these state authorities to function properly if they, out of solidarity, shut put on a military uniform, carry a gun, and go to war? How can they then perform their daily duties? I think the American wars in Vietnam and Central America were unnecessary, but a war against Iran is vital. Unlike Iran, Vietnam and Central America posed no threat to world peace and world security and the previous actions of Vietnam and Central America, did not threaten any nation or civilization with annihilation or genocide nor did their actions provoke any nuclear arms race on our precious planet. Iran is the greatest threat to the world since Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Luckily, Iran is not as powerful in relation to the rest of the world as Nazi Germany and USSR were, but that could change if Iran's nuclear program is not stopped. And it can only be stopped with military means, and that means war, and that means Romney, if he becomes the President, needs to order the US army and US air force and US navy to fight Iran. Question: Does your PM Frederik Reinfeldt and does your Foreign Minister Carl Bildt fight Sweden's wars in Afghanistan in person?
24. Romney is a bad car salesman
DOV ,   USA   (10.08.12)
I would never buy a car from Schmitt Romney. I had a boss like him once. Never again. Has Israel been at war in the past 4 years. NO. Come on people are you that desperate that your blindsided by a crook
25. # 17 I didn't know you speak for.....
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (10.08.12)
Christians. You really should stop doing so because it's hard to tell who is more full of crap. You or Obama.
26. Gunnar # 1
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (10.08.12)
What's it to you living in Sweden? You might prefer someone with no job experience or ability who bows down to the king of Saudi Arabia but some of us have higher standards.
27. obama must go and take barak with you
michael Pielet ,   israel   (10.08.12)
Governor Romney, the next President.
28. #9, #10, #12, #16 Because we have to clean up the mess...
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (10.08.12)
...that the US has caused in all corners of the world, that's why we care. That's why we have to care! And no, we didn't have the opportunity to say "No" or "I'm going on a missionary tour for my church" I've been on ISAF service in Afghanistan twice and also with my own eyes seen the wounds caused by Agent Orange in Vietnam. So I know what I'm talking about!!
29. Well...if Romney is an extremist Christian Mormon,
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.08.12)
he will be another headache to Israel.A big headache. We must be prepared to manage and to find a third way for a scenario as the saying goes: "if you run the beast catches; if you stay the beast eats". Well, hopefuly not...
30. Mitt remember: USS Liberty, Levon affair, Rachel Corrie, Jon
American Vet   (10.08.12)
Jonathan Pollared, military hardware & technology israel sold to China
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