Beersheba mosque conflict reaches Facebook
Ilana Curiel
Published: 09.10.12, 22:04
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1. Next the jewish government will force churches to close.
American Vet   (10.09.12)
Already israel has closed over 400 mosques.
2. #1 typical
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.10.12)
A racist bigot that lies here.
3. 'official place of worship'
Danny ,   London England   (10.10.12)
If the High Court ruled it can't be used for an 'official place of worship' why can't it be an 'unofficial' place of worship inside a Muslim community centre? How would that be different from a minyan of Jews using the back of an El Al plane as an 'unofficial' place of worship?
4. Alright, then
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.10.12)
Since the cultural center in Be'ersheva was a mosque before it was a cultural center, I say let the Moslems have it as a mosque. Using the identical logic, the Jewish people will dismantle the Al Aqsa mosque and restore the Temple. After all, it was a temple long, long, LONG before it was a mosque, wasn't it?
5. Prayer
Tzippi ,   New York, USA   (10.10.12)
So can Jews now pray on the mount in Jerusalem? We are banned from prayer at many places and we cannot pray at all in any muslim country so why do we need another mosque in Israel?
6. #1 american vet
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.10.12)
And which “over 100 mosques” might they be? You show your prejudice by making up “facts”, especially those so outlandish that they are easy to detect.
7. #1 - I sure hope so!
Patriotic Israeli ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.10.12)
Many Jewish sources throughout the past 2,000 years have declared Christianity to be idolworship and as such is totally forbidden in the Jewish Holy Land of Israel
8. #1 hope they close 1000 more
bernard ross   (10.10.12)
muslims attack and throw stones at jewish worshippers; everywhere on earth they reside is intolerant. they have many JEW FREE countries after expeling jews , they should go.
9. shut it down, make it nothing
bernard ross   (10.10.12)
10. #1 ignorant man
American ,   Usa   (10.10.12)
First off before you go on your Israel bashing Mohamed how many synagogues and churches did the Arabs all over the middle east close burnt down and turned into mosques old churches and are still killing Christians to this day why don't you talk about that !!!
11. muslums "respects" the high court when lies give them Jewish
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.10.12)
land but not when a museum is a museum. Jews can't pray at the Temple Mount because muslums would be "upset" and they can just be upset at not praying at this museum.
12. Mosques
Marcel ,   Costa Rica   (10.10.12)
13. #1 I believe you are in the wrong place, Gaza
Netanya ,   Netanya   (10.10.12)
has destroyed every synagogue same with Egypt (one remained, but prayer is not allowed), Saudi Arabia destroyed every Jewish place of worship or replaced it with a mosque, same with jordan and every other country in the middle east and almost all the Islamic countries. Worst of all is that the Muslims put a mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and now Jews cannot pray there. So for the math part: Israel has destroyed some mosques (since it the only Jewish state in the world) and the Arab world has destroyed EVERY JEWISH PLACE OF WORSHIP....SO MAYBE YOU SHOULD PREACH YOUR DESTRUCTION NARRATIVE TO THOSE WHO ARE THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE (like the 2,000 yr old Buddah destroyed by Muslims) and I will not even mention the number of churches destroyed by Muslims. PS. Even Bethlehem is almost a totally Muslim city, the Christian population almost gone, due to persecution of the Christians from the Muslims. In other words, while the Muslims shot a 14 yr old girl in the head for preaching that females should be allowed to study, you come to this article to demonize Israel. This mosque, in Beersheva is only being used as a tool to recruit more terrorists to Jihad (the imam that went to the mosque spoke of jihad, as in murdering more Jews) Pure hatred! Double Standard Hypocrisy!
14. If this mosque is re-opened
Ivan ,   South Africa   (10.10.12)
Will the Beersheba municipality allow them to use loud speakers in the minaret to call muslims to prayers five times a day??
15. Piece of information missing
Noa   (10.10.12)
Why did the Supreme Court rule the way it did? There must have been an explanation other than: it has been so since the 1950s.
16. Ancient synagogues in Arab villages
MoveTheMosqueToRahat ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.10.12)
In many Arab villages such as in Shfaram are synagogues and Jewish holy sites/synagogues open them and I courage weekly/daily minyans but of course that would bring an outcry of "settler" violence" from the left and the media but in the 99 percent Jewish Beersheba we here only silence from these same sources,Move the mosque To the Arab town of Rahat this is an obvious Arab nationalist move combined with lack of sensitivity by secular Israeli society as we see also In Jewish Jerusalem,s Old City by it,s current mayor
17. @16
Safadi ,   safad   (10.10.12)
? so shafram has a jewish population? no. so why should the synagogues be reopen? the inhabitants of those villages left judaism for christianity,(later islam) alot of time ago. get over it. bersheeva has an muslim population, get over it. dont like it? than creat laws like in nazi germany. show your real face, stop hiding it
18. #1 That's a good start
big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.10.12)
What you call mosques are in reality military staging areas to kill Jews.
19. # 17 You have no argument
big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.10.12)
"Israel the Homeland for The Jewish People." As per the UN description when awarding Israel statehood after she won the war and Ben Gurion declared Israel a nation. One day soon, the temple mount will have a new third temple and the mosque AKA military HQ's will be removed or destroyed.
20. #14
Greg ,   SA   (10.10.12)
I am also from S.A and close to my home is a mosque and a church. I hear the call to prayers for the muslims and the church bells on Sundays. No complaint from me or the other residents. In some places it has been banned, however the people go on with their lives, prayers etc.. It is only a problem if you make it one, there is always a solution. You focus to much on the problems, yet we are lucky if we are granted only 65yrs on this earth. I have lived most of my allocated time, the balance I choose to see things with a bit more wisdom.
21. #18
Mark ,   UK   (10.10.12)
Now with thinking like this, I can see why peace is so hard to come by. Way to go Yoda
22. Beersheba Mentioned In Torah
emanon ,   USA   (10.10.12)
The Torah predates anything remotely connected to the Muslim religion by a few thousand years. So much for the claim that the mosque was there before Beersheba was founded.
23. # 17 Shfaram's Jews fled for their lives !
RealityCheck ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.10.12)
The last Jews of Shfaram didn't Convert to any other religion they fled for their lives in the 1920's and 1930's Unlike the Negev Beduins who didn't have to flee the Jews. obvious you would like to see Beersheba without Jews along with the other 6 million Jews of Israel keep on dreaming
24. Build a Haredi Neighborhood there !
ObviousNationalstAct ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.10.12)
25. "Stupidest idea" prize to wine festival organizers
keren ,   tzafon, israel   (10.11.12)
Duh! Wanting to arrange a wine festival in a mosque (current or disused) is as provocative as bacon and eggs at the shabbat morning kiddush! I only know secular Muslims, but each and every one has NEVER tasted alcohol. Its the one thing that they take seriously.
26. Really? With yahoo's throwing stones on Jews at prayer?
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.11.12)
That's 'peaceful" LOL Keep your day job, comedy isn't working fer ya. One day soon, the rock throwing "johnny jihad's' will be gone along with this quasi military 7th century 'monstrosity' that that will be replaced by Solomon's third temple. As for peace, I'm not familiar with any mullah, muslim, pal, Saudi Arabian, Al Qaeda, muslim brotherhood et al etc. ever making any effort of making peace with Israel, ever, LOL Keep your day job, leave the comedy to the Jewish Comics...
27. Poland still makes a buck from the "camps'
big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.11.12)
How many Jewish Temples have been removed, desecrated, Torah's ripped and burned?? FYI I know many Muslims who looooooove to drink alcohol so, puhleeze. If they Muslims are 'secular' they are 'allowed' as are Jews with 'bacon. LOL
28. That would do it.
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.11.12)
"there goes the neighborhood."
29. That would do it.
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.11.12)
"there goes the neighborhood."
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