Dreamliner lands in Israel for first time
Danny Sadeh
Published: 10.10.12, 13:58
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1. meanwhile
Roey   (10.10.12)
El Al is buying used 747s and continuing to put us on old 767s. They have 777 but I remember them cancelling an order for 4 additional ones. Maybe if they started flying on saturdays to accommodate the majority of their clientele they would generate more revenue so they could upgrade their aging fleet.
2. #1: Israel is a JEWISH state. NO Saturdays
Israeli 2   (10.10.12)
3. to #2
Roey   (10.10.12)
It's a democratic state (or at least should be) with many who do what they please on Shabbat. Being that El Al is still a public company and not a full state owned airline, they are not obligated to follow religious guidelines. Rather they should make sure they're profitable and with teh cost of security plus gas, they badly need the additional revenue from a busy flying day. I personally do not care if they fly on Shabbat or not but I will not fly with them because they do not deliver the service I expect based on how much I pay for a ticket. Praying and observing Shabbat will not make them more profitable so they can improve the flying experience. If you can suggest otherwise then go ahead, otherwise, other airlines have leapfrogged them long ago and since 9/11 are just as secure.
4. #2 If they built a sukkah on the wing,they could have flown
Alan ,   SA   (10.10.12)
on Sukkot
5. EL AL
Motti ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (10.11.12)
Israel is a jewish state, of course, YES. BUT it does not mean that EL AL has to be closed, on SHABBAT(Saturdays), or normal jewish holidays.
6. #2 Israel is a democratic state, yes to saturday flights
Haim ,   TA   (10.11.12)
I think if you check your callendar you will find its 2012 about time we got over medevil superstitions and moved on. Is anyone forcing you to fly on Shabbat ? No they are not but you yourself are forcing religious beliefs on the secular public. Dont worry we will find a way around this and flights on Shabbat will continue.
7. Trust me: God flies on Shabbes. He told me so!
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.11.12)
8. Flying on Saturday
Arik Boleli ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.11.12)
Israeli 2: you do not have to fly on Saturday but those of us who want to, do. Sorry! You remind me of Shiria law, Orthodox Jew style. You do what is good for you and don't worry about what I do or think. Shalom.
9. #3,#6 - I think if you check the Israeli Declaration
Patriotic Israeli ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.11.12)
of Independence, you will find that Israel is clearly defined as a Jewish state, first and foremost, and only is Israel declared democratic AFTER its Jewishness is assured!
10. #9
Roey   (10.11.12)
does it say Jewish state governed by halacha though? That's the issue.
11. Being Jewish State doesn't meen forced rest on Shabbat
Aharon   (10.11.12)
Israel is a state for the Jewish People and not the Jewish religion. While government institutions are welcome to close on Shabbat and the religious are free to refrain from work, that doesn't mean that everyone else in the country should be forced to not work as well. El Al is a mostly private company, and as such should be free to make decisions that are in the best interest for the company's success. No one is forcing religious people to fly on Shabbat, but why prevent those who want to from doing so?
12. flying on saturday
Iletzter ,   TA- Israel   (10.11.12)
If El Al starts flying on Saturday , they will certainly going bankrupt.
13. El Al
Iletzter ,   TA- Israel   (10.11.12)
Even though El Al is today not government owned , it still carries the Israeli flag and everyone considers it the national carrier. Flying on Shabbat will not bring the company to be more profitable. And they would certainly lose a huge chunk of customers.
14. Flying On Saturday in Israel
JonflyonSat ,   Israel   (10.11.12)
I want to add my 2 cents worth here, i live in Israel and am a new Oleh I see plenty of Israeli secular Jews doing normal things on the Shabbas like a normal secular country weekend. So if the airline is struggling in these hard economic times, is it not better to keep jobs and allow people to earn a salary for taking on Saturday shifts. There needs to be a mind shift here we are in the midst of very turbulent times and adapt or fly should be the moto. To the highly observant jewish person I say to you keep to your Shtetl enjoy the freedom and life you have to pray and be an observant Jew without harassment or persecution and let us non religious types enjoy the fruits of our daily work as we pay the taxes that allow many to live off the state. Shabbat Shalom to you All
15. As a secular person I think that the Jewishness
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (10.12.12)
of this state shall be more and more strengthened.To all who would like to fly on Shabbat : Why do you not try to live in another country,there are plenty of them around.
16. El Al flying on Shabbats
Shy Axelrud ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.12.12)
If El Al flew on Shabbats it would lose thousands of religious customers( !) who would have to seek other arilenes to fly them... these airlines for sure fly on Shabbats and are less safe than El Al. S what is the point? Maybe religious people should not fly at all and there would be peace!
17. at 15: bullshit argument.
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (10.12.12)
The people who want to fly on Shabbat are as Jewish as you and have as bloody much right to live in Israel as you. ''Try to live in another country'' Why? Israel IS their country, even if you don't agree with their opinion. Live and let live, no-one is forcing you to fly on Shabbat. Don't you dare interfering with others' right to do so. Please proceed to the Pale of Settlement, you'll find Jewishness ensured over there.
18. Great thought
Raptor   (10.13.12)
If EL Al were to fly on Shabbat then the Haredim would boycott it. But they also could not fly other airlines who ALL fly on Shabbat. They would give up flying completely which would mean that we would not have to put up with their nonsense anymore. Freedom at last.
19. Direct flights from Boston to Tel Aviv?
Boston ,   Boston, USA   (10.13.12)
I have heard that the moment El Al gets the Dreamliner, they will start a direct Boston - Tel Aviv flight. Do not know if this is true, but certainly hope so.
20. Religious people are frequent flyers.
ILAN ,   ISRAEL   (10.13.12)
How can Elal flying on Saterdays be profitable?
21. #15
Julie ,   Jerusalem   (10.15.12)
Oh please.... don't give us this bull s... - YOu are a new immigrant?? I know plenty of new olim who talked like you and a few months after their aliya went back to the countries they came from. So, let us live our live in Israel, the way we want to. OK !!
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