US-Israel Center established at UCSD
Published: 21.10.12, 07:54
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1. complete waste of money
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (10.22.12)
Let's think about (say for example) Facebook; Google; Microsoft, etc. I'm still waiting to be shown, any true business innovation that was parent'd by a Business School. To become part of a University bureacracy, is the kiss of death for innovation. Guys who sit in comfortable offices, & write papers to present at symposiums, and have reserved parking spots - are not the ones who turn the world upside down....
2. #1
Airborne ,   Jerusalem +San Diego   (10.23.12)
Are you serious? Did you even read the article? "The center will promote collaboration between businesses, entrepreneurs, researchers and the diverse cultures of Israel to enable the translation of technology into new global market opportunities" Do you know anything about UCSD or the large Jewish population in La Jolla or the large Israeli student population at USCD majoring in everything from bio science to computers? UCSD will benefit from this as well as the students who participate. Facebook (Harvard) and Google (Stanford) were both started by university students by the way. NO bureacracy is going to kill at 21 yr olds drive to innovate. These students need to get their ideas out into the marketplace which is what this center will do.
3. to #2
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (10.23.12)
I lived in La Jolla for many months. The Jewish girls have the smarts, but the Vietnamese chicks have the looks. I'll yield to you in your desire to pay gigantic UCSD salaries to guys who are going to write power-point-presentations and attend seminars on the public dime. It's fabulous that you're worried about the benefits that UCSD will receive. I'm worried about the benefits that Afula will receive.
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