New incoming tourism campaign launched
Published: 14.10.12, 07:28
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1. Incoming Tourism Pitch
Mashtin Bakir ,   TLV/LA   (10.14.12)
On paper, sounds like a decent idea. if the Ministry was serious, and also the Is. Hotel Association...there should be some type of discount coupon, incentive to get Israelis to really make an effort! If the site offered a 10% discount or the 8th night free, or some other type of "chupar" maybe the average Sabra will make a real effort and not only for Tzioni reasons! The economy is tough worlwide, and yes there are those who come for bikur moledet, but if you want the unaffiliated friend/relative to come here versus the sunny beaches of mexico, Greece wtc. think sales pitch, marketing, marketing, marketing! Maybe get the major carriers to also offer some incentive! Times are tough and there's loads of competition out there! Hope it works!
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