Gilad Shalit speaks of Hamas captivity
Published: 11.10.12, 21:36
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1. I wish you Gilad a complete and quick
Israeli   (10.11.12)
recovery, continue your education in a university, be healthy and happy. Also, I guess lots of good people would be interested in reading a future book about your terrifying captivity in the hands of terror and death mongers.
2. Gilad is an example that
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.11.12)
after a time of great darkness and despair,great hapiness can follow;it only depends on not giving up. I wish Gilad lot of happyness and I am sure he is having it.He and his family.He´s, and his family´s ,was a great trial and they passed it.I think that this family has learnt a lot.Really a great lot!
3. Gilad, please write a book about your captivity!
me ,   here   (10.11.12)
4. Shalit
Yochanan ,   NYC   (10.11.12)
Gaza should be erased for what he went through
5. be strong, be proud and live a full life
PG ,   Tel Aviv   (10.11.12)
I am so very proud of you. And I am in awe of your inner strength and what kept you going and sane all through those horrible years. I hope you will be blessed with love and friends and good family and happiness for all your life.
6. #5 PG
MR   (10.12.12)
I agree with every word you said. Thanks for saying it better than I could have. May I add my huge respect for Gilad's family. Through all those horrible years they worked together as a wonderful family, (including Gilad himself with his creative way of passing the time and keeping himself sane), each of them doing his part in the best way possible. And please let's not forget all the politicians, who everyone loves to hate, from Israel and from abroad, who made Gilad's release happen.
7. Gilad is looking better all the time. Wonderful.
Bob k ,   orlando usa   (10.12.12)
So great to see Gilad back in daily life. It will take him a long time to recover fully but he is very strong and very insidgtfull. Welcome back Gilad, shana tova and mitooka.
8. The Schalit family - a symbol of Israel
David ,   Israel   (10.12.12)
Of courage, hope, family, love, support all the greatest attributes the Jewish and Israeli people hold. If every Israeli showed just a fraction of the love to one another that we all share for Gilad - imagine how good it would be!
9. Amen David. Shana tova to Gilad and family
Sue ,   Tel Aviv   (10.12.12)
10. Amen to #1
I also wish Gilad Shalit what #1 said and may I add that G_d lead, guide and protect him, provide him much opportunity including financial security through movie, book etc deals, lectures and may he contribute much to Israel and all other freedom and peace loving peoples in the world. May he truly make a positive contribution to humanity UNLIKE the depraved, hatefilled, bigots and their culture of death/lies that his captors represent.
11. BH' He's okay and looks WONDERFUL!
iNetFraud ,   LA-Jerusalem   (10.12.12)
I truly hope he finds the strength to overcome his bad memories and deal with it in as healthy a way as possible. Am Yisrael Chai. I'm so sorry Shalit had to go through that. May he be Blessed with a wonderful life, all of the days he has on this earth.
12. The moral of the story is, never give up :^)
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.12.12)
I love happy endings.
13. "And this is my covenant that I will make with you"....If
David-ben-David ,   Israel   (10.12.12)
your enemy comes at you one way, I will destroy him, if he takes you captive, I will rescue you". Hashem, your Father will never leave you, nor forsake you.
14. Such inner strength from one so young.
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (10.12.12)
I sincerely hope they also put subtitles in English when they show the interview. We so much admire Gilad's courage.
15. a disgrace.
yoni ,   jerusalem   (10.12.12)
My friend was killed arresting one of the released terrorists, another friend was seriously injured and I was moderately injured arresting another one who was released. Israel's so called morals that are politically motivated are a disgrace to the Jewish nation!
16. He smiles, but horror is still in his eyes that may haunt
Rivkah   (10.12.12)
him for a long time. A help for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is Propranolol (Inderal) at a low dose such as 10mg daily until the trauma from traumatic ordeals is erased without the memory of it being erased, can be helpful. It slightly slows the heart. Gilad Shalit should look at the ELS Torah codes on his captivity for inspiration where he is called a Joseph taken captive by Midianites and sold to the Egyptians, just as Joseph in the Holy Scriptures was long ago. Some Rabbis believe many enemies of the Tribes of Israel will repeat in the final days of Gentile world rule. The Midianites and the Egyptians replayed the story of Joseph in Gilad Shalit's life.
17. #3 Yes, write a book
someone ,   Brazil   (10.13.12)
and after then try a movie; and make a good money with your repetitive boring story. I want to be abducted by hamas me too, what should I do? Someone could let me know their e-mail, please?
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