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Official: US blames Iran hackers for cyberattacks
Associated Press
Published: 12.10.12, 08:23
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1. Just another example of A Regime thats in turmoil
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.12.12)
The Regime is locked in deep frozen inaction They can see their train hurtling downhill without brakes to the brink of suicidal conflagration Yet though the majority of Iranians and many in political circles are expressing dread and fear...Apeman Ahmadinejad due for a cushy retirement, Crusty Khamenei whos long past his sell by date, Seedy Vahidi who in his designer shades looks more like a Mafia Gangster every day...they just dig their heels in, look macho, blabber on nuclear rights, demand total unquestioning support and sacrifice for the public...without a care in the world....Just dont mention the worthless rial, the huge overseas transfers, the inflation, the shocking civil liberties, the unprecedented corruption and waste.... The whole world can see where this is going for Iran. Iranians can see where this is going for Iran..But do the Regime?
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