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Tension in Greece over 'blasphemous' Jesus Christ play
Published: 13.10.12, 18:50
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1. imagine
Imagine if the play was about some other leader of another religion. Obama, the EU and the Greek government would shut down the theater, condemn the actors and understand the righteous rage of the believers. But I guess it is OK to insult and defame Jews and Christians.
2. Albanians?
Joseph ,   London UK   (10.13.12)
It's an American play, so why blame the Albanian director. Here in the UK we have blasphemy laws to protect Christianity [C of E is the established religion] but we still have insulting materials like 'Springer: The Opera' If the public is offended they should simply not buy tickets.
3.  freedom of opinion and expression
sam ,   colorado-USA   (10.13.12)
The freedom of opinion and expression doesn't give us the right to underestimate the religions and religious beliefs
4. Probably going to set fire to the city
zionist forever   (10.14.12)
All these blaspheme lunatics like to do is cause millions of Dollars in damage because and sometimes kill because they are having a temper tantrum because somebody said something not nice about Mohammed or Jesus. If Jesus & Mohammed could come back from the grave I wonder what they would say to the faithful if the saw what their followers were doing over their names.
5. #4
DavidR ,   USA   (10.14.12)
Jesus (Yahshua) is not in the grave. He came out 2 thousand years ago. There are those that believe that because no one knows where the grave of Moshe is that he was also taken as was Enoch! Mohammad though? Well, they say he flew away on a white horse. They had to make up some kind of story to make him appear important.
6. #4
Mark ,   UK   (10.15.12)
And your Hashem would be proud of you for not even voicing concern if he was potrayed the same way in a play??? With freedom and democracy comes respect for each others beliefs.
7. #5
Joe ,   London   (10.15.12)
I dont know all the details but if I were to believe coming out of a grave 2 thousand years ago, surely flying away on a horse as you say surely does not seem far fetched. As you have your beliefs, so do the next and it is your lack of respect for next and ignorant belief of being the chosen that clouds your true belief.
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