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Jewish group slams Muslim Brotherhood
Associated Press
Published: 14.10.12, 07:26
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1. the brotherhood is the enemy and Obama is their friend
ghilmeini ,   fAR wEST KHANDAHAR   (10.14.12)
The catastrophe in Egypt was by design. The US could have prevented the brotherhood from coming to power. But Obama actually fostered their rise. He created another Iran on Israel's border and it will cost many lives before this horrible error is ever undone.
2. Calling on it's big brother (USA) to protect them.
3. Peace ONLY via BALANCE, balance ONLY via SECURE BIG ISRAEL.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (10.14.12)
4. the first big fallacy is that the "prophet"
Sane People Everywhe ,   USA,Europe, Asia, et   (10.14.12)
is in heaven. and he supposedly ascended there from the site of the Jewish Temple? Zionists do understand that force is the only thing that works and that is why they have to keep creaming radical islamist terrorist.
5. Mr. Badie ,...
snag ,   USA   (10.14.12)
You have to live in America to see who's is spreading corruption or hate against Muslims ,...
6. What about Mali?
Mark ,   London, UK   (10.15.12)
"calling on Muslims to rise up and protect the city and its holy shrines" Are these the same sort of holy shrines that islamists are busy destroying in Mali? If so, they would do well to support Israel's further safeguarding of such places.
7. "Zionists only understand force"
William ,   Israel   (10.15.12)
Is that why Zionists have good relations with those who are NOT at war with it? And of course, do notice the interchangeable use of words in MB's statement - "Jews" and "Zionists".
8. #6 - Muslim hypocrisy rides again
William ,   Israel   (10.15.12)
Such a good point, Mark. The excuse these violent Islamists give when destroying shrines and killing people on the basis of a cartoon is - Muhammed cannot be depicted visually because it's against the dictates of idol worship. Yet, if you hear them speak about Muhammed, they've glorified his past and erased his human traits, they've killed millions of people in his name and that of Allah, and they continue to call him "our beloved prophet" and hold "Love the prophet" day. If that isn't a form of worship, then what is? Their actions in glorifying this pedophile and waging global war, just so Muhammed is not depicted in print is absolutely contradictory.
9. Denial of Jewish temple is also denial of Gospels.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (10.16.12)
Silence by Christians will backfire, which has been the case thus far. In fact, the denial of the Jewish temple is a bigger negation of the Gospels, which says one Jesus visited this temple, than it is for Israel. Jews have survived without their temple - the Gospels cannot.
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