Minister Kahlon quits politics
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 14.10.12, 21:34
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1. kahalon's retirement, a blow to the public good
Ed Stack ,   Jerusalem   (10.14.12)
Kahalon did a major service to the Israeli consumer. May he return soon and to a higher role.
2. Seemingly good people leave politics...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.14.12)
I wonder why.
3. What a shame - the best minister in years is going.
Michal ,   Tel Aviv   (10.14.12)
4. Who in their right mind would be in
Benny ,   Kfar saba   (10.15.12)
A government with Nethanyahu??? Well done to him for getting out!
5. # 2 Keren,
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.15.12)
Wonder no more... Could it be that they can't stomach corruption any longer and live politics to the hyenas to sort it out? (yes, by eating each other!) Cheers!
6. #5 Ginette
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.15.12)
It´s been a long time we don´t hear you at Ynet. Shalom.
7. Israeli politics; HONESTY ??? no such thing
JJJ   (10.15.12)
Its called "phony" or dishonest, Leaving to take advantage of his position in Israeli politics just as Nethanyuo did to make big money, I mean big money. so say the truth, but again in Israeli politics; HONESTY ??? no such thing
8. Dear Keren # 6
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.16.12)
Thank you. It is nice to be missed. My son was visiting me from Jerusalem. He is orthodox and I consider myself just "a normal Jewess". Despite my love for him, it was a challenge to say the least. Besides, I get turned off now and then from the nasty anti-Israel talkbacks. I don't even know why YNet gives them a forum to spew their venom. The smart thing to do is to ignore the ignorants but it's easier said than done. For the record, G-d is looking over Israel, no matter from which direction the danger comes, the country will stay safe while their neighbors will "disintegrate from their own hatred". Call me naive but I firmly believe in a higher power and that keeps me sane. Look how naive I can be sometimes...I still think trat one of these days governments (from any country) will be run by honest people. Well maybe not in this lifetime. Israel, its People and my family are the only ones worth praying for. On another note, Kahlon is too good of a person to stay in politics. Let's hope he will return some day and "sweep the floor", but good this time. Shalom
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