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Khamenei: West plotting to disrupt Iran's 'calmness'
Published: 15.10.12, 18:38
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1. World's oil supply
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (10.15.12)
Iran sits in the middle of the world's oil supply. Why should it need nuclear power to generat electricity? The Arab oil producers don't want an atomic Iran in their midst. The world's oil supply is not just an Israeli issue.
2. Khamenei mistakes with God's hook in our Jaw
Daniel ,   America   (10.15.12)
drawing us into a trap. With "With God's grace, as was the case in other issues which the enemies were not able to do anything, they can do no damn thing". You're going down snowflake! You may win the battle but you will never win the war. MAHMOOD... Fear him who after he kills you has the power to cast you into hell.
3. #1 Why should it need nuclear power to generat electricity?
Robert ,   Australia   (10.16.12)
Your "Sherlock Holmes" namesake is totally misplaced as the lack of elementary logic in your claims is breathtaking. If Iran is developing nuclear power to generate electricity then she should be congratulated. It is only Western and Israeli paranoia that is driving the push to prevent Iran's progress. "Arab oil producers don't want an atomic Iran in their midst" - Neither do they want a nuclear armed Israel in their midst threatening to bomb Iran and render the entire world uninhabitable. You should be asking why the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, China, Russia want nuclear power to generate electricity. It doesn't sit well with Israel that those who dress differently, albeit just as bizarrely, have the technical know-how to challenge their perceived technical superiority. Why wouldn't Iran do whatever is in their power to prolong their oil supplies? When oil supplies start to dry up it will a commodity more valuable than gold. Maybe there you have Western and Israeli motivations to stymie Iranian progress.
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (10.16.12)
Just watch Iranium on youtube if you want to know how crazy the mullahs in Tehran are. These guys will not stop at anything.
5. Of course this is the Iranian states ideology blabbering
Ypip ,   Canada   (10.16.12)
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