Obama only 'talks the talk'
Dan Calic
Published: 16.10.12, 10:24
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1. Would Romney walk the walk?
berlonski ,   berlin   (10.16.12)
He is already walking back in his talking these days. Praising the two states solution. So why should he act differently?
adam adam ,   planet earth   (10.16.12)
3. Excellent opinion piece
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.16.12)
Points up the sheer calumny of Hussein Obama. I hope Mitt Romney reads this before the upcoming debate (town meeting organized by Democrats for their failed "president"). Obama is a failure. How can any sane person expect Israel to take him seriously? The American people certainly don't.
4. However the uber dumb American Jew who is more
Al   (10.16.12)
concerned about where his next chinese buffet will be coming from, will still vote Obama. Yes they are that dumb and useless. More proof that the golus has surpassed its expiry date. To the Israeli Jew...ONly you can prevent Israel from being destryoed. Never ever trust anyone to secure your lives and your future but yourselves. As to the Golus Jew...he is too dumb to realize that his stay in the golus is temporary.
postroad ,   USA   (10.16.12)
6. Smell the coffee
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (10.16.12)
Calic is pleading with Obama to avoid the destruction of Israel and genocide of the Jews, but sounds condescending. Obama is not stupid, but is a follower of Jeremiah Wright. Wake up and smell the coffee: Obama knows exactly what he is doing.
7. SECURE BIG ISRAEL, nonviolent transfer, BALANCE, time, PEACE
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (10.16.12)
8. No.2 - Best Friend ???
Ron ,   Melbourne Australia   (10.16.12)
I guess if you make false claims you might as well make them as large as possible and repeat them often enough. The convoluted logic is that he knows best what is best for Israel - regardless what Israel thinks and Knows. So given he knows best the convoluted logic is that he is the best friend since he knows what is best for her and actions accordingly. The bad terms are simply because Israel does not know what is good for her. COME ON - GIVE US A BREAK - if it walks and quacks like a duck - it is most likely a duck (in this case a lame duck president). Given the tensions necessitating a letter to cease and decease from a multitude of senators for Obama to stop pushing Israel one could hardly claim he is the best friend - unless it is Orwellian like speech. Like the Communist apparatus workign towards their vision of Utopia which is the right one in-spite of the masses not wanting it......
9. Bold sacrifices for peace
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (10.16.12)
You mean like giving the Sinai back to Egypt for a peace treaty that isn't worth the paper it's written on?
10. very right!
rodolfo ,   boynton beach,Florid   (10.16.12)
first time I agree wholeheartedly to an opinion from israel.it is profound and serious.it is impossible to return to pre 67 borders.doing so would make us another repetition of the 6 days war, which I was a part.lets not repeat mistakes, we did a million already!if the "palestinians" want peace ,let them take the first and REAL step forward.on their time and in no hurry.we also can wait 100 years!!
11. Obsessive infantile just plain wrong analysis
Avramele   (10.16.12)
It was the Republicans who sold AWACs to Saudi Arabia under Reagan and publicly derided Israel for rejecting their ideas under Bush senior, then turned Iraq over to the Shiites under Bush II and got bogged down in Afganistan like imperial Britain and Soviet Russia before them. No American politician with a position of power favors retention of the West Bank in its entirety so quit picking on Obama as if he is Amalek and American Jewry as if they are eruv rav. One dumb tragic move by Bibi and you will come begging for their help which we all know will not be denied.
12. #2 Adam - easy to say
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (10.16.12)
Now prove it, with 5 things that he did for Israel
13. Blame Obama? We are the ones who...
Jay Abouaf ,   jaffa Israel   (10.16.12)
We, are leaders, academics, 'intellectuals', are the ones that proposed, discuss, and now even accept the possibility of this suicidal 2 State proposal. We need to tell everyone to forget it!!!
14. Whose ideas?
michael Pielet ,   Israel   (10.16.12)
These are Rabin's ideas, Peres' ideas, Olmert's ideas. Ideas of the Israeli left. Oslo? whose idea?
15. No More Left
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (10.16.12)
There are no more concessions left for Israel to give to the Palestinians. It has been 64 years of concessions to Palestinians only to be repaid with terror attacks. It is time for Palestinians to make "Bold Sacrifices" for peace starting with the Palestinians evacuating the West Bank, Jerusalem and relocating to Gaza and Jordan. Then they must stop the teaching of hatred of Jews and their fantasy of destroying Israel. After a generation of Palestinians have "burned through" (40 years) can real peace talks begin wherein Israel can help develop Gaza and the Palestinians in Jordan establish a legitimate state there with all relevant infrastructure.
16. its time the voters watch Obamas America 2016
jack bauer   (10.16.12)
and then decide who to vote for.... without the background one cant make an informed decidion
17. #11 has it right
esnuffnstl   (10.16.12)
The kind of thinking expressed in the article is exactly why Israel is in so much trouble these days. Stop blaming others for your problems, but especially stop blaming the American president who has done more than any other leader (including Israeli) to punish Iran for their nuclear program. If anyone wonders why Israel has so few allies in the world, they should read this article. The way Israel treats its friends is abominable.
18. Like with all Presidents, it's just rhetoric
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.16.12)
Blow a little smoke up their ass and they'll be happy.
19. Factor of 100
Hunt S Cross ,   England   (10.16.12)
Dan's right in his assessment of Obama. But his "2000" ought to have been "20".
20. Obama and Netanyahu
Michael ,   Haifa   (10.16.12)
Obama talks about his perceptions for the interests of his own country, while Netanyahu quacks for Romney
21. Face it folks. Obama is evil agent of Iran.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.16.12)
Let's drop all the delusions. Face it, folks. Obama is an evil agent of Iran. When you understand that; it all makes sense. That is the reality we must deal with.
22. Bibi must clearly reject Two State Final Solution.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.16.12)
Israelis overwhelmingly reject the abominable Two State Final Solution. However, Bibi must officially do so. No more games. No more rubbish. This tiny land is ours now and forever!
23. Stop whining ya cry babies
arik ,   usa   (10.16.12)
Israeli insolence continues to reach new heights in Yediot. If you're so dissatisfied with your 3 billion/year plus immunity at the UN, just go it alone and live the full consequences of your actions.
24. #12 Ben
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.16.12)
How about one instead of five?
25. Obama 1st term strategy was to assist in getting a 2nd term.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (10.16.12)
Obama wants Israel destroyed so that the whole area would become islamic. He tried to balance his undermining of Israel with simultaneously giving assistance. He threw some bones for Israel but clearly, his heart was not in it. That was political wisdom if he hoped to get a second term. The voters would not take too kindly to him throwing Israel under the bus. The timing would not be to his advantage during the 1st term, but the 2nd term - now that is a different matter! He can go on the platform and say he did this, that and the other for Israel. He can thump his chest and say that he is the best friend that Israel ever had. In spite of that, he cannot hide his deep loathing for and disapproval of Israel as evidenced by his treatment of Israel's PM. He wants NO challenges from Israel which is why he undermined Bibi with Livni and Barak who basked in the attention given to them by the WH. Divide and rule - that is what he knows best. The lessons from Obama's handling of Benghazi is are windows to his soul. He is a ruthless, inveterate liar and if he can lie like that to the American people and the WORLD, I cannot imagine how ANY Israeli or anyone for that matter, can trust him. He does not operate from any position of integrity or morality. He is absolutely corrupt, inside and outside and has no credibility whatsoever. Those characteristics make him a perfect agent / front man for his sinister handlers.
26. 'there is archeological evidence confirming Jewish presence'
split ,   US   (10.16.12)
Like what ? ,...
27. Adam must be joking
Ryan ,   Duluth USA   (10.16.12)
Adam, this one I have to hear. Did you even read the article? Explain to me how he has "Given and helpd Israel MORE than any other president ever did?" Specifics would be nice too. Generalities only count in Barry's campaigning, they don't hold water here. Unless you were being sarcastic. In which case, touche.
28. a mere nine miles?
Charlie Hall ,   Bronx   (10.16.12)
So Calic wants to annex Tulkarm and Qalqilya?
29. #34 Gee - I wanted to give him wiggle room
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (10.16.12)
30. Talk the Talk
Mike ,   Chino,CA.   (10.17.12)
Obama has done nothing for Isreal but create more hate and discontent. He is useless.
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