Moshe Dayan's grave desecrated on anniversary of death
Ahiya Raved
Published: 16.10.12, 11:06
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1. The greatest hero
Sagi   (10.16.12)
of Israel in all her glorious history from time immemorial. This man should be honored in all possible ways for eternity.
Moshe Dayan knew there would be a war in 1973 but he and Golda Meir screwed up . Although it is unforgiveable to vandalise a grave ,one can understand why some would be angry with the man ,although it is time to forgive him .Also ,Dayan gave the keys to the holy Temple Mount to the muslim Waqf Authority.Dayan was not perfect.
Do NOT desecrate graves . Especially when angry ,justifiably so or otherwise.
4. Disgusting!
5. My hero...
Batman ,   Gotham City, Lebanon   (10.16.12)
... I wish there were more like him today...
6. He aided the egyptians by removing minefield
Eytan ,   TA - IL   (10.16.12)
and was in on the kissinger plan... no hero a traitor
7. A hero
Dov ben David ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.16.12)
I wonder what schools and parents teach and educate their children in Israel. Israel today look like an rutten apple, when you can insult am man like that. I had the great oportunity to meet Dayan as a soldier. He came to the front line with no fear.... Israel must never forget what good he did....
8. Let history judge
From BG to Begin to Rabin, dayan and Sharon down to Olmert and Bibi, those with real power and authority always are hard to judge even 30, 40 years after the fact--complicated times and complicated actions. Easier by the way to evaluate and dismiss are the sideline bluster and nuisance terrorism of the Irgun and LEHI whose leaders were tragic bit players in the war for independence.
9. Right Wing Fanatics
Avi Yisraeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.16.12)
I hope they find the crazy persons who did them and throw them in jail!
10. Dayan was no Hero
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (10.16.12)
He was one of the main people were responsible for Israel loosing 3000 soldiers in 73 he knew a war was going to start and did nothing . He is no Hero.
11. #9
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (10.16.12)
Your such a idiot.
12. countries need heros
Ethan Schwartz ,   Eilat   (10.16.12)
no matter how imperfect they were. It's too bad that we insist on dragging them down. We have much more dangerous mythologies.
13. He sincerely believed Israel was doomed in October 1973 and
ab   (10.16.12)
was about to announce it to journalists when forewarned Golda Meir intervened and forbade him to speak. Afterwards he refused to take responsibility for Israel being caught unaware and hanged on to power. Unworthy of hero status
David ,   New York, NY   (10.16.12)
And in another act of utter stupidity and cowardice, Peres used the recent holiday to continue his feud and rivalry with the martyred Yitzchak Rabin by claiming that it was he and not Rabin which pushed for the Uganda rescue. Shameless!
15. Account Closed
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (10.16.12)
What a shame that those who fought for Israel, who died for Israel and those suffered and died after a long life cannot leave the dead alone. When someone dies we say "The account is closed". They no longer can be judged by us but only by Hashem. It is the Liberal Left that keeps applying "values du Jour" to all past and present. Maybe they expect the dead to rise and defend themselves. The vacuousness of the Left is that they continuously attack those who can no longer defend themselves and then the Left claims the moral high ground. Attacking Dyan is despicable.
16. Dayan's crime was in 1967 not 1973.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (10.16.12)
This primitive man told Jerusalem's 100 000 arabs, not to leave, however they were already preparing to go to Jordan. A terrible political mistake !
17. #16 beg to differ. June 8, 1967
American Vet   (10.16.12)
When Dayan and israel leadershipm, both military and political, order the sneak attack to sink the USS Liberty.
18. #17 another lie.
bob k ,   Orlando US   (10.16.12)
Daniel Wright ,   USA   (10.16.12)
It's so easy to sneak up to a man's GRAVE and splatter ignorant words in paint ... cowards.
20. A bad apple decay from inside out ,...
split ,   US   (10.16.12)
21. # 1 The greatest hero and the greatest
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (10.16.12)
disaster,Moshe Dayan created the spirit of the I.D.F,the commander always in front,calling his troops "follow ne",but Dayan ignored Sadat's signals for a settlement to the conflict with Israel prior to the yom Kippur war,the failure of the Military intelligence wasn't only about Egypt's intentions,but also of the new weapons Egypt acquired,anti tank R.P.G,and SAM 6 missiles,so,Dayan at best, is controversial.
22. Dayan was the reason we have many of these problems today
zionist forever   (10.16.12)
First thing Dayan did after coming to Jerusalem with the tv cameras was order the Israeli flag taken down from Temple Mount ( make sure the Muslims don't feel Israel is in charge ). After that he got the politicians to leave the Waqf n charge of Temple Mount. After 2000 years the holiest place in Judaism is recaptured and Dayan wants the Muslims to keep it. If we had kicked the Waqf out in 1967 Israel would have been controlling Temple Mount and that would have meant no destruction of archeology, there would be no arabs demanding it because the Waqf would be long gone. If we had taken the advice of the Lubavitcher Rebbe who advised Eshkol to buy out the arabs of Jerusalem cheap ( which they would have done gladly out of fear of what Israel might do ) then there would be no arab East Jerusalem today so no palestinians demanding it as the capital of their state. When are we going to stop being so liberal minded and stop trying to appease the arabs?
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