Betrayal of Israel by liberal Jews
Shoula Romano Horing
Published: 17.10.12, 10:44
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1. chamooshim
Leah G ,   Itamar Israel   (10.17.12)
The torah tells us "chamooshim yatzoo mimitzrayim" Maaseh avot siman lebanim- Only one FIFTH of Am Yisrael came out of Egypt. Even some of the ones that did get out missed the onions and fish and "good life"' - We pray for all to awaken from a slumber of thousands of years and recognize our true identity- Chodesh Tov!
Just as Israel is not that important in that vital nor important in the lives and consciousness of american "Liberal " jews ,so likewise their opinions are equally unimportant and irrelevant in our lives, the lives of those of us who reside in Israel .We would do well to remember this.
3. Liberal Jews also betray the USA
Liberal Jews who support Obama are also supporting the destruction of the USA, as well as Israel.
4. And why are Israeli's shocked?
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (10.17.12)
They are dillusional at best if they think American Jews connect with Israel. American Jews are American. America provides religious freedom, economic freedom to all races, religions etc. That's what's great about America and that's why more Israeli's would choose to emigrate to America than Americans chosing to emigrate to Israel. I don't care how you shake it, bake it, twist it or turn it, that is the fact of the situation. America has major problems, however life is still far cheaper and you can choose to be Jewish or worship the Martian god without discrimination or persecution or made to feel like a second class citizen if you are not Jewish. In Israel when people meet you for the first time, the first thing they say is " are you Jewish". In America, asking someone there religion is considered offensive if you don't know the person.
5. very good article but
E. G. Marsch ,   Nahariya, Israel   (10.17.12)
"It is quite naïve for Jews, who are so educated and knowledgeable about their own Jewish history of persecution...." What? Most American Jews, esp. the Obama-supporting type, are not educated and knowledgeable about any aspect of Jewish history or any aspect of anything Jewish.
6. Sadly, the Jews of Israel and their ability to exist in the
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.17.12)
only sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel, seem to be an burden on the vast majority of liberal Jews in the US - although this is not the case in Canada!! - which reminds one of the way German Jews in the US perceived their brethren of Eastern Europe during the end of the 19th century and all the way to the Second World War. The German Jewish community of the US, therefore, did nearly nothing to save the millions who were eventually slaughtered at the hands of Hitler's men. And, one begins to develop the strong sense that liberal Jews in America would do nearly nothing should Israel, with its six million Jews, will be under an immediate existential threat. And, since this is the case, why oppose Mr. Obama, they say, whose attitude toward Israel and its people is, at the best, one of tolerance.
7. This is all bollocks...
Mark ,   Somewhere   (10.17.12)
Cause Romney, Obama, Bush, Clinton, whoever... ALL BECAME THE SAME IN THE END! Israel has been in problems for 40 years and STILL Jews wait for "Goyshia" - that is Goy Meshiah - for them to save them. "Please, mr Romney, would you be so kind to be kind to Israel? Will you be so kind to solve our problems!" "Now is Bush, we will have no problems with Arabs!" This is all CRAP! Whoever is on the trone of USA will, in the end, leave things as they are, in status quo. So of course that USA Jews vote on different cryteria - they know that with Israel, things will be the same. Arabs will rocket Israeli targets, you will air up their hqs. Again and again. Oh, I don't think that Iran will nuke Israel, even if they have bomb. Bernard Lewis had a noted failed prophecy, if everybody remembers. Why? Cause they are nominaly religious - just like 90% of people I know - but are really, deep inside, too in love in pleasures of life. And nuked planet does not give pleasures of life.
8. Of course nobody takes you seriously...
Brad ,   USA   (10.17.12)
"Netanyahu has been warning incessantly that Iran is within six months of nuclear bomb capability while, the International Atomic Agency confirms the acceleration of uranium enrichment by Iran." He has been doing this for previous 3 years and still no bomb! Of course nobody takes him seriously! Would you, if you were not Jewish?!
9. Let's face it: we wrote The Book but we're a Dumb People!
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.17.12)
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Thank you Shoula Romano Horing for reminding us how it is, how the land lies. As Israel goes ,so does american jewry .
American liberal jews seem to take the existence of Israel for granted ,they perhaps forget just how cold and unwelcoming a world without Israel would be.
12. Why should people living in the United States
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (10.17.12)
put Israel front and centre when deciding who to vote for in the Presidential Elections>
13. A certain LA Rabbit comes to mind
Avi ,   Israel   (10.17.12)
14. Boker Tov!
The Prophetess ,   FL, USA   (10.17.12)
Boker Tov! Good Morning! NOW you are waking up to this news about Jewish American Libbies? These nudniks are most concerned with their nose-jobs, breast implants, and golf scores. .
15. Title should read:
Y-man ,   Budapest   (10.17.12)
Betrayal of Israel by liberal & CONSERVATIVE Jews since the poll data in the article clearly shows this: the same 23% would vote for Romney in both groups.
16. American Jews are clearly not Israelis
Harald XVI ,   Bremen Germany   (10.17.12)
Why should the Jews in the U.S.A. show any commitment to Israel? They hold US-American citizenship, they are Americans, the U.S.A are their first and only nation. As US-American citizens they are obliged to show loyality with their homeland, and the U.S.A. are definitely not Israel. It is anti-Semitism to expect double loyality (or even more loyality to a foreign state) from the Jews in Diaspora.
17. What do you expect...
John ,   Australia   (10.17.12)
when liberal Jews are treated like second-class citizens in Israel by the Orthodox? I was turned away from putting on Tefillah at the Western Wall because I'm a convert at a Reform Synagogue. Fortunately, that didn't deter me and I still have a great love for the country. For others, not so much...
18. Ms Horing Must Love Romney
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (10.17.12)
Ms Horing's attack on so-called "liberal Jews" and their "self-indulgence" suggests a back-handed support for good old Mitt. Most likely the reason for the number four spot in the American survey was the assurance of the people polled that the Obama administration has done more for Israel's security than any president since its 1948 independence.The closeness of our militaries,including the storage of military equipment in Israel,the added and significant financing of Iron Dome, joint military exercises, the purchase of the F-35 fighters and bunker-busting bombs,the forcefully opposing Palestinians from unilaterally declaring a state, working with Israel to combat smuggling into Gaza,rallying the world against a nuclear armed Iran and continuing to lead sanctions by example against Iran, and voting with Israel 100% of the time at the UN as well as the $3 billion a year in assistance is not chicken feed.If all of this assistance compromises the Jewish State's security (see last paragraph of article), I would have no idea what would enhance it.
19. German Jews wrote letter to interior minister protesting in
ab   (10.17.12)
flux of "East Jews" Poland tried to deport as holders of pre-WW1 German passports(when parts of Poland were German).Those Jews camped in no-man land on the border and Germans were inclined to let them in-until the Jewish Leaders in Germany protested _ "those East Jews can't possibly be associated with us,the true Germans". When was it ? In the 30ies. Perhaps only those refused entry to Germany survived,while most of the signtories of the "proud German (and Jews)" letter had perished. If they did survive they undoubtedly present their rejection of their co-religionists as a "life saving gesture" and expect thanks for it
20. Liberal Jews betray Israel?What a nonsense Bibi betrays us!!
arthur ,   hod hasharon israel   (10.17.12)
A majority of every Jew supports Obama in the US with 40% of Orthodox supporting him!! Why singling out the liberal Jews? Bibi does not represent the Israeli public and has betrayed us with indirectly having Rabin murdered with his hate speeches and lately letting the Orthodox of the hook for army service!! The fast majority wants every Jew to serve and the orthodox to stop being parasites!!
21. Totally insignificant
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (10.17.12)
how many jews will vote for Romney. Millions of coloured new immigrants will decide the elections for Obama. The presidential election is a racial question now and white population is a minority recently.
22. # 4
Mike Carmel ,   Tel Aviv   (10.17.12)
As usual, you hit the nail on the head. 100% accurate.
23. A yoredet who hates her people in both her homelands
Avramele   (10.17.12)
To secure the Republican nomination Romney trampled on every value 65% of American Jews hold and those which 40% of the small orthodox minority hold. Other than having no patience for the leaks and lies of Netanyahu Obama has stood by Jews and Israel, surrounded himself with identifying and observant Jews and increased security/military/intelligience cooperation with Israel. Romney's foreign policy team is composed of those who lied to the American people on Iraq and botched two wars. He supports wars but kept himself and his sons away from them. Would that fly in Israel?
24. To John # 17
Yerach ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (10.17.12)
What do you expect you are not a Jew according to halacha therefore not allowed to put on tefilin. Just as a proctologist can not do a labodomy & a dentist can not do proctology Reform & CONservative clegymen can not do conversions. How can they when they do not believe in half or more of what the Torah says? It is a joke & you were swindled!!!!!
25. we all want to wear a hair shirt for Israel?
ky   (10.17.12)
therefor the author believes that all people of Jewish origin must commit themselves to living in poverty , donating their children as soldiers to the IDF and permanent war, Committing themselves to permanently voting for rich right wing politicians . You really need to think again before writing these sort of articles criticizing Jews who don't share your outlook
26. bo ho!
ed ,   london   (10.17.12)
Get over it you spoilt child!! If Israel didnt behave in ways which totally contradict the liberal values of many americans jews then it would be more important for them. Israel you are not special, get over it!!! You don't have the right to behave however you like and steal from the Palestinians just because you have more guns, and don't complain that America asks certain things of you, they give you billions of dollars a year and shield you in the security council. STOP COMPLAINING!!!!
27. Worst Offender: Amy Goodman - Democrasy Now!
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (10.17.12)
28. To Yerach #24
John ,   Australia   (10.17.12)
It's that kind of attitude from people like you and the Orthodox Jews, that makes it difficult for American Jews (whom mostly are Reform) to feel Jewish, hence, not find Israel as "most important" to them. Israel, run by Orthodox Jews, happily accepts support and money from American and other Jews while also immigrating Jews from any denomination to keep Israel as a Jewish state. Yet, the people in power fails to truly recognise them as Jews. The Orthodox movement takes more than they will give back and you don't see a problem with that? Until they can change their views, don't expect the attitudes of those being shafted to change either.
29. The election
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (10.17.12)
I'm a lifelong democrat who the other day voted (by absentee ballot) for Mitt Romney because I don't like how Obama only puts pressure on Israel and never the Palestinians. Of course there were other factors that influenced me but I was determined not to sell Israel down the drain. Don't dismiss all American Jews in their understanding of the situation in the ME...shalom y'all!
30. And let's not forget the Israeli Liberal Jew
Daniel ,   NY,NY   (10.17.12)
Who does his part in bringing about the dangers Israel is facing. Let's put it ths way- if someone shoots 1,000,000 missiles at you, and you respond by bombing an empty building, the blame is squarely on YOU! Israel need a hawkish national-religious leadership, just like the US need Romney!!!
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