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Report: Hezbollah drone made in Germany
Yonatan Gonen
Published: 17.10.12, 10:09
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1. LOL
JHY88   (10.17.12)
Seems like Israelis are really embarrassed by Iran's UAV that they rather take the word of Lebanese tabloids for damage control! lol So much for Israeli expertise in drone technology! :D
2. Wonder how much of the equipment used on israeli drones...
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (10.17.12)
Comes from outside of israel..specifically the US. Wonder how many of israels battle ships come from Germany as well. Two can play at that game...
3. #1 Not like there's much left to investigate, is there?
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (10.17.12)
When a missile hits a small UAV, what's left is basically dust.
4. LMAO @ #1
Seems like the computers you use require Israeli technology. Seems like the medical devices you use require Israeli technology. Seems like the country you are trying to denigrate has only grown in both geographical size and Jewish demographic, since its inception. Keep on laughing at empty air.
5. I'm looking forward
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (10.17.12)
to Hezbollah releasing the pictures the drone took It weither achieved the goal of flying around Israeli airspace or it didn't. Then we will know if Netanyahu's office is spinning a yarn or not. Either way, we cannot escape the fact that countries in our neighbourhood are beginning to catch up technologically. A bigger threat to our existence than Netanyahu constantly going on about an Iranian nuclear project which consistently refuses to prove actually exists
6. #2 Peter
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (10.17.12)
Israel doesn't own any battleships.
7. #2 peter - add on to #6
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.17.12)
And the equipment used on Israeli drones is Israeli. If anything, its the other way around.
8. Missing the Point #2
Steve ,   Dallas USA   (10.17.12)
I was not aware Israel was under sanctions by the EU and the US, Herr Peter. The point is that German companies are not supposed to be selling military equipment to Iran now because it is under sanction. And it is no "game".
9. we demand the germans tell us
zionist forever   (10.17.12)
If there are components made in Germany then its actually good news for Israel. We can demand they track down what was sold and then tell us along with any other info we want to know on it. Once we know what those components are we can see to it the German firms cancel any contracts they have to supply these parts. Once the parts are canceled it will be a blow to the Iranian program because it means they need to get parts from somewhere else now.
10. #, totally missing the point
Canadian ,   Canada   (10.17.12)
Iran is under sanction, its gainst the policy of their country to sell such equipment to the mullag regime. Secondly, Israel is leaps and bounds ahead in sophisticated drone technolgy, and any many other science and technology related fields
11. Circumventing sanctions aside look on a bright side
leo ,   usa   (10.17.12)
- drone was not Iranian made and it means that if sanctions will tighten and they will there will be no more drones.
12. #5
Canadian ,   Canada   (10.17.12)
100's of drones of flown over iran, lebanon, syria, probably egypt without them even knowing. Lets be clear, the iranian drone is no more, it got blwon up, they failed. Israel had to know about it well in advance, to get to it when it was only 50km in land, i believe its brilliant it was found and destroyed. the iranians and lebanonese should try do it. Secondly, dont give to much credit to their technology, drones vary in degree of of sophistication, i could go to a local hobbie store and build a "drone" yes technology is easily available by all, however the smart ones will always be steps ahead.
13. Drone tech
Jarvis ,   Joseph USA   (10.17.12)
You mean the Iranians got nothing out of that US drone it stole out of the air?
14. #1 - what does Iran's UAV have to do with Israel's?
William ,   Israel   (10.17.12)
Israel does have the latest drone technology and far exceeds that of everyone else but the US. How is that negated by the recent infiltration by the Iranian UAV (purchased in Germany, not manufacturer by Iran as claimed)? And are you saying that all Lebanese (besides Hizbullah, of course) are ignorant and have only politically-based opinions? So you've managed to incorrectly insult Israel but did directly insult the Lebanese population. Nicely done.
15. #2 - true, but didn't Iran say they built it themselves?
William ,   Israel   (10.17.12)
Regardless of where it came from, Iran claimed they built it from scratch because they're superior. This basically proves they're not. And Iran is under a weapons sanction - Israel is not.
16. #12 - the fact that the drone wasn't remotely controlled
William ,   Israel   (10.17.12)
proves the technology was not as advanced as claimed. Iran admitted the drone flew on a pre-programmed flight path (but just happened to be at the exact place where US and Israeli forces were training that day). If that's the case, it means there was no terrestrial communication with the UAV and therefore no retrieval of photos if any were taken.
17. one for me as well...
kukumuye ,   mu─čla   (10.17.12)
I would really love to see something hidden
18. hello
viva israel ,   uk   (10.17.12)
who you are talking about . Israel is a state Hazbollah is not...
19. #2 Is Iran capable of building a drone?
Cynthia ,   USA   (10.17.12)
The head of Iran's military drone program died in a mysterious explosion in 2010. Now it appears this drone was purchased from Germany. Is that because Iran is not capable of building their own drone? Just like they're not capable of fighting their own battles so they use proxies.
20. #2, Israeli Battleships
Howard Immanuelson ,   US   (10.18.12)
LOL. Israel doesn't have battleships; no one does or has for a long time.
21. #19 Cynthy baby...
Marco ,   Spain   (10.18.12)
Where have you been Cynthy baby?
22. #19 Cynthy baby...
Marco ,   Spain   (10.18.12)
Where have you been Cynthy baby? If it takes a Hezbollah drone to bring you back, I will ask my friends at Hezbollah to send one every
23. "lack of respect for us"
sam ,   colorado-USA   (10.18.12)
Frankly it's joke made me laugh a lot,I don't much care how making of this plane Iran, Germany or even the Congo, what matter of me that Hezbollah has these Drone and it has penetrated airspace into country, must the recognition of this failure and don't stand behind a very silly joke" lack of respect for us"
24. #22 My suggestion to you Marco baby
Cynthia ,   USA   (10.18.12)
Ask uncle to hire you back at the Hezbollah job hotline. Your buddies will need your help when Iran makes more funding cuts.
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