Terrorists freed in Shalit deal resume terror activity, data shows
Alex Fishman
Published: 17.10.12, 17:22
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1. Well Of They Are At AGAIN?
What would a rational person (not in a Western Way) think! What Bibi Should do Is Charge each Terrorist a Fee For Incarseration And Collect in Full !!!!!!!!!! Then Hunt Them Down one by one!!!!!!
2. Oh, terrific!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.17.12)
"The Palestinian security employees did not receive last month's salaries, and two months ago many of them were caught or suspected of smuggling, transfering funds and taking part in illegal trade." What is this supposed to be -- a ham-handed attempt to blackmail Israel into giving the ersatz "Palestine Authority" funds to pay "security employees?" I must say, I don't feel terribly secure about these "security employees" if they are engaging in illegal activities. Israel should not succumb to blackmail. Once it starts, it never ends. So much easier to deal with the security threats by dealing with those who do pose a security threat with extreme prejudice.
3. Duh!
Ben ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.17.12)
4. No Second Chances
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (10.17.12)
Two strikes and they are out! There is only one language these rabid dogs understand. The Mossad and Shin Bet know how to speak that language.
5. Terrorists going back to terror??? Say it isn't so!!!
israeli texan   (10.17.12)
I would've never guessed...
6. Precisely why...
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (10.17.12)
Soldiers captured should be written off. I know it sounds callous, but soldiers are at risk and perform a duty. They are expected to give their lives for their country and should not be an Achilles heal to the defense establishment. Likewise, terrorists captured should be summarily executed. That way, they can't be used as bargaining chips to one day return as a threat to Israel.
7. I am shocked. Totally shocked
Johnny ,   Ramat Gan   (10.17.12)
I thought they were going to join Peace Now!
8. Shouldn't their be a harsher penalty
Robert ,   Queens New York   (10.17.12)
Shouldn't they have said during the swap, hey guys you're free but we have a list and if we see your name and you are caught doing anything, and we mean anything again, it won't be jail this time? Is that too harsh?
9. I really wonder if the Shalit family
aL   (10.17.12)
will be visiting the families of the next terror victims thanks to the lopsided trade or murderers for their son. Of course its not PC to state the obvious...
10. No Way!!!!
Belinda ,   Texas, USA   (10.17.12)
You mean to tell me that terrorists released are terrorizing again a year later? Are you telling me that these same terrorists wasn't so grateful for freedom from jail that they didn't want to risk going back to jail? No way!! Lol!
11. I was always in favour of releasing 1500 prisoners for Shali
Alan ,   SA   (10.17.12)
'I dont believe this story at all. There must be some mistake . Unbelievable propaganda
12. You made one crazy ass deal for Shalit
Cameron ,   USA   (10.17.12)
You knowingly get exactly what you bargained for.
13. they had their chance. next time harsher penalty. warn first
ralph   (10.18.12)
14. #7 Johnny: Well said!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (10.18.12)
They are probably also getting work permits to work in Israel or even work for the "settlers"!
15. Terrorists Who Return to Terror
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (10.18.12)
Terrorists, who return to terrorism after being released in a prisoner exchange, should be made to pay the ultimate price.
16. No. 6 Amichai
NYC Girl   (10.18.12)
While I certainly understand your feelings, I think that part of having a soldier know the army will do whatever it can if they go missing is important for morale. Where I would draw the line is exchanging dead bodies for live terrorists. For whatever reason, there are people who die all the time without their families being able to bury their bodies at the local cemetery. And while it may be painful for the families of soldiers who have lost their lives, the cost of making these lop-sided deals is just much too high.
17. they just can't help it
that's their only job. that is the only thing they have skills in. the other 95% of their islamic brain is fried and primitive.
18. Those Released Terrorists
ltrail ,   United States   (10.18.12)
If I were in charge of IDF, I would make sure that those who were released, that do terrorism, need to be quitely put down. PERIOD. IDF: You go for them!
19. terrorism
RM ,   Amsterdam NL   (10.18.12)
when it comes to the Palestinians Israel uses the term terrorist really liberal.... .even participation in forbidden demonstrations warrants the label terrorism. Now just as I am sure that some indeed have gone back in the business of resisting Israeli occupation, I am also pretty sure most won't.
20. what did you expect?
ma nishma ,   modiin   (10.18.12)
realize that the arabs in jail only learn how to be better terrorists. it is in Jail that they learn who to contact, how to go about terror and how to organize. Death penalty should be instituted for them and then we will be finished with it.
21. I am not advocating anything illegal ...
shreff ,   milwaukee   (10.18.12)
... but don't unfortunate accidents happen once in a while?
22. And this is a surprise?
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (10.18.12)
When they were released, I thought it was a given that the majority would return to terrorist activities.
23. Pull your head out #11
Ilan   (10.18.12)
To accept the risk may have been acceptable before the exchange but denying the facts now is just denial
24. What is the most stupid thing Israel is NOT doing?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.18.12)
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (10.18.12)
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