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Egypt: 2 girls punished for not veiling
Associated Press
Published: 18.10.12, 00:43
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1. every society has its rules
ma nishma ,   modiin   (10.18.12)
In Afghanistan, gotta cover your face, in Egypt gatta cover your hair, in Congo only cover your butt, in Hollywood, gotta reveal it all, in the Vatican, gatta cover your head, unless you are not a church man, in which case gotta uncover it. OK, these two girls broke the rules. At least their bodies were not found along the road side.
2. "Protect" islam? Nothing worth protecting, a violent cult.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.18.12)
3. Hilary Clinton will hail Egypt no matter what
ab   (10.18.12)
4. by comparison
tom ,   toronto, canada   (10.18.12)
is this better or worse than spitting on a little girl wearing a school uniform? and will this fanaticism become the norm in either society?
5. #4 Follow-up. Or beating up a praying woman for:
Jim   (10.18.12)
wearing a "prayer-shaw" or pray aloud. Making women walk in the street or ride in the back of the bus.
6. Egyptian democracy at work under Morsi
Abuya ,   ME   (10.18.12)
We will see more of this as the result of democracy in the Arab spring will unfold.
7. In 1950s Egyptian women did not wear the Hijab
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (10.18.12)
In 1950s Egyptian women did not wear the Hijab.
8. Obama's allies?
Akiva ,   NYC   (10.18.12)
These are the people Obama sees as America's friends in the Middle East.
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