Jewish Scene
Jewish ghetto life, in color, from 'Hitler's photographer'
Gili Gurel
Published: 18.10.12, 19:39
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1. Smiles
Candice ,   South Africa   (10.18.12)
Look at their faces they are all smiling eventhough living in such inhumane conditions.This is what is so special about the jewish community remaining positive in the worst of conditions and being there for one another
2. #1
Helene ,   Merkaz   (10.18.12)
They were forced to look happy and smile. If you don't know, look up Terenzinstadt and you will see the beautiful place where Jews were free and happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. #1 Be cautious with German WWII photos
Official German photos from that time are always propaganda and do not (necessarily) show the reality as it was, but the way the Nazi regime wanted it to look like. Therefore careful interpretation is needed. It was not in the Nazis interest that Jews resisted against getting deported to the Ghettos, or that they suspected what's going to happen in the near future. For that reason it is not surprising that the photos show well dressed, smiling people and food sold on the streets. The photos want to give the false impression, that life in the ghetto is not so bad after all.
4. This was the BEGINNING; 1940
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (10.19.12)
This was the BEGINNING; 1940.
5. #1 - Please look on the internet
Mark   (10.19.12)
Do a search for photos from the Warsaw ghetto, or any other ghetto. It was a thoroughly inhumane and brutal existence. Those the Nazis did not exterminate immediately, were abused, starved, and worked to death. These pictures were taken at the start of the rounding up of Jews. They picked the healthiest looking Jews, the better dressed ones, and made them pose for their cameras. These pictures were used to counteract accusations from US groups.
6. Sadly this what we are doing to the Palestinians now!!!!!
7. #6 With "we" you mean Hamas...?
Alex   (10.19.12)
8. # 7...No 'we' means Israel...take your blinders off and
look at what's real... TATA
9. #1
rjh ,   tel aviv   (10.20.12)
#1 i am sorry but you are what is wrong with the world today nd yesterday. Your ignorance in thinking that Jews looked happy with smiles in nazi photographs is beyond belief. As you say you are from south africa i can only assume you have many aparteid photographs of black men, women and children with great big smiles and full of joy as they were being brutally opressed by the south african aparteid state. Your ignorance is disgusting and i suggest before opening your ignorant mouth you should put aside your bigotry and research a little bit about what really happened in the Ghettos and Concentration Camps before you come to the conclusion that it probably was not that bad, after all the Jews were smiling. You have made probably one of the most pathetic cases of excusing nazi scum.
Al   (10.22.12)
Get a clue all you whiners and crybabies. Without Israel there wouldn't be a Jew in the world today. If there would be any they would be hiding in the shadows. Israel needs to be strong free and proud.
11. beginning of the escalating terror
bernard ,   munich/germany   (10.22.12)
Just a small historical flaw in this report: Hitler's favorit photographer was Herr Hoffmann, former employer of Eva Braun. Anyhow, it's good that there are such shoots are existing. And in evaluating their content and truth we can say that their main purpose was focused on political propaganda. The Wannsee Konferenz with its murderous outcome took place later, January 1942. But these images are documenting the beginning of the escalating deadly terror mainly against the Jewish people.
12. Is Kutno the same as Kovno? [End]
Akiva ,   NYC   (10.23.12)
13. Number 1. Tierezenstadt
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (10.23.12)
The Nazis fooled the Red Cross by presenting Tierezenstadt as a Jewish resort with a full cultural program. Six months later all the residents were gassed. This Nazi photographer's job was propaganda. Don't be naive.
14. #12, Kutno is in central Poland; Kovno (Kaunas) in Lithuania
Jake   (10.26.12)
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