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'Homeland' irks Lebanese, Israelis
Associated Press
Published: 20.10.12, 07:48
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1. I see Beitar footbal t-shirt in Hebrew...
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.20.12)
... but the Coca Cola shirt is in Arabic.
2. Lebanon
galilean ,   Israel   (10.20.12)
So the Lebanese identify with the terrorists that have taken over their country? I always thought that the Lebanese are just weak in the face of the Hizbullah invaders, but I guess they see themselves more as Israel's enemy. Shame, because Israeli's do not see the real Lebanese people as their enemy, only the Hizbullah terrorist invaders, that must perpetrate terror in order to validate their very existence.
3. Beirutis are angry
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (10.20.12)
A massive terrorist car bomb in the center of the city is what makes Beirut so attractive to visitors. That, and the friendly Hizbollah tourist guides on every street corner.
4. Tel Aviv is a Middle Eastern city: End of story
it is what it is ,   herzliya il   (10.20.12)
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (10.20.12)
and kill and bomb each other to show that they are mad. OH! They just did that yesterday. They are also made as to why it was made in Israel. So, now they want the film about terrorist to be made in the city where the terrorist live? Stupidity is a bliss in Middle East.
MATAN ,   ISTANBUL, TURKEY   (10.20.12)
7. You reckon?
Alan Mac ,   Nahariya Israel   (10.20.12)
They have a cheek!! They have ruined their own hell hole country and have installed Hezbollah to finish the job of sending them back to the 1970's and they complain about Israel. Will this Arab jealousy never end? Can they not just pay for education instead of guns and then they can return their country to normalisation.
8. I love the show!
Anon ,   Johannesburg   (10.20.12)
In the very first episode of season one ( the article above is season 2 episode 2) you could see new cars with Israeli number plates in the background - that was suppose to be in "Iraq". this show is taking South Africa by storm - well done to the producers... and to Lebanon i say kick out Hezbollah and then we can talk about how peaceful your cities are.
9. With yesterdays giant bomb,do u blame the producer's choice
Alan ,   SA   (10.20.12)
10. News Flash...
Hilarity Ensues ,   Israel   (10.20.12)
Israel discovered to actually be in the Middle East and not anywhere else as previously thought!
11. is just a TV Show and all this fuss.......
Jo   (10.20.12)
It will pass to the next insult....
12. Lebanon complaints b4 or after car bombing?
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (10.20.12)
13. Homeland deserved the Emmy - hope part 2 as well.
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (10.20.12)
14. So, what's the big deal?
big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.20.12)
A film made in Israel because Lebanon is held by terrorists? It's a movie people It couldn't be filmed in Lebanon.
15. # 3 Am , Israel, Welcome to Beirut it's a blast!
big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.20.12)
LOL funny post, thanks.
16. Silly article. Mandy Patinkin info
Lee Kaplan ,   Berkeley, USA   (10.20.12) Patinkin the actor, thinks he's Che Guevara he played in Evita on Broadway. Says he let his pregnant wife rub her belly on Jewish Shrine in Hebron then supports giving Arabs dominion over Hebron. As if the Arabs would let his wife do similar were there no more Jews there. Israelis fell all over themselves having Hollywood in Israel when they should have kicked his kapo ass out.
17. Art
MR   (10.20.12)
Some years ago, when an Israeli Arab film maker depicted the Israeli Army in a revolting way, using lies all over his film, the Israeli Film Board banned the film and he petitioned the High Court of Justice explaining that his film was art and not some historic documentary, therefore he doesn't have to stick to the truth. His claim was accepted in Israel. "Homeland" is also art, not some historic documentary. Accept it and shut up, as we did. Or else, let's bring both films to the court for the very same reason and see what happens.
18. Welcome to Hollywood~they misrepresent America all the time
Grace ,   USA   (10.20.12)
19. Homeland is not the 1st depiction of Beirut
Arnold ,   Canada   (10.20.12)
Any number of Hollywood and French made movies of the late 40's and 50's portray Beirut as this international spy city.
20. Judging by events....
Rick ,   Herzliya   (10.20.12)
of the last few days in Beirut, the only complaint the Lebanese may have is that they are not portrayed in the full range of violence in which they exist.
21. Propaganda
new_york_loner ,   Rochester, NY   (10.20.12)
One has to give the Israelis credit for being clever and quick to recognize and seize upon an opportunity to make a pile of money and spread Zionist ideology in America at the same time. As Helen Thomas pointed out, the major US media are all owned by Zionists; so this "Homeland" series dovetails into their agenda perfectly. Americans are already 100% in agreement with Israel's national agenda; shows like this will increase the pro-Israel fervor across the fruited plain. "Homeland" could induce young Jewish Americans to make aliyah....and it could also induce young gentile Americans to join the US armed forces, in order to defend Israel. If the goal is to suck the US into more holy war at Israel's behest, the show should be a huge success.
22. To all Lebanese Israel is not the enemy ...
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (10.20.12)
You guys are sleeping with him. You have accepted Hisbollah as your Robin Hood. Your president is friend o Assad. They don't want a free Lebanon. You guys are allmost all united in the Hate for Israel. The arab propaganda has brainwashed you. If you don't wake up, what was once the ME Switzerland will disappear and will become part probably of a Caliphate. When Israel invaded Lebanon, it was because the OLP guerilla fighters used Lebanon as a Launch pad to atack Israel. When president Ghemajel tried to curb this he was killed by the muslim fanatics. Then it was Hariri (not a Jew Lover by the way) Now Yesterday's bomb in Central Beirut. Rememebr the words of the Prophets: Bless those who bless Israel and damn those who damn him, You guys choose.
23. #21 You are evil.
Jake   (10.20.12)
24. Homeland
Angela ,   London, England   (10.20.12)
It's fiction, for heaven's sake!!
25. Coca Cola
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.20.12)
Is hard to see on this site, even when comparing side-by-side with a bottle at home. In the picture it's not only Hebrew, it's quite visible. But if we sell t-shirts with Arabic for tourists, don't they sell Hebrew one's too? At the end of the day they're all made in China.
26. Ora, #1
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (10.20.12)
Put on your glasses and look again. The Coca-Cola shirt is in Hebrew, dear...
27. Are we going to see them rioting in the
Arlene ,   Israel   (10.20.12)
streets again. Great show BTW. Israel has been used by many movie makers because of the terrain, as many other countries for theirs.
Yaron   (10.20.12)
Beirut is prettier than TLV, I am sad to say, its cheaper, and has new world class hotels on the beach front unlike Tel Avivs tired and dated tower motels.
29. most lebanese don't hate israel
lebanese oveseas   (10.20.12)
ari , most lebanese don't really hate israel . they are too scared to even discuss the matter . when the 2006 erupted , most lebanese were hoping israel would finish off hizballah .
30. #21 your post is well labeled
shmulke ,   w coast USA   (10.20.12)
It's brainwashed antisemitic propaganda through and through. No wonder you're a loner...who'd want to have anything to do with someone so hateful and ignorant?
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