Likud is the new Labor
Avi Shushan
Published: 21.10.12, 10:52
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1. Propaganda for simpletons
Ilan   (10.21.12)
Sephardim aren't different from everyone else and most voters can appreciate a candidate on their ideals and not on the color of their skin.
2. Labor Party
Jerry ,   Tel Aviv   (10.21.12)
Avi, only the stupid morrocans would vote Labor. Morrocans know the arabs are animals, liars, thieves and worse. What about Sylvan Shalom? Moshe Katzav, Gamliel, Regev? They are not "vus-vus"! Kachlon was loved by all likudniks. I was there and saw everyone hug him! And on the local level, there are tons of sefaradim from the Likud. Yisrael Yehoshua and his group won the majority in the central committee. Kati Sheetrit won the Jerusalem spot last election, Yigal Amedi was the guy in Jerusalem for many years. You are just looking to put down the Likud because you know that the Likud is going to win big again and you are a Labor voter. Sorry Avi. You lose again, and will continue to lose.
3. Labor pathetic. Yisrael Betenu the better alternative!
Cyberbrain ,   Israel   (10.21.12)
4. you have a chip on your shoulder
Yisraeli   (10.21.12)
its you the writer that has this shtick with sfardi being an underdog fryer. You are perpetuating this nonsense. The divide between askenazim and sfardim has long been over. Its Am Echad Am Yisrael so stop with this shtuyot! Its only you that has a problem.
5. Don't kid yourself
David ,   On this planet   (10.21.12)
the labor party is the most racist one, always been ask Peres. the reason they have more Sefaradim in it , it is because no one else wants to be in it .plus you already have a party it is called Shas
6. Avi Shushan
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (10.21.12)
Avi Shushan is a common name, so we can't look up who this Avi Shushan is, his record, for who he works and who pays him. One thing for sure, he is a racist. Does Shushan thinks that Sephardim are so primitive they will vote for the failure Mofaz because he is Persian? Or Yehimovitch who wants Israel to have a Greek economy just because she finds a token Uncle Tom Sepharadi? Or the crook Deri just because he looks like their cousin? Or Ben-Eliezer who sent 13 Miluimnikim to die in Jenin? Or Peretz, the man who lost the Lebanon II war with 121 dead and more than 600 wounded? Shushan: most normal Sephardim aren't living in the '50s and '60s when the socialists gave food, jobs and land to Ashkenazim but let Sepharadim starve. Now Sephardim have jobs (even doctors!), education (even university!), work for a living (not just cleaning for ashkenazim!), and use their brain when they decide who to vote for. And Shushan: No one buried Silvan Shalom. He could have run against Netanyahu and he would have won to become head of the Likud. Shalom decided not to run against Netanyahu.
7. "Sepharedim & Likud
Commonsense ,   Tel aviv   (10.21.12)
The Jews from Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Italy & Turkey are the, "Sepharedim." The Jews from North Africa and the Arab and Gulf states are, "Mizrachim." Is it so hard to be accurate, or perhaps the writer is embarrassed by the term.. Also some 40 years after the infamous, "Tchachtachim" isn't time to vote as Israelis? The road to cultural equality is education, not your last name.
8. likud is the new labour
It seems to me you only see black and white
9. #6
Don't disagree with a good majority of what you wrote, but Sivan beating Netanyahu? That's stretching it.
10. #7
Half right. Many Spanish Jews did in fact settle in North Africa. They likely mixed with local Mizrahi Jews, and perhaps a very very few maintain pure Sephardic lineage. Therefore, denying that some are Sephardic is wrong. I personally would not be overly proud to be considered ethnically Sephardic or Ashkenazi as I see them as once removed from the middle east. That being said, denying people their identity is wrong. There are Sephardics in North Africa whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.
11. neither sfardi's nor ashkenazi's
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (10.21.12)
Likud is for Israelis, it is not for sfardis nor for askenazis, period. It is for the benefit and betterment of Israel and its total population. Although I am not a likudnik, I like very much Bibi and what he has done as much as what he has not done. He has given us a securer country that under the others and he has not given the Arabs an inch for all their crying.
12. After sixty- four years aren't you an Israeli?
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.21.12)
What about the idea that candidates should be chosen according to their qualification and according to their ability to contribute to the country?What about placing the well-being of Israel first not one's ethnic background?
13. Good for Shas
S Judah ,   Jerusalem   (10.21.12)
14. Thanks for the evidence
Mark ,   Maale Adumim   (10.21.12)
that racism is not limited to ashkenazim, and stupidity is universal. Voting for Amir Perets?
15. #7 Actually it's not that simple
Yossef   (10.21.12)
I'm from North-Africa. A part of my family comes from Berbers, a part comes from spanish Jews (Sfaradi Tahor), and certainly a part comes from genuine Israeli from the first temple...
16. #9 Silvan Shalom
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (10.21.12)
Many people are angry that Netanyahu threw the elections, and later gave so much to the nobody Labor party and the failure Barak. I can't believe Shalom wouldn't have gotten more than Feiglin (30-35%).
17. nostalgic nonsenese
zionist forever   (10.21.12)
Likud is not racist against Sephardim anymore than its racist against Ashkenazim it is a mainstream political party now. Party ideology is very much what depends on who choses to sign up. If current Likud policies and your never going to please everybody. parties make an extra special effort to reach out to the group that they think are most likely to vote for them. Likud is not going to waste to much of its campaign time & money reaching out to the kind of people who traditionally vote Meeretz or the arabs but they will reach out to the centrists because Likud today is a centre right party. The job of a political party is to get elected not campaign for equal rights and looking back to the Begin era and saying they were the good old days is pointless because times change as do policies. If you want a right wing government then you need to go with Likud because the likes of Liberman who are far right because he doesn't have a hope of winning the election & Yair Lapid tries to be everything to everybody so he doesn't represent the right Reality is your only realistic choices at this election will be Likud or Labor and Labor is adopting old fashioned socialism with open arms.
18. to 8
asmaa ,   ramalla   (10.21.12)
i like black and white -only in cinema- it is s imple and original .. but whatever you dress you would be the son of your mother not my brother sure
19. #7 Not true
Alex   (10.21.12)
Genetic studies show Moroccan & Algerian Jews are almost entirely Sephardic, while other North African Jews are a mix of Sephardics and North African Jews that had remained in North Africa when the others split and immigrated to Europe to become Sephardim and Ashkenazim. The same studies shows there are two major Jewish divisions, Western Jews (Ashkenazim, Sephardim and North African Jews) who're descended from the Israelites who fled Israel during the Roman era, the other group being Mizrahim (Iraqi, Iranian and Caucasus Jews) who're descended from the Israelites who were taken captives by the Babylonians 2500 years ago.
20. I hate the talk of Ashkenazim, Sephardim and Mizrahim...
Alex   (10.21.12)
We're all Jews with most of us sharing the same Israelite ancestry, I never separate Jews by their country of origin or division.
21. Ethnicity
Micha Cohen ,   Rehovot, Israel   (10.22.12)
I will begin to take the mizahim more seriously once they stop counting how many people belong to this or that group, and begin to value more excellency.
22. YISRAELIT=extra letters/Mizrahi pronunciation/+Yid&Lad vocab
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (10.22.12)
23. Pre 1967 Economy
Zivron   (10.22.12)
The social gap was less pre 1967 but still the Ashkenazi-Sephardi divide was big as the ashkanim sufferd far worse in Europe and Initial zionists were Ashkanazim tho there were immigrants from Yemen.howeverthe Ashkenazim became arrogant and wallowed in their achievements not seeing the jewish unity and falling to egoism self congrajulation and they treated the Holocaust survivors poorly.
24. 23
The Holocaust survivors were Ashkenazim!
25. the robe
sulaf ,   jerusalem   (10.23.12)
ashkenazim had the force to pull the rob e cephadrim cought the other end it is the case now
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