Americans love Tel Aviv, poll says
Itamar Eichner
Published: 08.05.13, 16:25
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1. So why do so many Americans who make aliyah LEAVE? :-(
Sarah B, ,   Israel / U.S.A.   (10.21.12)
2. Because Israelis treat Americans like crap!
Daniel ,   USA   (10.21.12)
Ok to be fair they treat everybody like crap equally.
3. #1 Because of the completely abnormal costs of living
max ,   eu, il   (10.21.12)
4. @ 1
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (10.21.12)
Low salaries, crazy taxes, expensive low quality small cars., small expenisve houses and no Walmart.
5. #4
Logic ,   Israel   (10.21.12)
There's a lot to say about quality of life in Israel, but at least there's a basic health insurance plan as a human right. The tragedy of life In the USA is that one can work hard for decades and then spend all the money on doctors - Walmart greeters included.
6. cost of life
Ariel ,   Kfar Saba,Israel   (10.21.12)
Yes,everybody knows about the "quality" of the american made cars. Regarding cost of life,yes,salaries,are low,and taxes high,but here,university does not cost 30.000 dollars a a year,and health is free Americans think that because they are Americans,they are the presence of god in earth,when they are nothing more than backwards,primitive ,unsophisticated people.
7. #6 :-))
mark ,   ca   (10.22.12)
1."Susita" must be better. 2.For $30000 a year you get top universities in the world ( Berkeley,UCLA, Yale, Colombia,MIT,Stanford and more...) 3."health" is not free,you pay taxes way above what you get.And you don't get much.Large city like Ashdod don't have a single hospital. 4.Speaking about primitive and unsophisticated people, about 80% of Israelis are.
8. @ #6 Ariel
Jason ,   San Francisco   (10.22.12)
us primitive people should stop giving Israel so much support, right?
9. #1, #5, #6
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (10.22.12)
All your posturing about your "civilized & sophisticated" society is exactly why we won't make aliyah or leave once we do. You're arrogant socialists who promote your "free" healthcare system. The problem with socialists is that they don't understand that NOTHING is free! You're more than paying for it, usually with other people's money! I looked into making aliyah - I'd make about half of what I make in the US. I'd also pay almost FIFTY percent in taxes! 50%! That's insane! Yes, 50% so that your politicians can squabble about how to please the Haredi, who suck Israel's lifeblood just like illegal aliens do in the US. 50% so that I can't find affordable housing. 50% so that I can pay ANOTHER 100% import tax on my car! I can understand all the anti-semitic stereotypes of Jews hoarding money. It's believable considering how much they fleece their own kind! Just keep touting your superior society while you take billions from the US taxpayer and then post never-ending ads on this very news site about helping the poor hungry kids in Israel. Perhaps your pompous attitude would be best directed at the poor in Israel? After all, they're a black-eye for your great society. Lower your taxes, increase pay, make affordable housing available, and hold your politicians more accountable and maybe all Jews would come back home.
10. # 6
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.22.12)
Health is free? You mean to tell us your medical aid bill is free? You are mistaken, You are billed monthly by your medical aid. If you dont pay you are not insured & you are not entitled for free surgery. All medications bought via our medical aid is cheaper, but pay for them, we must. Operations, surgery & treatments given by our medical aids are free because we pay our monthly medical aid bill. By law everyone has to be covered by a medical aid here in Israel & we all have to pay our monthly dues.
11. # 4
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.22.12)
To the one who is wearing blinkers. You'd be amazed to see the many large 4 wheel drive cars here. We have large Japanese cars, Lexus, Mazda, Subbaru, German cars, like Golf, Passat, Mercs, & Polos. large Ford cars etc. We have suburbs with divine villas, large double storey houses with swimming pools & tennis courts. We have many high rise apartment blocks of the finest quality. No, we dont have Walmart but we have loads of good quality supermarkets & very many high quality stores that would make you blink. Trust me, not all salaries are low & people do enjoy living here, no matter what you think.
12. # 2
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.22.12)
What a load of crock. I work with many Americans who are very much liked, appreciated & respected.
13. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.22.12)
Sarah, I dont believe this is your talkback. My answer to # 1 is; Israel is not for everyone. Some can make it here & some cant. The ones who cant make a go of intergrating here have their own reasons & stories. They are fortunate to be able to go back to where they came from.
14. #6 your jealousy is showing.
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (10.22.12)
15. Is that any way to speak of your patron & savior, #6?
top dog   (10.22.12)
16. Watch out Tel-Avivians!
Scarborough1414 ,   Scarborough, Ont. CA   (10.22.12)
If the Tel-Avivians want to make sure their city remains a fun place to live and work in, they have to watch out for the frummies. The ultra-Orthodox would like nothing better than to turn TA into another Haredi slum like they have with Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh. No modesty squads in Tel-Aviv! At least in TA your daughters can go to school without some frummie calling her a prutzah (a loose woman). Keep vigilant!
17. #16 Dont worry we wont stand for it
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.22.12)
They can live their medevil lifestyle in Jerusalem , they should stay out of Tel Aviv
18. 16 17 Don worry .TA doesn t ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (10.22.12)
attract orthodox people. Keep TA,and let Jerusalem be the convenient place for the Orthodox Jews. And everything will be best in the best of the worlds.
19. various
Ariel ,   Kfar Saba,Israel   (10.22.12)
Health is payd by taxes,true,but you don;t pay taxes in the usa?and what do you get from them?nothing Top universities in the usa?yes,but hebrew university has 8 nobel prizes,paying 3000 dollars a year Sussita doesn't exist since looong time,and good cars,are european,and japanese,wich we have plenty,keep your detroit made garbage for you. Patron?your country is a decadent failling nation,the future is China,and the faster we get rid of the us,the better
20. Aliya
Ariel ,   Kfar Saba,Israel   (10.22.12)
who cares if you come to live here or not?we need civilized european jews,or even non jewish russians,not americans jews,we need inteligent people,not more settlers
21. number1
JL   (10.22.12)
most americans leave because they are candy asses
22. #4 How many 10's of thousands of $
Jake   (10.23.12)
does it cost to put a kid in the USA through one year of college?
23. #19 You knocked yourself out in the last sentence
Jake   (10.23.12)
Indeed America is in decline, and Obama is seeing to it that this trend accelerates. On the other hand, Israel is the last country in the world to benefit from a declining America and an ascendant China. American support for Israel is due in large part to America's Western, Judeo-Christian, and democratic values. Replace that with an oppressive, anti-Western, job-outsourcing currency manipulator like China, which never shown an iota of support for Israel in any international forums, and what have you got?
24. #21 I do not know of any
Jake   (10.23.12)
I do not know any American Jews who made Aliyah, and left.
25. 24 Jake
Liam ,   Toronto   (10.23.12)
you must not know many people. I know several zionist friends who could not deal with the Israeli mentality and returned. For me, I will always love Israel....and I will always dislike those arrogant , rude, obnoxious Israelis that I met everyday. Yup ! thats a problem !
26. # 25
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.24.12)
Liam, could you please tell me in which city in Israel you lived when you were here?
27. To all the american complainers
An Israeli guy   (11.01.12)
I really don't understand what you're complaining about, If you don't wanna move to Israel, nobody forces you to do so. The reason why Americans leave Israel is because they moved to a new place they are not used to, some get used to it as time goes by and some don't. I left America back to Israel cause I didn't get used to the life there. Obviously the mentality of the Israelis is different than yours, just like the mentality of any other ppl is different than yours. The services we get from the country are far better than the services you get from your'e country. Just for example, when I was in the states I paid 100 dollars just to see a doctor for 2 minutes who told me that I had nothing, while here I pay few bucks through taxes and believe me it's worth it. If you thought you'd find America in Israel you are mistaken and thus you should stay there. On the other hand, If you wanna help us build the young jewish country (only 64 years old comparing to 236 age of america) and improve all the wrong things you mentioned here, that's a reason to move here. And believe me, Israel is a miracle in all terms and everyday I'm amazed by what we build and invent here. If you don't wanna help us, and if you hate us as seen from your comments, start taking care of the greater problems you have in your country and leave our problems to us. You can be sure that in the history books they will write about the jewish in Israel, not the jewish in America. BTW, in many terms, the quality of life in Israel is much better than it is in America, trust me on that.
28. There is more to Israel than cities!
GalileeGal ,   Misgav, Israel   (11.18.12)
I agree 100% that the quality of life in Israel far surpasses that of the US, and I have (so far) spent half of my life in each place. What many of you don't seem to realize is that unlike the US, it is possible to lead a very meaningful non-religious Jewish life way out in the middle of nowhere, where the cost-of-living is reasonable, the schools excellent and people are friendly and helpful. I am sure I would have left long ago, if I had landed myself in a city. Instead, I chose Misgav, which offers all of the good things Israel has to offer, and you don't have to deal with the less desirable aspects.
29. Tel Aviv is rubbish.
30. Are you kidding me?
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.24.13)
Tel Aviv is in 99th place on the Mercer's quality of living scale, and it certainly doesn't meet my standards. I can't believe that intelligent Jews are fighting over that place.
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