Former Mossad chief pushes for dialogue with Iran
Dudi Cohen
Published: 22.10.12, 00:27
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1. Just how DID Halevy get his job?
A.C.Guard ,   USA   (10.22.12)
Yes, Iran would like the sanctions lifted while they negotiate with the Muslim Obama. Once they have achieved the ability to build and deliver bombs they would break off all negotiations. This would really not bother Obama one bit.
2. If and when I become Prime Minister...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./Israel   (10.22.12)
I will introduce a law to shut those old fools from making stupid comments. I guess Alzheimer is taking it's toll on this incompetent fellow... I say we nuke Iran now...
3. Are Ayatollahs more flexible than Khadafi,Assad, il Sung?
Alan ,   Canada   (10.22.12)
Good luck to those who are willing to trust rogue regimes to bend & truthfully compromise in a negociated & lasting agreement.
4. is he speaking officially?!
shloime ,   toronto, canada   (10.22.12)
has halevy officially joined a political party for the upcoming election, or he just making trouble for the government "for fun"? his analysis seems shallow, and is only newsworthy because he once was the head of the mossad. just for starters, his comments fail to take into account the fact that iran is not a democracy, or that negotiations have so far failed to stop, or even slow down, the nuclear programme. nor do his comments reflect the reality that both egypt and jordan signed peace treaties only AFTER a military defeat.
5. The mad mullahs and Ahmadinajad who rule
Pinchas Baram ,   Boston   (10.22.12)
Iran hate Israel with a burning intensity and are fast forwarding to get the bomb-- and this jackass (forget his Mosad title, he's not the first upper echelon type who talks nonsense) says Israel and the US should simply ignore all that bad stuff, negotiate and make a deal. Sounds like the arrogant Rabin and Peres before the fiasco of the Oslo accords, no? Halevy (and Dagan) purports to know what makes Iran tick and generalizes, saying " the Iranians" want peace (with Israel?). Even if true, power is not in the hands the average Iranian, so his point is a non-starter. Clearly Halevy would like to torpedo Netanyahu's approach which is backed by the majority of the Jewish population-- which, nota bene, Halevy deliberately denigrates as mere" "public opinion" unworthy of attention. And clearly he is in Obama's pocket. Of course the Israeli Left and the US Democrats will now scream, see, see, a Mossad chief is on our side against Bibi the warmonger! The old joke, 2 Jews, 3 opinions, is sad but true, and here again shows how hard it is to govern in Israel. But regarding the Iranian threat, all this dissent in high places is no joke and may well prove to be Israel's undoing. If it loses the coming war with Iran because of dissent, which will lead to delays and half-heartedness, it will be all over for Israel.
6. It seems like all Mosad chiefs are drunk.
Israeli 2   (10.22.12)
7. Didn't go far enough and forgot a few facts ,...
split ,   US   (10.22.12)
You don't negotiate with a bully with nukes not trying to achieve a parity. You do what you have to do to prevent an attack by proven deterrent, MAD (mutually assured destruction). A nuke free ME is the only answer, you can't expect ME natives to be bullied to a submission by a bunch of nomads with nukes, do you ? ,...
8. Give me half of what the Ayatollah is paying him or double
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.22.12)
of the medication he's on! Then I'll "get it"....
9. What is it about Israel's warriors in their later years?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (10.22.12)
Do they show increased wisdom? Or lapse into wishful thinking? Peres, who helped build Israel's strategic infrastructure, became Peres the dreamer. Barak the warrior became Barak willing to give everything away. Sharon the "Bulldozer" abandoned Gaza for nothing. Halevy, who left a weakened Mossad as a legacy, now wants to talk to those who want to see his country destroyed. (Really, what's there to talk about?) Memo to Halevy: The P5+1 countries, including the US, have been talking to Iran for years. What has it gotten them?
10. We all i am sure have a great deal of repect
Brett Levitas ,   JHB South Africaq   (10.22.12)
for Mr Halevy but what I would like to know is how much longer negotiations should go on for? The iranians have been working on this for a decade if not more than that. The iranians are not allowing anyone into inspect their sites and look at NORTH KOREA, with even more limited resources they managed to build the BOMB. I wouldnt call Obama brave! if i had such a great security detail and lived so far away from the OVEN i too would be as brave as he is!!
11. Hopefully no one of any importance will
DT ,   TA Israel   (10.22.12)
listen to Harlevy. He was Mossad at it's worst. Rock bottom moral , op failures- you name it Harlevy achieved it.
12. It seems that Halevy thinks that Israel can live with
Zev ,   Israel   (10.22.12)
a nuclear Iran and feels that it is not worth attacking Iran. Can Israel take this chance?
13. Another one with "Retired General Syndrome"
David ,   Israel   (10.22.12)
This happens far too often in Israel. Halevy was brilliant as Mossad director just as much as Meir Dagan. The only issue is that once these great men retire, they experience such a syndrome where they no longer carry the world on their shoulders for responsibility. They therefore crave the need to feel such importance again by criticizing and talking to the media as a means to feel valued.
14. Of course we should talk
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.22.12)
But with whom? This Mad Mullah Regime?.... A new name apt name name thats circulating amongst the Iran Military!! The Mad Mullah Regime - Masters at saying one thing and doing another The Mad Mullah Regime - The Masters at lying through their teeth and grinning at the same time? Can the world trust these bunch of maniacs not to take Iran to the brink and beyond? And for what? To satisfy AhMADinejads lust for his Nuclear Rod thats cost Iran in excess of $240bn? And like some little school bullyboy making threats to anyone and everyone who will not tow the Mad Mullah line Dont they realise that the whole world is now prepared to stand up to these threats (except it seems India who are sacrificng morals on the alter of cheap oil) The Mad Mullahs defy ALL logic and credibility so with whom can we deal?
15. Dialogue? Halevy discovers America !
Nora Tel Aviv   (10.22.12)
Iran has beeen dialoging (Sic), with the West,for years! And will keep dialoging until he gets his bomb. The West is aware of it.They remember the end result of dialoging with North Korea: A North Korean nuclear bomb .
16. Halevy is OUT ! SIGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.22.12)
17. # 2
Marilyn ,   Tel Aviv   (10.22.12)
No. No. No. if you compare how much Mr Halevy has served israel and how much you haven't at all, you will understand that you aren't even worthy to kiss his shoes.
18. TO 2 SARAH
sam ,   colorado-USA   (10.22.12)
If we nuked Iran now as you said is possible to eliminate them completely? Or will not remain on the map.issue of Iran is not as simple as you think
19. It was him assuring Rabin" Arafat is pro-peace"
ab   (10.22.12)
before Oslo.He is still running away from the responsibility for the Osco Crime
20. Bait
Bertram ,   London, UK   (10.22.12)
Efraim Halevy is a clever fisherman. He casts bait into the river and all the fish are hooked. So utterly predictable. To take one example, no. 7 states "you don't negotiate with a bully with nukes". As far as I can ascertain, currently there is only one Middle Eastern country in possession of nuclear weapons and that is not Iran. But since that country is not a signatory to the nuclear proliferation treaty there can be no official confirmation. Let's go to the "bully" issue. Leaving aside the absurd parallels with Munich in 1938, if there is never to be negotiation with bullies then let us abandon the idea of negotiation altogether. Forget politics and go to war - just what the Middle East needs just now.
21. Nuke talks with Iran
David ,   USA   (10.22.12)
Let the temporary Islamic State of Iran come to us for talks,not Israel or any western nation offer talks with Muslim infidels.
22. Old warriors out of touch
Brod ,   USA   (10.22.12)
Old warriors are out of touch with current events. Like expired products, they are not relevant. Talking with Islamist-Jihadist-Ayatollahist fanatics is like talking with those Islamist-Jihadist fanatics who attacked America on 9/11. Fanatics are beyond rationality. Nukes in the hands of fanatics are dangerous not only to Israel but to the world. It will be ten thousand times more dangerous than Hitler. They are hellbent on their nukes-talks or no talks. Ayatollahist nukes are intented to vaporize Israel. They have proudly announced to the world their evil intention of wiping Israel off the map repeatedly. Only idiots do not get it.
23. What made Khadafi stop chemical & nuclear plans?
Alan ,   Canada   (10.22.12)
Khadafi resisted pressures from the West to stop developing chemical & nuclear weapons until US president Ronald Reagan sent a few planes which nearly succeeded in killing him. He then came to his senses & stopped the weapons programs & stopped interfering in the neighboring countries. Khadafi was not a religious fanatic, just a power hungry rogue individual concerned mainly with himself & his own survival. It nevertheless required strong arm methods to get him to buckle. Can anyone believe that the religious fanatics in Iran with worldwide hegemonic ambitions will be compliant without the use of force? They have little concern about sacrificing the lives of their own people if it suits their objectives. As tyrants they cannot show any sign of weakness such as truthfully making concessions without endangering their political survival & "legitimacy" based only on violence, threat of violence & corruption. Whatever fake gesture towards a compromise they may come up for tactical purposes will not reduce the danger they represent as long as they remain in power .
24. Sarah B
Jonathan ,   MN/US   (10.23.12)
Sarah, watch the film "war games" ANY use of a nuclear weapon by any country will cause every nation to panic and launch their missiles causing nuclear armeggedon and the end of the human race
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