Watch: Israeli commandoes seize Gaza-bound boat
Published: 22.10.12, 09:05
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1. "peace activist" a.k.a. "nutcases" are an unhappy lot
Moshe ,   Israel   (10.22.12)
who have nothing better to do with their time than incite non-Jews against their own Jewish brothers.
2. I see not proof of anyone being "tasered".
rebecca ,   modiin   (10.22.12)
This was shot from the "Estelle" and while I cant make out the words, there is no evidence of the use of any force. If the IDF had to use any force, the question is why did they need to? No force was used on any of the boats, except one, on the last flotilla. There was no need.
3. when someone gets electricuted it shows up in your blood
Stu   (10.22.12)
it will also leave traces for a few days after so just give this guy a blood test and prove him wrong. Even if he was tasered what was he doing to deserve a zap ?
4. gaza's scruffy 'ambassadors' of blockade busting failure
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.22.12)
again. Who pays these unemployed idiots? Iran? the Saudis'? "Peace ( less ) Now? Better that Israel confiscates the ship, jails the illegal blockade busting failures, who are a part of the pals military, the 'propaganda division' and send the strongest message of all. Lose your freedom, lose the boat.
5. Ah schucks, no tasers, just paid idiots who've lost
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.22.12)
their minds, if they ever had one that functioned properly in the first place.
6. Didn't see any IDF boarding the Estelle
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.22.12)
Only two boats , one one each side .
7. Ship of Fools.
8. Censored
Jewish German ,   Germany   (10.22.12)
9. Sentence them to six months hard labour
Harry Wright ,   UK   (10.22.12)
and give the captain one year since the responsibility falls on him.
10. Did the cameraman run to the toilets...
Andre ,   Clichy, France   (10.22.12)
...when the INS got close? Would explain why no action's seen
11. Basket Balls and Scenario Lamps, is this Humanitarian help?
Isaac ,   Israel   (10.22.12)
12. Next 'flotilla", the Israeil Navy should check out
A ,   Belgium   (10.22.12)
the torpedos on their new Dolphin subs, and send the phony "activists" where they high and right to the bottom.
13. Check, please!
Finglish ,   Finland   (10.22.12)
Israel should make those activists pay all the expenses of the Israeli military which were reguired to stop Estelle. And if those activists don't pay - Israel should send the bill to our government - I'm sure that our quite anti-Israel foreign minister Erkki Tuomioja would be very pleased to pay it! Also very high fines should be given to those, especially foreign, activists. At least they say that money talks - and bullsh*t walks. Overall huge amount of money was put to that Estelle -shipping - and where all that money really went - to those leftists own and personal propaganda tripping mostly, I guess. To those activists and their supporters - come back to reality and do something to stop that terrorism by Hamas and other militants and the siege will be finished!
14. Misguided activist
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (10.22.12)
These activist have been misinformed into thinking there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. There is none. There is poverty however, and the constant terrorism from Gaza has prevented the peaceful Gazans from obtaining work in Israel to feed their families. If the terrorist threat ended, the lives of Gazans would improve. As of now Gaza is controlled by Hamas which is a proxy of Iran which have declared they intend to destroy Israel. Surely, one can see how this creates a conflict between the two.
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