J'lem youths suspected of setting Palestinian taxi ablaze
Noam 'Dabul' Dvir
Published: 22.10.12, 17:53
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1. Israel, the democracy
Gregg ,   Haifa IL   (10.22.12)
Where people take Justice into their own hands and where a bunch of wackos who are a minority rule the country! What an example of democracy!!!
2. Most of the time it's arabs themselves doing it
Pinny   (10.22.12)
or some leftwing activist. Very rarely has it been proven that Jews from Judea & Samaria actually did it.
3. Giving a bad name
Finglish ,   Finland   (10.22.12)
These kind of activists gives very bad name also to those settlers who are peacefull. In the eyes of the world media these activists do tarnish the reputation of Israel almost as effectively as many anti-Israel campaigns do - how can't they see it or is it so, that they just don't care that much about it? Although I do know that the world is watching Israel through a magnifying glass. But these kind of activists should still calm down, because random vandalism is never the right answer and two wrongs don't make a right. As much as I personally support Israel - but this kind of behaviour - I do not support at all!
4. #2
Curious ,   USA   (10.22.12)
I commonly see those who comment on YNET articles alleging that Arabs are responsible for the majority of "price tag" attacks, but never offer evidence as such. Can you provide any articles that confirm this?
5. #3 - bad name also to those settlers who are peacefull.
split ,   US   (10.22.12)
First they killed or chased away the natives that lived there since the beginning of time then they stole the land they dwell on, now they steal a water the rightful owners can't have, how peaceful is that ?,... Would you like them for a neighbor?
6. Right wing extremist must be reigned in
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (10.22.12)
This is unacceptable behavior by our youths. These acts of violence and vandalism go against Jewish values and must be stopped.
7. To # 4 "Curious"
Vladimir ,   Jerusalem   (10.22.12)
You want the evidence? Here it is: recent murder of the Fogel family in Itamar settlement: husband, wife and three little children were massacred by their Arab neighbours; cruel murder of a 10-month old girl in Hebron by an Arab sniper, hundreds of Jews murdered by the Arab suicide bombers in the Israeli cities, rockets from Gaza falling in Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beer Sheva... Do you need more? Now compare this to one torched car. Which is worse? These "price tag" actions are motivated not by hatred; rather they are acts of desperation, when the Jews are stoned, knifed and shot by the Arabs on a daily basis while the Israeli government destroys their homes in Judea and Samaria for fear of international condemnation...
8. # 7
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.22.12)
Kudos to you Vlad. You hit the nail on the head.
9. Justice is only for jews,
10. #7
Still curious ,   USA   (10.22.12)
Well, that's a good recounting of some unquestionably horrible actions committed by Arabs against innocent Israeli civilians, but I was specifically looking for evidence that Arabs were staging "price tag" attacks themselves as is so commonly alleged here. Thanks anyways.
11. #4 & #10 - And where is the evidence that it was done by the
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (10.23.12)
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