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8 recommended hummus joints for tourists
Morten Berthelsen
Published: 23.10.12, 07:16
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1. Uzi in Netanya beats them all
Israel   (10.23.12)
2. Can you do your survey on
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.23.12)
The Top 10 Israeli Breakfasts...
3. Galilee Houmous!
galilean ,   Israel   (10.23.12)
When traveling in our beautiful Galilee, we all here highly recommend 'Oosool' in Rosh Pina, located next to the police station.. Their felafel and houmous is homemade!! The joint has the feel of old Tel Aviv, looks a bit greasy, but I can testify that they are very clean and also have good service!
4. #3. What a description!
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.23.12)
You had me drooling! A must on my next visit
5. Tenami in Raanana
Adam ,   Yeruka   (10.23.12)
Best Hummus you will ever eat!
6. Another vote for Tenami in Ra'anana
Jonathan Plutchok ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (10.23.12)
As I wrote under Morten's first column (09.08.12), I have tasted well-regarded humus all over Israel, including some places mentioned here. I still maintain that the best anywhere is at Tenami Humus Bar at 133 Achuza in Ra'anana. Unfortunately, it's off the beaten track for tourists, but worth the detour. And the service is fast but friendly.
7. Abu Adam gets no mention?
al ,   Tel aviv   (10.23.12)
The original on Carlebach. This must be a mistake.
8. So whos going to organise the first
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.23.12)
Israel Gastronomic Hummus and Falafel Tour? PS: Id love to visit a Hummus and Falafel Bar with a wide choice of red, green and in between chilli sauces as well...
9. Hummus Hamudi
Zev ,   Hibbat Zion, Israel   (10.23.12)
Hummus Hamudi in Hadera is a must for the hummus connoisseur.
10. Here's listing Abu Michel in Lod
Ariel ,   Modi'in, Israel   (10.23.12)
Their hummus knocks spots off Abu Hassan by far!!
11. Hummus
lasqueti ,   San Francisco USA   (10.24.12)
You left out "Saids" in Old City Akko, the best hummus. Also Rosh Pina, Galilee hummus is the best
12. Hummus
Debbie ,   Israel   (10.24.12)
Diana in Yokne'am, for great hummus combos, including meat, tomatoes, tehina, pine nuts, and more. With delicious fat, warm, home-made pita.
13. abu bul shuot
ma nishma ,   modiin   (10.24.12)
is there no Jewish place on the level? come now, what about us kosher eaters?
14. Felafel,
Zivron   (10.24.12)
Felafel i can bebetter from my view point and ought be part of survival kits to be made up fresh by agroscience
15. Kosher Humus
Jez ,   Pardes Hana   (10.24.12)
I live in Pardes Hana, and we've got two great hummus places, both of them Kosher. There's the traditional Blue Bus, which everyone knows about, and is well worth the price tag (very large portions, very tasty). The other place is Yosef, who definitely flies under the radar. Warm hummus straight from the blender, delicious red spicy sauce, fluffy pita and home-made lemon-pomegranate juice. My personal favorite is Yosef, as he's got the whole all you can eat thing going - if you're not full after the first plate, keep on going until you are!
16. hummus
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (10.24.12)
WOW,he never mentioned ME VA ME in tel aviv.the joint has been there for over 40 years and has even been copied in TORONTO with a restaurant and a pick up joint only.If he reads this article he should try it it will jump to the top of his list.
17. Your comment on Hummus Abu Dhabi (Tel Aviv)
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
I agree completely. Constantly busy, full of hipsters, but a product that is as you say, runny and tasteless. Maybe they all have the munchies.
18. No. 15 Jez
NYC Girl   (10.25.12)
Recently, I had warm hummus for the first time....and I would suggest it's probably an acquired taste. The Israelis who took us to the restaurant that serves it, the name of which unfortunately escapes me, said it was the best hummus ever and it obviously has its fans based on the size of the crowd. However, to those of us who are used to hummus at room definitely left something to be desired.
19. Hummus and Labaneh
Amir ,   Haifa   (11.05.12)
Dear Morten, While you did name some good hummus joints, you did not mention Abu Shaker in Haifa, one of the bet of the best. Further Imad in Nazareth is very good although I was told today by a Nazarene that Abu Ghanem is better. Also, what about Labaneh!?
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