Saving lives locally
Jacob (Jay) Lavee
Published: 23.10.12, 18:27
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1. Interesting point about China
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.23.12)
About twenty or so years ago, a person on Death Row in Texas who had decided to end the appeals process asked if instead of going through electrocution (Texas has sinced moved to lethal injection), he could simply be brought to a hospital, sedated appropriately, and have his usable organs removed for transplant. The request was denied. There have also been cases where people condemned to death in states which actively carry out executions have offered themselves as human guinea pigs to test vaccines, or other medical procedures. Also denied. I'm of two minds with respect to the issue. On the one hand, people die every day waiting for organs to become available. On the other hand, I think allowing such a practice might qualify as "cruel and unusual," and therefore violate the Eighth Amendment. The same can be said for medical testing on human subjects.
2. No harvesting of Palestinian Organs
lydia ,   Brisbane   (10.23.12)
3. In Judaism the eventual donor is l...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (10.23.12)
very well protected ,by not allowing vital organs to be removed as long the brain is still alive. Elsewhere there has been lots of abuses for money .
4. #1 I'd say you should read some of Larry Niven's sci-fi work
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (10.24.12)
He touched often on the subject of a society in which the technological means of transplanting any organ without rejection, coupled with organ shortage, and the permissibility of organ harvesting from dead criminals, particularly of those from death row, prompts a focus on not wasting such valuable resources. Execution becomes what you describe - a sterile medical facility in which the body is disassembled for reuse, the brain being the only part destroyed. And the death penalty becomes more and more common, as those who want to benefit from the organ banks see to it that they refilled constantly by those they deem to fit for death. In short, it's a slippery slope, with a system wide open for abuse. Niven produced the extreme such measures can get to, but China has noticeable parallels even today. Once society begins accepting people being killed for organs or other medical purposes, the value of life plummets.
5. Life is a bitch ,...
split ,   US   (10.24.12)
I bet that some schmuck in Belarus had to die because he/she couldn't afford to cough out a kickback for needed organ or at least the amount that former Mossad chief could.
6. #3 - Yeah right ;) ,...
split   (10.24.12)
Like at the time your fairy tale called Tora was recorded they already knew when the brain was dead or not - Obviously you're ready to be a donor, a big time ;) ,...
7. #2
you must be kidding. you'd never get into med school with your post. how can anyone harvest dead bodies' organs? conspiracy idiot that you are.
8. @5
actually, moron, the organ that meir dagan got came from a brain dead jew, the eldest son of the rabi in the moldova region and with family permission. the son was dying of cancer and in his last days, his family donated the healthy organ for dagan. it has nothing to do with money and everything to do with one jew helping another.
9. #8 - and everything to do with one jew helping another.
split ,   US   (10.25.12)
Like there's no shortage of patients waiting for liver and other organs in Moldova, the Jew comes first even if from foreign country. A typical to your tribe's egoistic, self-serving state of mind, to hell with those that gave you a safe haven and a roof over your head to hell with the rest of the human kind as long as it suits you. You can do that but don't complain that nobody loves you almost all are fed up with your attitude ,...
10. 9 Split Who likes you?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (10.25.12)
Should be more of your concern.
11. How does one become a donor?
rebecca ,   modiin   (10.25.12)
Can we please have the contact details of the donor organisations.
12. But i do believe that people who donate should be
Riva ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
Compensated. because even the most well meaning person may not realize the consequences on his/her body. And therefore, why is it a big deal to give someone a large sum of money so IF that person has problems in his life from the transplant, then at least they will have some money to pay for what they need.
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