2 badly hurt in ongoing rocket attack on south
Ynet reporters
Published: 24.10.12, 08:31
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1. price
MICHEL ,   ASHKELON   (10.24.12)
tillthey won`t pay a very high price ,for sure they will not stop.
2. Lessons
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (10.24.12)
When will we learn that acting is much better than reacting?
3. Terms for peace does not mean taking a piece of Ashkelon!
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (10.24.12)
4. Dozens of rockets
mat ,   uk   (10.24.12)
hamas and their associates will carry on sending rockets they see UN, EU, Ashton and the rest not saying much about it so they think they have a licence to do it Israel should make a very strong point to the world that if they dont do something about the rockets and dont come later and say dont use disappropriates actions and say to who ever say this what will you do if rockets will be fired to your country ask them to come and see the CHILDREN no school and how scared they are
5. rocket fire
michael weinreich ,   cape town   (10.24.12)
its time to start firing back into gazas neighborhoods not into open fields. bibi you have failed israelis. YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO ISRAEL AND ITS CITIZENS STEP DOWN. LET AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN TAKE CONTROL. START SHOWING SOME RESPONSIBILITY SCREW WORLD OPINION. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH......
6. BBC Reporting
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.24.12)
Message Sent to BBC Today Please SEND your own messages to the BBC and the BBC Director General 'Last night and this morning Hamas have rained rockets indiscriminately into Southern Israel killing 2 and wounding 3 I find it astonishing that the BBC have yet again made no mention of this terrorist attack yet will no doubt report on Israels inevitable retaliation Yet again it shows the deep rooted continuous Anti Israel bias which is fast eroding the BBCs credibility and trust'
7. Hitting back no sulotion
Dov ben David ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.24.12)
Anyone with a little brain can clearly see that over the 64 years we existed as a state, hitting back has not helped. I think that a major blow to them with the risk of an escalation in the whole area, is the only way to reach a peace agreement.... Out of Chaos comes order, Cato
8. The BBC @ 6
Joe ,   London,UK   (10.24.12)
Tim, PLEASE send me the email address for sending in reports.... Didnt you know that the BBC are rather busy right now dealing with 'much more pressing and important' issues that date back....decades. Why should they busy themselves with reporting about fresh and raw news that is biased against Israel?! On the other hand, I havent noticed any other news' station in London that has mentioned the latest atrocity. it's no news...unless that is..when Israel retaliate.
9. Remember
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (10.24.12)
The only reason this happened is because Sharon, Olmert, Livni and Barak gave Gaza to Hamas. But no is surprised. Sharon's last sane words were "The fate of Netzarim will be the fate of Tel Aviv"
10. Give the UN Notice
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.24.12)
24 Hours to STOP these Rocket Attacks And alert the Worlds Press and Media Failing that Israel retaliates on commerical industrial assets - factories, warehouses etc and holds Hamas and the UN DIRECTLY responsible for the consequences
11. The recent visit of the Emir of Katar
Paul ,   Raanana   (10.24.12)
Does anyone realize that all this happen after the visit of the emir of katar to gaza, in which he promise 250 millions to "different projects". Conclusion to this: the don't need Morsi, they don't need Ahmadinejab, at lease for the moment, since they found a new source of cash to keep doing what they like most.
12. It must be stopped
Kimber Toto ,   Haifa   (10.24.12)
How long our lazy government is gonna do nothing,they have to make a strong attack and shut down those terrorists. The promblem is that BIBI doesnt want start war because as Obama he wants to remain in the government for more 4 years.
13. We have already known that
Kimber Toto ,   Haifa   (10.24.12)
Everybody knows CNN directors are antisemitics people.
15. BBC..Twisted
Joe ,   London, UK   (10.24.12)
24 October 2012 10:09 . Gaza militants killed in strikes following rocket fire. ABOVE is the headline report from the BBC. What a joke...
16. Rockets. This is entirely the fault of the
DT ,   TA Israel   (10.24.12)
"Master of Disaster" Ehud Barak. Netanyahu will also be responsible if he sits and talks as has been the case and does nothing. Hopefully Barak should be (bad) history . He has cost this country dear
17. Attack is not the solution
Keren, IL-BR ,   TEL Aviv   (10.24.12)
We have been responding to all Hamas attacks and nothing seems to succeed. Maybe it is time to fix this problem. Let's give them their state. Let's allow Palestinians to have their State as they want. And if they attack us, we can answer as a real war. Negotiations now!
18. #15. Thank you Joe
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.24.12)
Its by specifying as you have done what the BBC are doing and bringing it out in the open will we have a chance to alert the UK public to this disgrace
19. the BBC is a mess. worse than reality showes.
ghostq   (10.24.12)
20. #17 :-))
mark ,   ca   (10.24.12)
Lack of sun and poor quality fish and chips that you consumed as a child, have a long lasting effect.
21. SOLUTION: Every Man's Right To Self-Defense
Umm El Kul Naqba   (10.24.12)
The real and only solution is for the Citizen's of Sderot, Ashdod, etc. to exercise their G-d given right to SELF DEFENSE. Under the incompetent leadership of Barak and the attack on empty buildings and an occasional terrorist, little has been accomplished and dozens of rockets have rained down on the South in the past 2 days. If BARAK and IDF cannot put a total stop to the rockets, then the citizens of Sderot and surroundings should pilot a project to develop their own Qassams and fire back one rocket for one rocket at Gaza. When this happens and Gaza learns what terror is, they will demand that Israel is responsible for rocket fire from Israeli territory and must put a stop to this. At which point Israel turns around and says that you have not put a stop to your rocket fire. Why should we? And then Israel should turn their other blind eye to the citizens of Sderot and surroundings protecting their families by firing back at Gaza. I guarantee if this happens that all rocket fire will stop in less than a week.
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