Iron Dome intercepts 7 rockets fired at Ashkelon area
Yoav Zitun
Published: 24.10.12, 09:14
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1. Obama supports Israel more than BIBI
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (10.24.12)
If BIBI was a true friend he would of said no thanks Mr. President you have your own economic problems, but now he decided he wants the American people to attack Iran and spend trillions when he won't even defend his cities from Hamas rockets. What a guy, what a friend.
2. God bless America
sam ,   colorado-USA   (10.24.12)
Thank you very much for America and a special greeting to President Barack Obama,for the Iron Dome or the Magic Wand do they have the full capacity to protect all the Israeli lands?from Hezbollah tricks. God bless America
3. Waste of article space re Obama
Israel Watchdog ,   Israel   (10.24.12)
What a shame using this space to tout Obama's gift to Israel. First it was not Obamas. It was Congress's gift, which btw stems from a majority of Republicans that "truly" love and stand with Israel. Obama signed off on it and then toots his own horn to support his reelection campaign. Secondly, this was a "well done" job by the Israeli military and Iron Dome! Secondly, Shiek(#1) your detrimental and moronic statements are a disgrace.
4. Misplaced Priorities!!!
Taz Man ,   USA   (10.24.12)
Where mediocracy is applauded: 7 out of 50+ is not good, but I guess it'll have to do! I have a better idea: start relying on Hashem more, and not man's sub-par technology. You'll find God is a lot more able and accurate at preventing the godless, Muslim terrorists from employing their evil strategies. God bless, Israel and His Jerusalem!!! A Christian Zionist
5. Only 7 out of 60 rockets
Lioness ,   Israel   (10.24.12)
6. Reason for 7 out or 60 missiles
Israel Watchdog ,   Israel   (10.24.12)
The reason that only 7 of 60 missiles were intercepted is because the Iron Dome has the ability to detect the direction and calculate the landing point. If a missile is not going to hit anything, for example, land in a field, then it will not fire upon it. Why a house was hit, idk. Not 100% foolproof. But def, like Psalm 91 says, if you make Him your refuge and strong high tower, then the enemy will not succeed.
7. Taz plz note Dome only shoots ROCKETS that head 2 builtup
Alan ,   SA   (10.24.12)
8. The report is a fiction.
Miron ,   USA   (10.25.12)
Obama did not pay for one gram of Iron Dome and will not be allowed to. The fact is Netaneyahoo denied funding for Iron Dome. Not one battery was added to protection of South under Benjamen Netaneyahoo. This fact should be a chilling reminder to any Israeli who bears vote in Israel. Vote Lieberman - Livni for PM and FM. Vote Gaby as a DM. Israel needs people who can and do.
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