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Jerusalem's secular minority showing life
Associated Press
Published: 25.10.12, 09:43
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1. "push to the right"??
nadav   (10.25.12)
this is NOT a right-left issue and these organizations should not turn it into such. We on the secular right-wing front oppose religious coercion and support secular life in Israel. Many of us actually support FULL SEPARATION OF RELIGION FROM STATE, which would save billions of shekels in State budgets and allow people to live in dignity.
2. attending lecture on Shabbat is not a "violation"
Susan ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
Religious Jews attend lectures/shiurim on Shabbat all the time. Of course, if the lecture is set up in a such a way that religious Jews cannot attend, then you are simply excluding them from the discussion. Perhaps those who claim to want to discuss "pluralism and tolerance" should be frank about their agenda.
3. Good for them , say no to religious coercion
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.25.12)
4. Why are the secular so selfish?
GET OUT OF ,   G-D'S COUNTRY   (10.25.12)
If you want to work on Shabbat move to a non-Jewish country. There lots of them out there. Israel is meant for JEWS who love G-d and His commandments. Israel is a JEWISH state. Jewish and Torah go hand in hand.
5. #4 WRONG
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.25.12)
Let me remind you Israel is a democratic state for all jews, religious and non religious alike. Israel is not a country run according to Jewish law, so i suggest you take a reality pill and show some respect to others that dont agree with your so called life style and do not live their lives according to some medevil religious rules.
6. #4 Tolerance
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.25.12)
Those of born Jewish, but do not follow the Orthodox beliefs have a perfect right to live in Israel. It is OUR fathers that built the State and OUR husbands, sons and brothers that continue to serve in the IDF and protect the State. Why? Because we do not want to live in a Jewish Taliban state.
7. #5&6 What right do you have to the state of Israel
GET OUT OF ,   G-D'S COUNTRY   (10.25.12)
if not for the Torah? The Torah clearly states the laws of Shabbat!!! Why does G-d have to tolerate His children living like goyim and committing sins in HIS country? If you don't like the Torah get out of G-d's land.
8. #5&6 You agree that Israel is G-d's land and His home
GET OUT OF ,   G-D'S COUNTRY   (10.25.12)
To clarify: If you would want to live in my home and decide to fix certain cabinets or to add exra guards around my home, I would have no problem with that. But if you would want to go against the rules of my home not to make noise at night or to destroy certain things because you don't like it, I would tell you to get out of my home. Israel is G-d's home and He gave us rules, namely the Torah. If you don't want to keep the Torah, get out of HIS country.
9. to #4 and #7
proud and secular ,   jerusalem, israel   (10.25.12)
When the orthodox decide to serve and defend this country along with the rest of us, then they can have a say over what we do on the sabbath. There would not be an Israel today if not for the "secular" brave men and women that have sacrificed their lives for this country while the orthodox sit back and do nothing. Last i checked we lived in a democratic, free state...not a fanatical extremist one.
10. #4. If it was up to the orthodox, there wouldn't be a Israe.
Essie Hakohame ,   Fl. USA   (10.25.12)
The overwhelming majority of Orthodox Jews before the war were against the concept of the state. In fact many rabbis forbid their followers to make Aliyah. If it wasn't for the modern Jewish movements , the socialists and the secularists, those Jews who were visionaries and understood the facts on the ground, there would not be a Medinot Yisroel. They were the real Jews ! If it wasn't for them, the orthodox will still be davening in their shuls every day in diaspora yearning "next year in Jerusalem. " The orthodox should thank the secularists for having the vision and fortitude for creating the third commonwealth.
11. yea, flech, show some flesh
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (10.25.12)
relics of the past, can't even get a good looking chic to protest with them. but it is important for the next generation to realize that there once were non religious people in the holy city
12. Make Tel Aviv the capital and let..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (11.22.12)
Jerusalem stay the holy Jewish city.
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