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Rabbi: Women mustn't run for Knesset
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 25.10.12, 15:10
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1. With all due respect, Rabbi...
Ruthie ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.25.12)
... please keep your "Jewish perspectives" to yourself. They offend my Jewish perspectives.
2. to the so called Rabbi Avner
David ,   Herzlia,Israel   (10.25.12)
Rabbi Avner , just shut up !!!! you are an ignorant , racist person.
3. Where does one start to comment....?
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (10.25.12)
This is so absurd in 2012 that I don't know where to start. However most of the behaviour and rantings of these rabbis is absurd and seems to be getting worse all the time. Why do they insist in getting stuck in 18th/19th century viewpoints? Do they not realize that the world has progressed meanwhile? Do they know how utterly unacceptable this nonsense is to the majority of the population? Yes females are the majority. I suggest he gets his head out of the lower rear part of his anatomy and looks up around himself a bit more.
4. Iran is perfect for this cave men
Mike ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
5. Wolf in sheep's clothing
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (10.25.12)
Is this rabbi a Haridi masquerading as a religious zionist? I think his interpretation of jewish law is frozen in bygone eras. He says this ban is in theory, whose theory?
6. with a p'sak din like this, he should fear women
ma nishma ,   modiin   (10.25.12)
Good grief, Charlie Brown, where the heck is justification for a halacha like this? If a women is better qualified than a man she should give us the halacha like D'vora the prophetess. Seems like G-d Himself chose a woman to give over prophecy. We should also, if the woman is superior to the man. No wonder this rabbi fears women. they quite possibly might outsmart him!!
7. rabbi aviner's article
nadine shenkar ,   jerusalem   (10.25.12)
this rabbi and many others like him hate women just like saudis or iranian fanatics...........on pretence of modesty they want to strangle their lives and looks we are no longer in the middle-ages and this attitude in COMPLETE opposition to TORAH
8. Righteous Women
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (10.25.12)
As has been mentioned Devorah was a person who stepped up to the plate of political leadership at a crucial time in Jewish history. Fast forward 3100 years or so and the fact remains that the world needs strong, traditional, courageous, wise women on the political stage. (A caveat...They should not sacrifice their potential maternal blessing on the altar of a career. It's about balance.) There does not need to be a battle of the sexes either. Wisdom can rest on the shoulders of the most unlikely of candidates. P.S. Devorah, Tamar and Ruth's prophetic qualities are often overlooked. Are there any women alive today who have exhibited similar prophetic insight ? Fascinating question non ?
9. The writer fell into a verbal trap
Naftush ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
Rabbi Aviner has long used this approach in addressing halachic issues: first mentioning a hard-line view that grabs everyone's attention and then speaking to the practical point. I witnessed it personally years ago and heard it recently on his radio program. At the least, Mr. Nachshoni doesn't know who he was writing about.
10. More on the same
Naftush ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
And the headline writer got the whole message wrong.
11. "Senior rabbi"??? You spelled senile wrong.
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.25.12)
He's a quack and fool and has no respect from a large segment of the religious zionist community. In fact, I'm pretty sure that 50% of that community just decided he's a total moron, and their husbands, brothers, sons and fathers are not far behind. The press considers him a "senior rabbi" while the vast majority of people do not. Come on, Ynet, stop giving this moron a soapbox from which to spout his stupidities.
12. SECULAR MENA/Secure Big Israel/READABLE "abjads"/friendship.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (10.25.12)
13. Sharia
Abdalla   (10.25.12)
14. Get out taleban!
José Cunha ,   Brasil - Sao Paulo   (10.25.12)
If a woman can manage a home, she can run a country. Get out taleban!
15. Time to seperate state from religion
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.25.12)
Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, clearly demonstrates that such religious mumbo jumbo has no place in the 21st century.
16. Bogus Rabbi - should be banned from the community!
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (10.25.12)
It is o.k. for a woman to go out and earn the bread for family while her holy husband seats at home and pretend to learn torah is all okayed by these rabbies but politics is not allowed. These ultra-orthodox sectors are equal to Muslim mullahs from Iran and Sudan. They are not the representatives of god! They are the black spot on the name of Jews. They very well know that if woman gets educated, then there are more chances that she will notice the hypocrisy of these rabbies and their so called holy husband and how they have been taken granted and exploited for centauries on the name of religion and these men will loose a woman laying golden eggs. She might educate her children in different way and the coming generation might open their eyes and the whole rabbi-business will come into a loss. It's all business over here, no religion.
17. My dear Rabbi:
Gady ,   Mexico City   (10.25.12)
Try Teheran, you may like it there.
18. Idiotic Revisionist Judaism Thinking
meir elazar   (10.25.12)
The Prushim (Rabbinic movement) may have saved Judaism after the Fall Of Israel to the Romans by transforming it from a stationary religion to a mobile religion where Jews could take their Sefer Torah and Siddur anywhere in the world. Previous to this there were rites and ceremonies performed in specific locations in Israel. Furthermore, when the Talmud in Baba Metzia when Rabbi Yirmiyahu says that once G-d gave the Torah to man that heaven no longer has a say, then the Rabbi have uprooted G-d from Judaism and lost G-d. This is just another instance of Rabbis re-writing the laws of Judaism against the facts and spirit of the Torah to advance their agendas and it parallels what the Taliban are doing in Islam. I recommend returning to the Torah and learning it in all its beauty rather than perverted rabbinic agendas of this and certain other rabbis who lost it. Also remember Peretz who said that the tragedy at Ma'alot was caused by Jews not observing Shabbat.
19. how would this rabbi feel if...
Potash Katiftof ,   Safed, Israel   (10.25.12)
how would religious people or particularly this rabbi, if a woman said that rabbi's should not be permitted to vote, nor should they be allowed to hold positions as MK? I am sure a quote or pasuk can be found to support such and idea.
20. Please Leave for Saudi Arabia
yaakov ,   TA   (10.25.12)
Have many of our religious leaders secretly joined the Taliban or is there a virus in the Middle East that has affected them? Please ask that they leave Israel for countries, such as Saudi Arabia ,where such medieval doctrines are favored!!
21. Let's be honest, the rabbi is an idiot
Sidney ,   USA   (10.25.12)
“He who knows not and knows not he knows not: he is a fool - shun him." Why do people get draft deferments to study under fools?
22. Backward
Madeleine ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
This rabbi has much more incommon withthe mullahs in Tehran than he does with Judaism.
23. Another push away from religion for me
Haya ,   Bat Yam   (10.25.12)
It appears that those who say they represent Judaism are moving back to the dark ages.....alienating more and more people.
24. What is "immodest"?
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (10.25.12)
Excuse me Rabbi, But what is immodest? Is it immodest to have an opinion? Is it immodest to have a face? Is it immodest to express joy or happiness? Is it immodest to show you are the equal of men? What century do you live in? Please go back to the ghetto and take your opinions with you. We will not be silenced
25. "Light onto nations"
Torah also approves slaves, stonning
26. Women vote
Zvi ,   Bat yam   (10.25.12)
I am wondering where those backward rabbis found those rules. Either they are Iranian Ayattulahs or they ahave a direct E Mail line with G..d
27. Utterly ridiculous!!!
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.25.12)
People that dream of similar "ideal situations" shouldn't be allowed to be in power.
28. In This One Case, He Is Probably Correct
David H ,   Marietta, GA   (10.25.12)
29. By his logic...
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (10.25.12)
Women should stay home cook clean and give birth. They should only leave the home covered in a burka and then only to do what is necessary for family with a man's permission. It's clear now we aren't Jews to this Rabbi we are just a different version of Muslim
Robert ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
Unfortunately there are still Jewish men among us that could not overcome the Neanderthal era. Modesty is also about considering women at the same level as men and to respect their individual rights. Generally most religious women are far more intelligent than their haredim husbands and that is what hurts these men most and makes them talk "shtouiot" about what women should be allowed to do or not.
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