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Report: US embassy in Sudan closed shortly after blasts
Roi Kais
Published: 25.10.12, 11:09
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1. Sudan wants UNSC to condemn IL for destroying Terror Factory
Alan ,   SA   (10.25.12)
2. Move along folks. Nothing to see here.
The Eagle has Landed   (10.25.12)
It's just a work accident.
3. typical Israeli
observer ,   Egypt   (10.25.12)
when Hezbullah strike Rafael firm, Israel retaliate in Sudan. Israel doesn't estimate the consequence of breaching the internal law and norm.
4. More real 'peace and security' now that the weapons
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (10.25.12)
factory is destroyed. How many millions of dead have these stores of arms managed to murder? Good work Israel, US or whoever executed the winning deed. Iran next?
5. The only terror state here is Isrl
moto ,   Egypt   (10.25.12)
6. This was also a rehearsal
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (10.25.12)
7. Sudan again, 1of worlds biggest islamists terror supporters!
EU   (10.25.12)
8. #3, do you have proof? If not, shut up.
Jake   (10.25.12)
9.  US embassy in Sudan closed
joe ,   uk   (10.25.12)
The US embassy in Khartoum closed its gates on Wednesday shortly AFTER weapons facility was attacked the embassy took precaution from being attacked by a mob as always happens it does not mean that they new about the attack
10. great relief.
relieved   (10.25.12)
I wish more could be done to restrain this rogue state and its mad leader.
11. They didnt want another libya
Avi ,   Toronto   (10.25.12)
Or they closed their embassy because they didnt want their diplomats to be lynched as they did in Lybia.
12. #8 do you have proof that Israel doesn't have nuke?
observer ,   Egypt   (10.25.12)
all people do also know that!
13. Sudan Missile Factory
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (10.25.12)
The bombed out factory was under contract to build Iran's Shehab missiles with are then aimed at Israel. Sudan IS another Iranian proxy state. Apparently Ynet refuses to allow me to post the website affirming evidence of the fact this factory was building rockets for Iran. But most importantly, the distance from Israel to Sudan is greater than to Iranian nuke sites. This total destruction of an Iranian proxy missile factory dispels the myth that Israel's fighter-bombers don't have the in-air refueling capability to reach Iran.
14. to #13, I've a different story
observer ,   Egypt   (10.25.12)
the factory which builds rockets for Iran IS in Afghanistan. It's further than Sudan and Israel dares not strike with the Americans there.
15. #12 No, you don't know that.
Jake   (10.25.12)
And remember, in the civilized world the burden of proof is on the accuser. "Guilty until proven innocent" is the preserve of banana republics.
16. yeah #12 and look at all the fools who believe in false..
Religions. I mean ,   besides you   (10.25.12)
17. to #15, although Israel doesn't have proof that the factory
observer ,   Egypt   (10.25.12)
Israel has not yet condemned the attack on sovereign state.
18. manufacture
ar ,   sa   (10.26.12)
why is it that israel can make arms but other nation can not. whole world is about isreal and US.
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