Southerner 'not angry at Gazans who shell Israel'
Ilana Curiel
Published: 25.10.12, 13:16
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1. Is she the exception to the "rule" or the rule?
Yitzchak S. ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.25.12)
Do MOST "southerners" think like her and NOT blame the Gazans with all their militants and survey proven across the board hatred of Israel and Jews?
2. not angry
MONA ,   US   (10.25.12)
zipah is very wise and understands the pains of humanity,because she is going through the same.thing thank you Zipah
3. God bless her ! She is Right.
paco ,   canada   (10.25.12)
4. Work of obamas request of Israel and his weakness
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (10.25.12)
it was obama who asked Israel to end "Cast Lead" early. After Romney wins, perhaps Israel can resume where she left off and make sure no man can enter that area ever again. Maybe there wont be a gaza left?
5. uhm, too idealic
Ilana   (10.25.12)
while there are plenty of Gazan residents who are fine, as well as those who built my house and were also our friends, well I hope they are really "fine", too many are full of blind hatred and are blood thirsty. Just take a look at the comments on facebook's ynetnews page. SOme comments call openly for genocide and are left up.
6. My faith in Judaism restored
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (10.25.12)
The problem is of course although Zilpah is the norm amongst the Israeli people her voice is not heard as it is the Haredi and the settlers who scream the loudest, as they have the time and the money to lobby the government. Normal decent Israelis like Zilpah are to busy earning the money, paying the bills putting food on the table and paying the tax which keeps the settlers and Haredi in luxury. Even more sickeningly, their voices will not be heard in the elections, as the politicians fight over the settler and haredi votes. Who are obviously going to vote for the parties who increase their revenue streams the mst
7. Politicians fault? Elections are around the courner
rebecca ,   modiin   (10.25.12)
Find a party that stands for what you stand for, and either help them, or offer to stand for them.
8. When Moussa was there, it was pre-Oslo
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
I do agree that Oslo made things worse for everyone, with its lame duck corrupt PA and restrictions on Israelis. There was a time before the PA control, that *everyone* got on better, got on with our lives. The sooner Oslo is reversed, the better for everyone.
9. #6- You are absolutely wrong! I have friends in Sderot and
Yitzchak S. ,   Tel Aviv, all year   (10.25.12)
Netivot and they say we should flatten Gaza. I am not so extreme. I believe that WE MUST RETAKE AND RESETTLE GAZA. THAT IS THE ONLY SOLUTION!!!!
10. This lady is a breath of fresh air!
If there were more like her and not that revolting Sarah B, the ME would be a better, peaceful place.
11. Youz
hava katz ,   zichron,israel   (10.25.12)
i feel proud and moved by your ability to feel your empathy and to avoid vengeful fantasies. i agree with your views about our government.
12. #6 Are you decent?
Jake   (10.25.12)
Your posts indicate otherwise. Despite the fact you are also neither Israeli nor do you live in Israel, you made a callous "Let them eat cake" comment yesterday about the communities suffering under rocket fire in the South. Do make an effort to keep your obnoxious remarks to yourself.
13. WTF is this??! A Christian tradition of turning the other
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.25.12)
cheek?! "Not angry", because of what: they (Arabs) HAVE to do what they have to do? Who gave this woman her drivers licence? (hope not) What a moronic attitude . Lunatic Left must give her a slot in the upcoming elections!
14. Turning another cheek,she hould be the Pope,except
ab   (10.25.12)
the Pope doesn't preach turning another cheek in earnst. Perhaps she should move to Gaza whose inhabitants are "closer to her than inhabitants of TA" ?
15. Glad to see israelies also hate Oslo
marek ,   westbank   (10.25.12)
enough said in the title!
16. She does have options
Beu ,   Chicago   (10.25.12)
She can always go back to Russia.
17. solution?
Anthony ,   us   (10.25.12)
Can anyone tell me the final solution here? the gazans keep firing rockets and Israel bombing them. but whats the end? each part believes they justifies their actions. As a human beings its an instinct to fight for survival whether we r arabs, israeli or gypsy. there should b a way to solve this crazy issue besides eye to eye actions. GOD help us!
18. # 6
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
Again you are talking out of the wrong end of your body. One woman amongst many says she doesn't blame the terrorists who bombard southern Israel with rockets & you stupid one, believe her & jump on the bandwagon with your tripe.
19. I agree, but for different reasons
Naor ,   USA   (10.25.12)
I no longer blame Gaza for the rockets falling on my family. Hamas and the Arabs have consistently proven we should expect nothing more then terrorism and violence from them. I blame the Israeli government, who has all the power needed to stop such attacks, but prefer to do nothing.
20. #18 Birdi
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (10.25.12)
Thankyou once again for your sucinct argument where you again raised several valid points as to why I and others should not have an opinion on anything that differs from your own. Which in turn was told you by the leaders of your yeshiva. Normal decent Israelis are beginning to find their voice the years where the Haredi and the settlers held the country of Israel hostage is coming to an end. Bet packing boy, you are going to serve your time like the rest of us. The days where you spent the day sat on your behind reading a book everyone else manages to do at the weekend is over.
21. didn't the gazians elect the gaza hamass government?
jerome ,   basalt, colorado   (10.25.12)
22. very generous.
someone ,   Brazil   (10.25.12)
there are good people in this world.
23. #10 - if there were any like her on the Arab side
William ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
there wouldn't even be Middle East tensions.
24. #15 - Oslo was always a farce, we both know that
William ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
First, it allowed too many external elements to dictate our mutual path towards peace. Second, it brought the PLO back into the region as your rulers and armed them. So what we both got was a facade of peace to cover the real goal of destroying Israel, while using YOU as a human shield, once again.
25. #20 - "the settlers and haradi held country hostage"
William ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
Ah, the two parties the Israeli Leftists despise. How convenient to include them both in the same diatribe. You know - the Left did have their time in govt and did push peace only to feed the fire of racist hatred by Arabs next door, and arm them to boot. There is a reason the Left doesn't rule Israel today. It's not because of the minority settlers or haradim, it's because the "normal decent Israelis found their voice"
26. I've heard the same warm sentiments from some Gazans
William ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
Especially after the violent coup by Hamas, several older Gazans reminisced about the days before Hamas when they worked well with the Israeli settlers in Gush Katif, and was able to visit family in Haifa and Jaffa without issue. While this woman blames the Israeli govt, which does deserve blame because they seem to do the minimum when they address Gazan terrorism, she should also be blaming the average Gazans who allow their entity to be used for illegal wars and crimes against the Jewish State. If her friend from Rafah had any humanity, he'd be voicing his own dislike of his govt for harming a friend whose house he built in Israel. Or - he could be like many other "Palestinians" who build Israeli houses - when they say "I'm building the future home of my family" meaning they expect an Arab victory over Israel soon.
27. Stupid evil woman
Ilan   (10.25.12)
Two foreign workers are critically injured and a soldier lost an arm but this woman blames Israel
28. # 25
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
Bless you William.
29. Where is loud mouth Sarah B when you need her?
Avi ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
30. From Eshkol; most likely a kibbutznik.
Jake   (10.25.12)
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