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Khamenei: US and Israel seek to divide Muslims
Published: 25.10.12, 15:04
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1.  US and Israel seek to divide Muslims
mat ,   uk   (10.25.12)
they blame anyone but themselves why are muslims killing muslims
2. The ayatollah should go to the mosque more often.
Gabe ,   Canada   (10.25.12)
Muslims are divided since the death of their Prophet.
3. Islamic Divisions
Paul ,   Africa   (10.25.12)
Islams & Muslims have been divided for over 1400 years, fighting & killing each other in the name of Allah. All those who like to say they speak in the name of Allah, are usually the evil devils of this world . If Allah wants to speak, he will speak - he doent ask the devils to speak for him.
4. Amused at how strong Muslims think we are.
rebecca ,   modiin   (10.25.12)
Israel is such a tiny nation, all of 7 million, and a small land. The relative number of Jews in the world is tiny. Yet everything wrong in this world is the Zionist / Jews fault. They equate us equally with the USA (no wonder Obama is not happy with us.)
5. wait what?
SA ,   USA   (10.25.12)
So he is saying Israel is behind the conflicts in Muslim countries? Gimme a break, Muslims have been killing each other non-stop since the Shia-Sunni split centuries ago. Plus, the reason Arabs are fighting against each other is because they all have corrupt dictators who oppress their people, not because of Israel.
6. Shias are considered as heretics by other muslims
Francisco Scaramanga   (10.25.12)
7. A laugh a minute!
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.25.12)
Jokes galore.. Jacky Mason Eat your heart out! And the latest Khamenei classic? I say I say I say Have you heard the one about the US and Israel dividing Muslims? Answer: The Mad Mullah Regime is doing a brilliant job all by itself! BOO BOOM! PS: Is Khamenei morphing to look more and more like a Rabbi these days?
8. Ayatollah Khamanei
Son Of Cyrus   (10.25.12)
Look you hypocrite, lying, decitful dictator, you and the Islamic Regime you have set up is responsible for the death of over 1M people mostly Moslems in the Iran _ Iraq War. Since you have come to power you have subjucated the people of Persia with this Islamic Rubbish religious rule. Executed thousands of people, raped many men and women and children, tourtured a lot more most of whom were moslems. You have got a nerve to complain about American and the Israelis! You are not only mistreating your own Christian, Jewish, Bahais, Zoroastrian citizens, but also other moslems such as Sunnis, Dervishes, etc... Why don't you and your corrupt and barbaric regime stop behaving as though you are the leaders of moslems and just disappear from the face of this planet. The world would be a far better place for all including the entire moslem population in particular the true moslems of Persia.
9.  In other words, the 1.300.000.000 (1.3 Billion) moslem...
JJJ   (10.25.12)
In other words, the 1.300.000.000 (1.3 Billion) moslem are so dumb that 13.000.000 (13 Million) jews can dictate to them (moslem), Or more correct, you Khamenei are so dumb and it shows
10. i don't feel so bad
real vision ,   usa   (10.25.12)
and neither do most of the world cause we all sort of expect muslims to kill each other and of course blame everyone else. Islam has no conscience. Islam is the true cancer on humanity
11. US and Israel dividing Muslims? Whaaaaaaaat ??
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.25.12)
They certainly don't need to expend much energy on that one.
12. Hamenei
PaulZion ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
Yeah, he looks old. Maybe that's why he forgot how Muslims in Iran butchered Muslims in Iraq and vice versa for a decade - and for what? The Zionists and the Americans were nowhere to be seen.
13. They don't need us to kill each other
Yossef   (10.25.12)
14. Funny, Ali Khamenei looks just like Ovadia Yosef
Harald XVI ,   Germany   (10.25.12)
Did ynet only confuse the pictures of the Islamistic leader of Iran and the Jewish leader of Shas, or could it be that these two are really one and the same? At least they surely are brothers in spirit.
15. Khamenei: Muslims already divided -
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (10.25.12)
Moderate - extreme Sunni - Sha'ariya
16. Look who is talking!
Alan ,   Canada   (10.25.12)
Khamenei's orders for Iranian activities in Syria certainly stand out as preventing divisions among Syrians: just help killing as many dissenters as possible (over 30 000 by last count) & soon you will have no divided society. And of course within Iran the same method is chosen by this unifying ayatollah to aim for a monolithic people.
17. dear ayatollah...
les ,   canada   (10.25.12)
in case you did not notice, muslims were killing each other from the very begining. that is how shiite and suni sects started. but you knew that before i told you....have you noticed the 30K+ MURDEREDIN SYRIA with weapons supplied by you? how about afganistan, pakistan, iraq, lebanon, lybia the list is endless. murder is the trade mark of muslims, all around the world!
18. #3 you could not be more wrong...
mark ,   usa   (10.25.12)
With your assertion that if allah wanted to speak, he would speak for himself. Islam since the 11th century absorption of zoroasterian tenants has always stipulated that the words of allah are in the hands of men to go and fight the evil of world, and until men rids the world of evil, allah is going to withhold paradise on earth from man. That my friend is militant islam in a nut shell. And, hence the circular observation... the religion of islam is politics and the politics of islam is religion. And any muslim that disagrees with this politically/theologically is worst than the non-believer and knows full well what islamic law has proscribed. It has been written so it must be...end of story. No more needs to said.
19. Militant Islam, militant Christianity.....
Robert ,   Australia   (10.26.12)
......militant Judaism, are all the same. All wanting to subjugate the others because of the belief that each one is superior to the others. In reality you are all fooling yourselves as religion will eventually mean the end of civilisation.
Robert ,   Israel   (10.26.12)
How can two countries undermine Muslims who live happily, who have all they need and if they blow themselves up, they will receive seventy beautiful virgins. Am I wright, or not ?. All the benefits they have in "muslimlands" they could not afford to have in countries outside of their closed circuit.
21. Iran Does A Very Good Job Pitting Shiite Against Shiite
Tim Upham ,   Tum Tum, WA   (10.26.12)
Iran has gone above and beyond, pitting Shiite against Shiite. It had its 8-1/2 war against Iraq, and broke off diplomatic relations with Azerbaijan, a predominately Shiite Muslim nation. Are Iranian pilgrims allowed back to the Shiite shrines in Iraq? Is Iran a supporter of Al Qaeda, according to the captured tapes of Osama bin-Laden, he was quite disgusted with Iran. It has been the Al Qaeda inspired Salafists, who have been fighting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Hamas in Gaza, and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Things are not harmonious within Dar al-Islam now, and Iran may want to look at the real reasons behind it.
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