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Netanyahu, Lieberman join forces ahead of elections
Akiva Novick
Published: 25.10.12, 20:34
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1. Sticking it to edot hamizrach and demcoracy
avramele   (10.25.12)
If Sylvan Shalom ever wanted to make a move to the center and take his constituency with him -- the time is now. If Dan Meridor is to admit this is not the liberal revisionism of Jabotinsky -- the time is now. If Israel wants to look at the face of Israeli fascism and bibi's heir the bouncer from Moldava is signig autographs. if the national religious sector need to hold their noses they better start now. If the world wants proof of this governments ill intentions they got it.
2. Pathetic
mba ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
Israel's democracy at its worst. The system now in use in Israel has to be changed so the voice of the people will be heard and politicians can be directly answerable to the electorate. Enough to backroom deals made in a cloud of cigar smoke between shady politicians.
3. ha
ha ha ha
4. Olmert
david ,   montreal,canada   (10.25.12)
How Israelis would ever vote for Olmert after all what he have done? Please someone tell me it CAN NOT HAPPEN!
5. As Barak Is Gone, We're Doing GREAT!
My Planet Israel ,   Jerusalem   (10.25.12)
Hopefully, Barak will be replaced: no one would ever vote for him as PM again and I believe (as disgusting as it is that he's allowed to run) that Olmert would not be re-elected as PM. He's a total sell out and even works with Abbas's PA to spread positive propaganda ab out him. Olmert is horrendous for Israel as is Livni and the other radical leftists who'd sell Israel out in a moments notice without batting an eye. It appears that Israel has finally swung to center, center-right and left the loony left-wing nonsense to the dogs where it belongs. While we have some wonderful social programs and intelligent safeguards for the public; that is not the work of the left but of Israel in general as a necessity. The left has been a disaster for Israel, period. Same with the US and EU. Its time to leave the idealism behind and let us move forward in a progressive and determined fashion.
6. Good for Israel, good for democracy, good for stability.
Avi   (10.25.12)
I'm not sure if I'm in favor politically of such unity, but I know it's good for us in general. There are too many political parties in Israel, many of whom are so alike you can't even tell the differences from one another. With the unity between the nationalistic religious parties, this also comes as good news. Israel by average goes to elections every 1.8 years. We have no stability at all, and the taxpayer pays hundreds of millions of dollars for new elections. Not only that, but governments who are well aware of this reality aim for very small and mediocre achievements that can bear fruits in only a year or two, so they can be elected again. There are no long term plans for us in such a reality. Having less but bigger parties will contribute to our stability and thus to our well being and democracy. The smaller parties like Shas will not hold unacceptable power anymore and rob the Israeli public blind. America is often criticized over their 2 party system, but if they're the extreme of one side of the coin, we're the extreme of the other side.
7. The two parties are national liberal and democratic parties,
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.25.12)
thus such a union makes full sense. Furthermore, there is little doubt, many voters from Kadima on the one hand, and from Habayit Hayehud/Mafdal and the National Union will be able to find a home in this new union, something that may finally enable the political system to introduce the reforms that it needs, and will begin to deal in a meaningful and productive way with the Haredim who don't serve, don't work and live on entitlements. Both, Israeli society and Israeli economy must deal with this predicament, and this may end up being the most effective tool with which to do so.
8. bibi @1
steve ,   usa   (10.25.12)
fascism? Are you required to vote for Liku/IB? There is no one else you can vote for? In the US we have essentially 2 choices. And look how long the Mofaz agreement lasted.
9. They have 3 votes from our house.
Wise Saba ,   Ma'agalim   (10.25.12)
All the other parties are now crying big time in their sour milk, boo, hoo.
10. #6 Avi, Agreed. We need more political stability
Yossef   (10.25.12)
11. Smart move, Israel!
Shoshana Rubin   (10.25.12)
Sounds just right. Good move, Bibi.
12. Fascism on its way
Gregg Haifa ,   soon back to Italy   (10.25.12)
I am out of here..
13. #5 Obviously you have no idea what's center means
Gregg Haifa ,   soon back to Italy   (10.25.12)
Israel is very right !! Extreme right even ! Why do you think Bibi and Liberman joined?
14. I was going to vote for Lieberman anyway this time around
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.25.12)
After voting for Bibi and Likud last time. This makes it a whole lot easier.
15. What do you want to bet ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.25.12)
.... that Lieberman gets the defense portfolio. But as long as Ehud Barak gets pushed out of that office, who cares?
16. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.25.12)
Good riddance! Here's your hat; what's your hurry?
17. #13
Meir ,   Toronto Canada   (10.25.12)
Don't let the door hit you on the way out!
18. A good combination for the coming Obama years
Alan ,   SA   (10.25.12)
The father of the Arab Spring will now ATTEMPT to throw everything he can at us.We need resolute guys to counter him and Hill!
19. #13 Gregg - sorry to see you go
Sam ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
and hope that circumstances in the future encourage you to come back again. The aggression to you on these pages are indicative of how if you don't think in one way, then you become persona non grata. Fortunately many of the aggressors here do not even live in Israel so they have no idea what they're talking about. Well done for speaking up Gregg and again, sorry that you're going.
20. Netanyahu - you make me sick
Josh ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.25.12)
21. To nr 13
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.25.12)
What makes Israel "extreme right"? How do you define "extreme right"? Bibi and Lieberman want Jews to form the overwhelming majority of the country's population within our historical and legal homeland within safe, secure and defensible borders and with complete legal and political integrity. That's what MOST COUNTRIES ON THIS EARTH TAKE FOR GRANTED EVERY DAY - INCLUDING ITALY! But you are an anti-Semitic imperialist and foreigner living in our country interfering with our right to exist as a Jewish nation state because you are a racist genocidal ideologist. You simply won't accept that we Jews will NOT tolerate that we are a downtrodden conquered nation under the heel of others, fearing other nations' reactions. We are free men, women and children living in a free country. It's OUR country - NOT YOURS! Now get out of my country!
M Carr ,   Baltimore, USA   (10.25.12)
This is always the fun part for me when the lefties and other anti-Israeli minions self destruct when faced with a small dose of reality. The awesomeness of this political union is going to put them into an uncontrollable FRENZY! BRAVO BIBI!!
23. Thank God for two LEADERS in Israel!
B.E. ,   Whangarei, NZ   (10.25.12)
24. #21 I can't stop laughing
arne ,   chicago usa   (10.25.12)
your cute--you should write comedy, g-d knows we all need a good laugh now and again
25. # 21
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
So very well said. Kudos.
26. #14 I was hesitating too, now it's clear
Yossef   (10.25.12)
27. Good news!
Jayjay ,   Israel   (10.25.12)
Now just get rid of that incompetent fool Barak!
28. Kind of like NPD and DVU here...
StoutViking   (10.25.12)
I'm kind of reminded on the merger between the NPD and DVU here... Another nail in the coffin of variety, or did they suddenly allow gay marrieage in Israel? I'll never understand who's "the woman" in this relationship...
29. This merge makes a lot of sense.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.25.12)
If United Torah Judaism is included in the merge and also Habait Hayehudi,it will make a lot more sense. Shas is not a good religious party and should be weakened,I think.
30. #20 if your not feeling
arne ,   chicago usa   (10.25.12)
well, I'd suggest you take 2 asprins--get to bed and call me in the morning.
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