Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Khartoum flames seen in Iran
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 27.10.12, 14:21
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1. It should be clear that
Stephen in New York   (10.27.12)
Israel will defend itself and has the will and the means to do so.
2. A strong but FUTILE message...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.27.12)
These Iranian ragheads will simply carry on...
3. Dozens of pilots and planes?
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (10.27.12)
Not only that... Probably Israel will also lose entire cities including , perhaps , Tel Aviv...Hizbullah hit the depth of Israel hard in 2006 , remember ?
4. #3 Abdel Karim
Ehud   (10.27.12)
The damage inflicted by Hizbollah was cleaned up within hours and days. The damage induced by Israel in Lebanon needed 2-3 years to recover from. Be careful what you wish for!
5. Israel :Send therm back to the trees where they came from
Kolboynik ,   Baltimore   (10.27.12)
6. There is a Difference
Mohammed Hussein ,   Kufa, Iraq   (10.27.12)
The facts are : Israeli air force is powerful , and Iran is not Sudan , and Israel knows that Hzballah is nothing but forwards Iranian military units .The net result is Israel is hesitant and wonot attack Iran without Amercan support if not direct involvement . The optimal option is really the following : continue crippling economic sanctions until the consumer/ merchantilst Iranians will turn against the regime , and support overthrowing the Syrian client state , once that is done , Hizballah opponent in Lebanon will automotaccy strengthen , and the Iraqis will more daring to assert Iraq independence .Consquently , the Iranian elite will have to contend with huge differences on policy options .It will be easy then to pick up targets in Iran wether scientists , intelligence operatives , and new political clients . The solution s nt that difficult but needs perseverance and continuity , Iran is stubborn but will fracture and the Iranian elite is keenly aware with the down side risk of asking to negotiate too early .
7. #6 -- Interesting ideas.
Scott ,   USA   (10.27.12)
8. #3 abdel Karin
Aaron ,   Toronto,Canada   (10.27.12)
Don't get too smart cause at the first sign of a war Israel will accidentally sent a few rockets that malfaction and hit the west bank from the direction of gaza or Lebanon,this leveling Hebron,Ramallah etc.
9. Abdel, where you actually in Lebanon in
Ben ,   Fantastic Israel   (10.27.12)
2006? Take a good look in 2012, you can still see the rubble!! I feel for you, loosers that proclaim victory, just know there are no victors in war., Even with your Islamawood propaganda. The weak always bleat the most Abdel!!
10. to # 6
Mike   (10.27.12)
yes you think israel cares about the USA approval man you are so wrong. they didnt care in 1980's with iraq and they bombed iraqs power plant and they didnt care in 2007 when they bombed syria. sorry to tell you israel is a survival country meaning it will do anything necessary to survive! You do not negotiate with these people they dont know what it is to negotiate that is the leadership that iran has now. sad but true. and iran has a big army but not to strong. there planes and military technology does not compare to israel. and the usa is always behind israel. Israel is not hesitant believe me they have a plan to attack iran as we speak!
11. Good! They should be worried
Reuven   (10.27.12)
about our resolve and our abilities!
12. Your math is wrong.
Mladen Andrijasevic ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (10.27.12)
Your math is wrong. The probabilities are not additive. Let's make it simple. Let's assume that there is only 1 Iranian rocket. And you have 2 arrow rockets intercepting it . What is the probabilities that the Iranian rocket gets hit? Well , the probability that both arrows miss the target is the probability that the first arrow misses the target which is 0.2 TIMES the probability that the second arrow missed the target which is also 0.2 so we get 0.2 X 0.2 = 0.4 or 4 percent . So with two Arrows targeting one Iranian rocket we have the probability of 96 percent probability of targeting success. Since each rocket is targeted separately by two arrows and these are independent events you would need 200 arrows to get a 96 percent success rate or that 96 arrows get intercepted.
13. hizbollah threat
aphoto ,   New York USA   (10.28.12)
They succeeded in part because they set up weapon units between apartment buildings and hospitals etc which they knew the IDF would not bombard. If they test Israel again, next time there will be a 1/2 hour warning and then flatten everything around that area. The punishment will be so severe that once and for all Israel will be feared as it should be by these little coward bastards. That's what this world needs, that's what the Arabs need- a show of force from Israel that will remind them that they are dealing with a force that when put to the test will produce shock and awe of epic proportions. It's like a dog in the corner that you keep hitting and it just takes it but one time you do it and it strikes at your face and bites it off leaving you decimated.
14. Mladen Andrijasevic your knowledge of ADA is wrong
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.28.12)
The various systems are controlled by a single computer system and yes they are in fact additive probabilities. Iron Dome has already proven that.
15. #3 Abdel Karim
Tania   (10.29.12)
Remember that when Hisbalah, and Hamas hit they may also hit Arabs. In the event that Iran sends an atomic bomb, Arabs would die right along the Jews.
16. To # 10
Stan ,   Israel   (10.29.12)
I believe that the analysis by # 6 is more accurate than yours. If Bibi could have he would have, without all the sabre rattling.
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