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Morsi, Mashaal slam 'Israeli aggression' against Sudan
Roi Kais
Published: 26.10.12, 11:11
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1. Tried and convicted without producing any proof!!
Brett ,   JHB RSA   (10.26.12)
Isnt this typical. No proof and Israel is guilty!! It was probably the incopatance of the people who run the factory but need to blame someone. What does surprise me is Morsey's condemnation!! We have lost our "friend" (and i use that term very losely!!) in egypt. Let these terrorists suffer the consequesnces of being friendly with the terrorist regim of irat!!
Robert ,   Israel   (10.26.12)
Everything that goes wrong with Muslims, they first blame Israel and then the U.S.. It's just in case as to protect themselves against their own stupidity. There are no certain proofs that the explosion was caused by Israel, but they need a scape goat to be blamed in front of their short minded people, as not to be ridiculed by them.
3. If this is true . . .
nibor ,   israel   (10.26.12)
then it only proves there is a worldwide network of bombing facilities, possibly working with Iran. If such is the case, good for tiny Israel. And of course, if these countries are enemies, of course they would be ticked off. Who wants to placate their enemies anyway?
4. "BARBARIC"??Arabs perfected that word.Ask any Syrian.
Alan ,   SA   (10.26.12)
5. Why don't I see that attacks on Israel "barbaric"?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (10.26.12)
6. Keep it up Muslim terrorists
Rodney ,   CT RSA   (10.26.12)
Your day of reckoning is fast approaching. The most violent ideology in the world calling itself "the religion of peace has the audacity to blame Israel for its so called "barbaric attack". You are the biggest hypocrites the world has ever seen. Even worse than Adolf Hitler. Shame on you all.
7. How "Barbaric" can an attack be if weapons designed to mass
Adam Smith   (10.26.12)
murder children were destroyed in the process, and few people were killed or injured. We should only thank those who brought about the elimination of this factor of death located in the Sudan.
8. Now that's what I'm talking about...
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (10.26.12)
Nice job!
9. egypt did the attack
tomer ,   or akiba israel   (10.26.12)
10. Is anyone smart suprised about Mursi?
Mira ,   Vienna   (10.26.12)
Did anyone really believe he was NOT committed to the destruction of Israel, which was pronounced so clearly yesterday by Sudan? There is no Muslim, who would NOT be incited to do so!
11. Only Morsi and Mashaal are barbaric.
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.26.12)
They have the blood of innocents on their filthy hands. Sudan is thinking of retaliating? That's like a gnat retaliating against a lion- a fool's errand. Let them try- a new regime couldn't be any worse! Note to Mossad: Mashaal and ilk have overstayed their welcome....
12. This is a dress rehersal !
rh ,   Modiin Israel   (10.26.12)
I really think Bibi is serious about the Iranian attack. Maybe these were US jets ? Maybe Obama is going to actually do something. Look at the Android app. "Red Line Iran" it will give you more insight.
13. what's barbaric?
Non-Jew ,   England   (10.26.12)
Ah, so according to Mashaal, destroying a weapons factory that makes missiles used for terrorism is barbaric. But apparantly, routinely firing such missiles in to civilian areas, particularly at times when children are going to and from school, is not. Could a person actually be more morally bankrupt than Mashaal?
14. Where is there evidence?
steve from raleigh   (10.26.12)
There is none. Now sit down shut up and go back to massacring your own people, fellow Arabs, women and children and all the rest.
15. When the shoe is on the other foot, it aint so nice!!
Anton ,   JHB South Africa   (10.26.12)
It is laughable that these terrorists, being bashir, iran, etal, make threats and comments considering Hundreds Of Thousands of people have been slaughtered in darfur at the hands of bashir and his henchmen!! Their human rights record is appaling to say the least and would not really take much notice of his threats or rhetoric with regard to this!! As always, these terrorist i-slime-ists will use any distracion to divert the attention of what the real issues are in their backyard!
16. Morsi of Egypt
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (10.26.12)
Whether Morsi believes that the IDF destroyed the munitions plant is not the actual issue from an American perspective at this point. So long as they abide by the Israel-Egyptian treaty, little will be done other than the US cautioning Egypt. If they unilaterally modify the treaty to suit the foreign policy of the "Brotherhood" and "lean" aggressively towards the Jewish State,the US will cut them off at the knees and reduce their billions of $ gifts to zero.
17. darfur...
gingimax ,   istanbul   (10.26.12)
was barbaric.
18. No
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.26.12)
Attack on Israel from Gaza is barbaric In any case why is the finger being pointed at Israel? Its a convenient excuse for internal problems in Sudan
19. If Israel did this hit!!!
Jeff ,   Quebec   (10.26.12)
Then. Wow. But my presumption is just a local mistake. And yes. Blame the Jews as history refarts itself.
20. Airstrike
Martin Gray ,   SouthMiami, USA   (10.26.12)
Israel has now demonstrated the ability to strike well beyond the range necessary to hit Iranian and Hezbollah targets with both both manned and unmanned airstrikes and return safely to base. Beyond the immediate tactical benefit of destroying Libyan and Iranian arms, the real message was aimed at the United States. Perhaps Secretary Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff head General Dempsey as well as a slew of American Generals who have spent the last 18 months deriding Israeli military capabilities might get the idea that Israel could take out Iranian nuclear and missile capabilities by itself. Both strikes stand in sharp contrast to the inability of the vaunted American military being unable to fly at least one gunship 480 miles to Benghazi in order to protect American lives. No?
JEWDAS ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (10.26.12)
SORRY that it was only one factory... maybe more next time, but congrads to whomever hit the clowns of iran. shows the inept arrogance of iran's rep guards, and how easy it is to flatten them!
22. I really hope that after this...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.26.12)
...Israel will send ALL ilegal Sudanes that are yet in Israel ,back to their country. I am more and more convinced that that "migration" wave to Israel was a big,big plot to damage Israel.One more of the "palestinian"traps.
23. Egypt done it obviously.
Gabe ,   Canada   (10.26.12)
Only the Egyptian Air Force is capable of mounting such a spectacular attack with US supplied equipment.
24. of course morsi and mashaal are upset
jerome ,   basalt, colorado   (10.26.12)
the wal-mart of weapons too kill Jews just got destroyed!
25. Interesting fact
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.26.12)
Both Egypt and Saudi Arabia have advanced American Air Defense Radars based on Israeli technology, yet neither detected a single Israeli aircraft. If we did it then Iran is going be shitting a brick. Their ADA is worthless.
26. Kol Hakavod Yisrael!
My Planet Israel ,   Jerusalem   (10.26.12)
The just serve another blow to the clowns of terrorism. May such missions continue unabated until the terrorists are eliminated. The US is doing a marvelous job as well as England but tiny Israel is in the midst of these savages and is the front line deterrent. Am Yisrael Chai.
27. To Nº 6 - Rodney
Luc ,   Montréal, Canada   (10.26.12)
I agree with Rodney 100% - Muslims are lyers and hypocrites. They either blame Israel and the USA or fight amongst themselves. One piece of advice to Morsi - "Watch it Morsi - Do not ruin the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. Otherwise, you will experience the wrath of the IDF just as you have before. (You dummy!)
28. Leave Mashaal alone
Moragh   (10.26.12)
He really can't help it that he, like old abbas are just empty suits. Other than hatred, guns and bombs, they really are empty suits. They have nothing to offer any country and so play the murdering card. I know what is coming to those freaks, and I know because I believe in God!
29. #13
Bob W ,   West Allis - USA   (10.26.12)
I agree with you. These bastards not only consider killing children & women something to be proud of but also believe that after dying they go to heaven. I am pretty sure, they religion is so messep up that they do not see the difference between heaven and hell. Hell is their heaven, and all muslims terrorists go there. Keep dyis ng and killing inocent people, like you are doing in Syria and there will not be place in hell for you all. Blame Israel for everything is pathetic & ludricous, but blaming yourselvs is like the phariceous in the time of Jesus Christ: you are white angels on the outside but sons of devil inside. You proclaim that Allah is your god, and I believe it is the devil himself. I hope Israel keeps training by blowing more factories of death, and down the road it will be Iran itself. Go Israel do your job the best way you have always done before...
30. "sudan reserves the right to retaliate"
Malone ,   Hfx   (10.26.12)
I don't think too many people are losing sleep over that empty
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