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Report: UK says won't aid US strike on Iran
Published: 26.10.12, 11:51
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1. Churchill on Chamberlain
Daniel W ,   Netherlands   (10.26.12)
"Britain had to choose between war and dishonor. They chose dishonor, and also had war"
2. Not surprising
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.26.12)
I guess they've forgotten all about World War I, World War II and the Falklands War. The British are no ally of the United States, although they do expect the United States to be ally of theirs.
3. Too Bad The Allied Forces Help Stop hitler
When he was Bombarding london with VXRockets which eventually ran out of petrol and dropped like a rock on london!!!!!!!!!! If the Brits Can't bring themselves to put hizbullah on the Terrorist watch list, what would one EXPECT???????????????????
4. Economy has ever driven the British
Norbus ,   Jerudalem   (10.26.12)
UK always put money and economy at top of foreign policy drivers. In addition, they think if they pander to Islamists as they have done, they will esape their wrath. Wrong and wrong, UK conveniently overlook they reated Londonistan as the cesspit and snakepit of Islamist terror, agitating with press that would not be given a voie in any muslim country, and getting a home made dividend in home grown Tube bombers. In some respets now, they have to follow EU poliy , ie Angela Merkel
5. Not surprised at all .UK is now 'owned' by Islam
NudNik69   (10.26.12)
Too frightened to offend their muslim constituents.
6. Saudi Arabia will be first
M Hart ,   Palm Beach   (10.26.12)
Iran's first target will be Saudi Arabia. Muslim's (Including Obama) believe that by striking Saudi Arabia will cripple economies world wide and asher in the 12th IMAM.
7. North Korean control room to their nuke reactor is British,
ab   (10.26.12)
,it wouldn't be any surprize Mullahs had also enjoyed fruits of British greed and mendacity
8. UK will soon be overpopulated
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.26.12)
..with islamic followers. Then UK will stop co-operation with the US, and initiate a new arab spring inside UK, and probably "remove" each other and the english minority.. This behaviour looks like normal for islamic followers. But first Denmark, Sweden, Netherland, Belgium will feel the sword of the islamic peace. Just look to Afrika, ME and Asia. IT is a terrible behaviour.
9. Don't worry UK, the US is not going to attack Iran
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.26.12)
Not under Obama, and not under Romney. Now that Lieberman has joined him, Bibi may find that he has actually grown a big enough pair to pull the trigger.
Screw them ,we DO NOT need them nor their help .Britain is a has-been second-rate shithole.
11. YAWN...
Brian ,   London   (10.26.12)
... did someone say something? I just fell asleep for a moment
12. william hague has declared in an Arab newspaper
inconito   (10.26.12)
just a few days ago: "It would be a mistake to believe that UK will automatically follow if the United States decides to hit iran"
13. Pommies 4 U
abe4u ,   Israel   (10.26.12)
Yeah Iran is not yet a clear and present threat . The Poms are playing ostrich again - or rather still !! Sadam was more of a threat ? God bless Menachem Begin he had the foresight and the guts to go it alone.
14. UK says won't aid US strike on Iran
Joseph ,   Malta   (10.26.12)
because they are afraid of the British Muslims. The Muslim influence in England dictate policy. Cameron is too weak to take serieus decisions. England need another Margaret Thatcher
15. Neville Chamberlain gullibility award still up for grabs!
DR ,   Wales   (10.26.12)
It seems that the Neville Chamberlain gullibility award is still up for grabs in London! Perhaps they will only deem it a clear and present threat when a dictator is marching down Whitehall. If British troops were attacked by Iranian missiles in the Gulf, perhaps they wouldn't be so dismissive, or if they were subjected to an Iranian nuclear threat they may treat this issue more responsibly. Indeed, it was only a few weeks ago that David Cameron told Parliament that the Iranians were making missiles capable of striking Europe and the British Isles. That his government prefers to wait till they have the capability and possess a nuclear weapon smacks again of a British government content to bury its head in the sand. Appeasement has never worked with a dictator. When governments refuse to learn from history, they will only allow history to repeat itself.
16. Britain is a MUSLIM country with CHRISTIAN slaves!
Churchill   (10.26.12)
17. Hypocrisy!
When the Brits want to go to war, they find a legal argument. When they don't, it is illegal. What a joke! However this is smoke & mirror time to try and dissuade Israel from doing what they must.
18. @ DR Wales
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (10.26.12)
Slightly out of touch Mr DR. UK is already enslaved to the commissioners at Brussels, who act on behalf of Germany on Agendas such as the Project " =4th Reich", Leftist agenda, Global Government , Eurabia Europe sells and Arabs buy, and Antisemitism to finish what Hit5ler started
19. Britain is resuming back to its old European self!
Essie HaKohane ,   FL USA   (10.26.12)
When the Jews of Europe needed a safe haven before the war, Britain slammed shut the doors of the Mandate. When the Jews needed refuge after the war, the Brits put them in camps in Cypress. Now, that Israel (and in turn the world), is in existential danger, Britain turns her back to its allies. Is it no wonder Israel feels the need to go at it alone. Why trust a European nation when all they have done historically is make our lives miserable.
Yaron   (10.26.12)
AFGHANISTAN AND IRAQ WAR KILLING muslims... this is something many americans and other idiots reading this article forget.
21. Ynet - total propganda.
The United States and / or Israel ,are plenty capapble of attacking Iran without help from Britain . The usefulness of Britain these days is overrated or overestimated .
23. interpretation
Brian ,   London   (10.26.12)
... let's leave it to the United States to sort the problem. We have to concentrate on our economy and showing our electorate that we know what we're doing even though we don't have the faintest clue. We also must appear to be PC and ensure that our Muslim communities don't start playing the racist card against us, even though we are absolutely elitist and racist through and through. At any rate when the US tells us to jump we will (immediately), but in the meantime let's pretend that we are strong and independant world leader.
24. I'm sure Israel
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (10.26.12)
will be able to provide the runways required for the B52's Nothing to do with the UK, and no politician will go to war on behalf of Israel and commit political and electoral suicide
25. Where is James Bond when you need him?
26. Historical fact
Tom W ,   USA   (10.26.12)
Britain was the only nation in modern times which made war expressly on the Jewish people. I evoke the war of independence when "Sir" John Glubb pasha - a decorated Briton - attacked Israel with the Jordanian Arab Legion in '48. The British infatuation with everything of Arab/Muslim goes back to the times of "Lawrence of Arabia".
27. Read other news sources on this article, very different pict
Sam N ,   Jerusalem   (10.26.12)
thanks Ynet for re-writing news events for your own reasons, which are???
28. Like the jewish prophets predicted
jeff ,   TLV   (10.26.12)
that at the end it will be israel vs. the rest but israel will win uk is full of muslims no surprise here
29. Somehow I think we can manage without
DT ,   TA Israel   (10.26.12)
the UK (end)
30. Play With Fire and Get Burned
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUsA   (10.26.12)
Let me be frank, few if any countris want a war with a power like iran, and can you blame them? Lets be realistic. The point is, when will Iran be a threat to the region, and beyond, in a significant way? Right now, any number of countries, alone or combined can wipe it off the planet., including Israel. Iran is marking time...its enrichment program going full steam, eventually to allow a nuke capability.It has the missiles (Shihabs) now..and has computer tested the explosions at various levels. When s therefore the right time to attack its sites..just before a test, during, or afterwards? Iran reserves the right to pre-empt..mainly against Israel (of course) if it feels its in danger. Britain, gave us hope (Balfour) then reneged "White Papers") which doomed mllions. It now has a substantial Muslim population..which it is pandering to also. Once Iran, like No. Korea has a few nukes..the situation changes worldwide. Obama also is hedging his bets..looking for excuses not to do what everyone knows will eventually occur..taking out Iran's nuke program. The question remains, when? The genie isout..and has been since 1945. If not Iran, whom? Recall that Pakistan has dozens of nukes, is a Muslim nation , is unstab le, has Islamic fascists and can simply donate a few to Iran if need be, without a signature. Bibi knows the problem..Obama and the British are simply procrastinating the eventual. Hopefully not at our expense. But it should recall that Germany was that close to invading it..if not for a major Reich mistake, bombing London etc and not its air bases. Deeper reasons are also known. Iran is doing everything about right..but when you play with fire, you get burned.
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