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Obama explains why he didn't visit Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 27.10.12, 00:01
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1. Obama' spiteful blackmail
Ben Ze'ev ,   Panama City Panama   (10.27.12)
So what he's sayig is that he wants to be bribed tovisit Israel. That's a wonderful ally,Obama is. reating Israel like a small chid. What the hell differeence does it make wheter he visits or not, it's all just PR anyway. He shows himself as malicious ad spiteful, especially since Every U.S.President visits Israel after being elected, to show the closeness of their allance.
2. Moving something forward?
Nissim ,   NYC   (10.27.12)
Your stops at Cairo were moving something forward? You had the CIA fund a movement that got hijacked. No better than Carter in Iran. You'll see the true face of the Ikhwan soon, Obama. You're a naif! Oh wait, I forgot, you're just a student of the Left and Rev. Wright.
3. "Israel must do what I want or I'll ignore them"
Jordan Ispalestine ,   Los Angeles, CA   (10.27.12)
4. reality
forehead1 ,   usa   (10.27.12)
given the vast sums of money israel reaps from america/americans; do you really think, there is no price? no strings? would israel do the same?
5. O 4 goodness sakes!
How many other countries didn't he visit? hundreds! and you don't hear about them whining and pining away now do you? What is Israel's problem? Israel's problem in the USA is that it has too many well meaning right wing fundamentalist Christian friends...waiting on that Armaggedon thing to happen! When are we going to wake up and realize that the USA protestants are only interested in us in order to help them fulfill their prophecies.
6. obama/israel
sue ,   israel   (10.27.12)
he is such a liar. the man HATES israel.
7. Obama visiting Cairo but not Israel while president
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (10.27.12)
How many American flags have been burned in Cairo? How many American flags have been burned in Jerusalem? It is a disgrace that this president didnt make a State visit to Israel.
8. He Already Has The Jewish Vote In His Pocket
Dan ,   USA   (10.27.12)
9. Stayed home, he doesn'
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.27.12)
10. Obama watched his own ambassador and a
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (10.27.12)
Navy Seal be killed in real time at the White House. He was the only one who could have denied assistance to the Ambassador and Navy Seal fighting for their lives.... because the head of the CIA bluntly told the news media that he wasn't the person who denied C-130 coverage and drone coverage. Obama watched his own people die on a live feed to the White House and then went to bed. Then he lied about the facts of the whole incident. Why do you care if this coward visits your country or not?? He won't even support his own troops for pete's sakes....and you think you can trust this person to help you. I'm ashamed of him....The Democratic Party.....and the fact that I have to live with this the Commander and Chief of our country. If Israel were to be attacked....and Obama was watching it on a live feed....would he watch all of you as you die....and come out the next morning and act like he was in the dark about the whole incident? This man has become a pathological mouthpiece of untruths and misleading statements to say the least. Don't have to much faith that he is going to be your White Knight ...and come to Israel's rescue. He's abandoned everyone and anybody just to sit on a little white cart at a golf course somewhere. A Golf Cart to Obama is like a box of Candies to Forrest Gump. You never know what you are going to get from one Green to the other Green.
11. Complete B.S
Maurice ,   Los Angeles, USA   (10.27.12)
He feels the heat. Mitt Romney has the momentum now. Obama knows he pissed off a lot of Jews in the swing states (Florida, Virginia and Ohio).
12. bibi screwed obama to many times
abdalla   (10.27.12)
no visit
13. This is just election SPIN
Yossi ,   Sderot   (10.27.12)
Dont trust Obama. He's lied one too many.
14. Courting the Muslim Vote
Lena ,   Bainbridge Island, W   (10.27.12)
I think Obama visited Israel prior to the first election to garner the Jewish vote. When that was successful and then no longer needed, he dropped Israel and the Jewish voters to favor the Muslims. He cannot visit Israel and still retain them, as they will view that as his tacit approval of Israel. I believe the key voters for this election may be Muslim and he doesn't feel he needs the Jewish vote. Perhaps he is going against the historical ally of Israel in order to curry favor with the Muslim nations; deciding that they will be more influential and easier to work with, while also showing and putting Israel 'in her place'. This will supposedly create a more tractable Israel, if she has 'competition' for being the key ally with cooperative Muslim countries.....These are my thoughts and hunch and I could be wrong, but I think unfortunately I am not. Israel should not trust politicians.
15. Let me get this straight Obama
Jacob Blues ,   New York City, USA   (10.27.12)
can visit Israel as a candidate in 2008 to pander for the Jewish vote. But as the President of the United States, visiting Israel is actually an anathma - while visiting Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey - are "moving things forward". Well, at least eyes should be wide open before election day. Who knew that the children of Sderot and Ashkalon were merely political props in Barak's quest for the Presidency.
16. If he wins again...
Jane ,   TLV   (10.27.12)
we will see the true colors, I have no clue if hes such a anti Semite as people say, but if he wins we will know for sure as he will have nothing to lose
17. #1
Harold ,   USA   (10.27.12)
It is not bribe from Israel or AIPAC it is the action he has to do for the Nobel Price Prize he received. During the last four years he was just dealing with the wrong Israeli leader who does not believe in two State Solution but if he is re-elected he will complete and do what he promised to do.
18. Israel visit
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (10.27.12)
Our President Obama would not sully himself in this way. Why should he?
19. Israel Visit
David ,   Minneapolis, USA   (10.27.12)
I don't understand his logic, he visits the Arab countries essentially to grovel at their feet, and they laugh at him behind his back, and yet he won't visit his allegedly strongest ally. Total BS. HE was in Egypt, he could easily have crossed the border, but chose not to. We can not trust him.
20. Obama's idea of going forward
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (10.27.12)
is for Israel to go backward to the 1967 lnes which Arabs ignored every time they attacked Israel
21. To: #1
I Love Fanatics ,   Ohio, USA   (10.27.12)
The only reason Romney visited Israel was to receive money. Romney received a million dollars from one (1) Breakfast fund-raiser alone - not to mention the money he received from the “black tie” fund-raisers – or the gift from Mr. Adelson. Now, I’m sure it’s not bribery (?) – nevertheless it does represent a good incentive for going to Israel – doesn’t it? And you say every President has done this?
22. Meanwhile, Obama holds a narrow lead of 1 percentage ???
Adrian   (10.27.12)
Where from do you get your data?? GALLUP: Romney 51%, Obama 46% According to today’s Gallup tracking poll, Mitt Romney’s lead over incumbent President Barack Obama has stretched to a five point margin. Romney is now up among likely voters 51% to 46%. Yesterday, the tracking poll had Romney up by only three points, 50% to 47%.
23. Moving forward?
patrick a.hammel ,   zematt,switzerland   (10.27.12)
With such logic one can now understand that Obamas visit to Egypt in 2009 was meant in the spirit to move Egypt "one step backwards" !!! Sure hope Obama will have plenty of time (months) to spend in Egypt just 85 nights away from now ! Oh and we will not hold it against you if you do not visit Israel at that time either !
24. The real reason
Dan ,   KS   (10.27.12)
When a president (or vice president) comes, it closes the center of the country and the economy cannot take the cost. When VP A. Gore was in Israel, route #1 was closed for almost an hour , and the affects were felt for over 4 hours. It was almost impossible to travel from TA to Jerusalem.
25. Obama's non visit
Noam ,   Atlanta, GA   (10.27.12)
What an unholy crock. He was a one hour flight away. He began his anti-Israeli moves when he didn't come from Cairo. He visited as a candidate and now expolits it.
26. The POTUS
Kirk Severs ,   Homewood, IL; USA   (10.27.12)
It's amazing to me that BHO says that he didn't visit Israel because when he goes he wants to make sure that "we're actually moving something forward." And before that statement he said that "our partnership with Israel, which is stronger than it's ever been." Hmmmm, really? stronger than it's ever been? Since becoming POTUS, BHO has done absolutely nothing to strengthen our bonds with Israel, he has however done many things to harm this "stronger than ever partnership". Wow! what an adolescent thing to say.
27. Obama's visit to Israel
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (10.27.12)
Obama has done everything that he can to demonstrate to the Muslim World that he is with them, and, at the same time, to convince liberal American Jews of his undying support for Israel, so that he can get their votes and contributions. After the elections, Obama's undying support will die a quick death.
28. He doesnt have to
anton ,   istanbul   (10.27.12)
visit israel, clearly obama cant say this out of political reasons maybe its time israelis begin to think usa dont owe you anything, in fact they are the one protected israel for all thse years through UNSC resolutions all the tech economical help and still all america gets complain i would say you are forgetting ameicans dont have to do anything and they wouldnt have done anything if thre wasnt lobbies which will be in obamas agenda when he gets reelected
29. please do not come here
JL   (10.27.12)
30. His weakest excuse yet
Jordan Ariel ,   Philadelphia USA   (10.27.12)
He name drops Sderot in one of the debates, yet the last time Sderot heard from him in regards to anything was while he was pandering for the Jewish vote as a candidate. His comments now are merely a tactic to keep the Jews voting for the Democrats... aka... him. This American Jew is proudly voting for Mitt Romney.
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