Panicking cow kills Palestinian in Muslim feast
Associated Press
Published: 27.10.12, 15:44
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1. Cows
Malka ,   AUSTRALIA   (10.27.12)
Reminds me of Bilam's donkey that spoke. This cow didn't mince words....
2. I wonder
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.27.12)
How long it will be before we are blamed for this one too?
3. A religion of peace !
Gabe ,   Canada   (10.27.12)
4. tabloid news
Joy ,   NJ   (10.27.12)
tabloid news
5. Was the Cow Hindu or Jewish?
6. Just another Mossad plot
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (10.27.12)
7. Holy Cow
Bob ,   New York, USA   (10.27.12)
Where can we find more cows like that one?
8. EU
Eric ,   Philadelphia, USA   (10.27.12)
Baroness Catherine Ashton condemned the cow's actions and said she "deeply regretted" its disproportionate response to the Palestinian's effort to slaughter it.
9. Mossad Cow
Alex ,   Minneapolis, MN USA   (10.27.12)
This cow was hired by Mossad for sure, Just like that shark that was attacking people by Egyption resort few years back. It's all just an Israeli plot.
10. Poetic justice
Sagi   (10.27.12)
11. Solidarity Visit of Israeli Lefties on its way
ab   (10.27.12)
12. Dear #8 and #5
AMERICAN HINDU ,   USA   (10.27.12)
Dear # 8- liked your post . And #5....I think the cow was Israeli ....she had the courage to fight back!
13. Interesting news, poorly written
Mea   (10.27.12)
14. Haven't you seen videos of how they kill animals?
Tracy W   (10.27.12)
Search them on the internet. The amount of cruelty and sadism is unbelievable. But animal rights organizations are very, very silent
15. A cow in a million .
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (10.27.12)
She should be saved and sent gift wrapped to Al-Bashar of Sudan
16. Cow needs to have its picture taken
Bull ,   China   (10.27.12)
and hung , Surat al Bakara
17. now the cow will have a feast
sharky   (10.27.12)
18. Good cow !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.27.12)
19. snicker
david ,   haifa   (10.27.12)
good cow!
20. # 18
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.27.12)
Good Jewish cow !!
21. Israel trained the cow to kill
zionist foreber   (10.27.12)
Spy pigeons in Iran Spy squirrels in Iran Spy vultures in Saudi Arabia Vipers trained to kill palestinians only Sharks at Sharm El Sheik to ruin the Egyptian tourism industry. How can anybody not realise this cow was obviously trained by the zionist entity to kill palestinians to spoil their festival.
22. UN Response
John ,   Israel   (10.27.12)
Following EU Chief Carolyn Ashton's lead, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon issued a statement of condemnation regarding the deadly action taken by the cow and strongly urged all other sacrificial animals to show restraint! Subsequently, Security Council members Russia and China issued a proposal order UN Security Force intervention to disarm the sacrficial animals, the proposal was rejected by the US, UK and Germany, France abstained. In other news, a contingent of international Leftist activists began preparations to stage a protest in Tel Aviv, but they couldn't agree on which side to take!
23. This cow for Defense Minister. Doing a better job than Barak
Dona   (10.27.12)
24. awesome
k ,   US   (10.27.12)
I love to hear about animals getting their revenge, humans should not be killing/eating animals, when the animal gets the revenge it is AWESOME!
25. That is getting even for attempted murder
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (10.27.12)
26. Make that cow a sergent in the IDF!
General ,   Israel   (10.27.12)
27. UN General Assembly condemns actions of
leo ,   usa   (10.28.12)
Zionist state for seeking mad cow on defenseless Palestinian man.
28. Tabloid
Michael ,   Toronto   (10.28.12)
29. I think Kahane was a leftist
y hoffman ,   far rockaway   (10.28.12)
But even still. This guy is a human being. A terrible accident happened and the comments here are disgusting and insensitive. Let us not allow the terrorism to make us into people that we should not be. We should all empathize with teh grieving family
30. Be Vegan.
Vegan   (10.28.12)
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